FET #3: Stims Day 1

So this just happened…

Delestrogen injection #1 done in the butt!

I took the medication, needles, and syringe with me to my appointment this morning, hoping my nurse would do the injection for me. Unfortunately, that was not the case, as this shot needs to be done between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. So much for wishful thinking! Hubby came to the rescue and did it tonight for me though. Note: this is a big step…I usually am a control freak and do all my own injections! 

After I listened to my Circle + Bloom CD and ate dinner, we watched a video on how to do the injection, read through the pamphlet, and followed where my nurse had marked. It was pretty straightforward- I leaned over the bed and tried not to put pressure on the side we chose. He was calm, and confident (as usual) something that I admire about him. Helps take some of my crazy away! 

What also helped a lot was the fact that my RE wrote me a prescription for Lidocaine (numbing gel) for us to rub on my ass about an hour before the intramuscular injection. I was not expecting this at all! I simply brought up ice and heat this morning, and she said “how about we give you this so you dont have to worry about doing either?” Thank you Lord for this blessing! We took full advantage of it, numbing the area up real good before the shot. He then massaged after. 

I should mention that my ultrasound went as it should this morning, lining is thin, ovaries suppressed, no cysts, etc. My estradiol level came back at 11, also good news. Cant wait to hear how my lining grows over the next week! 

15 thoughts on “FET #3: Stims Day 1

  1. Ahhhh good brave girl!!!! I need to ask for this numbing cream! I went to pharmacist and said what have you got so I don’t have to ice my bum when traveling on planes!!! He told me this cream needs to be prescribed…bah.
    Thanks reminding me about Circle and bloom! I’ve been meaning to try out their free download…so I’ve downloaded it now!! 😊

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  2. Hi, new follower here! That is one big needle but I’m glad you have numbing pain to take some of the sting away!! Looking forward to following your journey and wishing you the very best for this cycle! 🙂

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    • Would u believe I actually asked to do these intramuscular shots?!? I know crazy right? Im just so sick of shoving crap up my you know what. After 3 losses (sorry for the TMI) Ive found it gets so messy and what goes in must come out. I cant do it again! Hoping this is the one too ❤️

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