Rookie Mom Musings

Its hard to imagine my life now without our little IVF miracle in it. I am so grateful everyday that he is finally here. Sometimes I still dont believe it, sometimes I get scared and think about losing him (thanks to our past losses). 

Overall, things are going very well. Baby boy is almost a month old now. Boy, how time flies. Everyday is a learning experience, below are some things that have been happening so far-

  • Isaac has gained a pound since he was born! He is now 8 lbs, 11 oz. This is great news. Between the breastfeeding, pumping, & formula, I was not sure if he was gaining enough. Turns out he is right on track. 
  • Gripe Water and Mylicon are very helpful for infant gas. They have done wonders for our son in this department. 
  • The “witching hours” are a real thing. They happen nightly from about 7pm until midnight or so. 
  • I plan to start baby wearing in the next week if possible, probably after my post partum appt. and finding out all looks good with my c-section incision. He is at the stage now where he constantly wants to be held. We have both a Solly and an Ergo 360 to try out. 
  • The Moro Reflex that babies do is so cute. I am noticing he does it less and less as he gets older. Can we slow down time just a little bit?
  • Isaac likes both car and stroller rides so far, he just sleeps the whole time. Thank God! 
  • I have broken some of the after c-section recovery rules…for instance, I have been bathing since week 3 and was told not to until week 6. It is my saving grace after a long day. 
  • Baby boy has many nicknames-little burrito, stinkarooskie, and buddy to name a few. 
  • Newborn photography is NOT cheap. We met with our photographer and got to see all the photos she took, and I really have no clue how we will choose which package to purchase. We need to decide if we want to buy an album, digital files, or individual prints. As of now, I am pretty sure we are going with an album that includes about 25 photos (shown below) and a 17×26 canvas to hang in our formal dining room. My mom plans to purchase a couple digital files so we can always access them down the road. I really want to buy digital files as well, but financially its not feasible. 

  • Baby acne is not cute. Enough said here.
  • After getting the OK from our pediatrician, I had my first beer yesterday in about 11 months! It was greaaaaat.
  • My Blanqui post partum leggings are a lifesaver. They literally are all I have worn out of the house since giving birth. I also have a pair of Lula Roe’s, which I like for comfort, but the Blanqui’s def hold in the flab better. 
  • Just like our dogs have different barks, Isaac has different cries. We are starting to recognize which is which-hunger cry, tired cry, hold me cry, change me cry, etc. 
  • Isaac has a obvious tongue tie and lip tie which are affecting our feedings. I will post more about this soon as I am still processing it all myself. 

Surviving the First 3 Weeks

Thought I’d share some things that have helped hubby & I survive the first few weeks home with our rainbow! 

  • As I said in a previous post, the mamaRoo. Our boy loves his swing, especially when he is fussy! Splurge and get it. 
  • Aiden & Anais blankets-these muslin blankets are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Since they are soooo lightweight, there is great peace of mind when using them. Excellent for swaddling. 
  • Wipe warmer-some people told me this would be a waste of money. Not. I actually went out and bought one after week 1 because of the bloody murder screams when that cold wipe hit the butt in the middle of the night. Well worth the $ for us. 
  • Pacifiers-dont judge. Isaac doesnt discriminate against nipples, and I am good with that. He loves a paci to self soothe. Avent brand is his fav.
  • Medela Double Electric Breast Pump-need I say more???
  • Portable Myla the Monkey Sound Machine-oh how our boy loves nature and white noise sounds! Really helpful in the middle of the night when trying to get him back to sleep. 
  • Bamboobies Organic Nipple Balm-I started out with Lanisoh Lanolin and it was so sticky. I switched over and fell in love right away. The balm immediately soothes the nipps and its not sticky.
  • Babyganics Foaming Bottle & Dish soap-even though we bought a sterilizer, I find myself handwashing all bottles and such. This soap is totally plant based and safe. Lifesaver. 
  • Dr. Browns bottles-Isaac spits up and has gas and hiccups. These vented bottles work way better for us than Tippee, Playtex, or Avent. 
  • Pampers Swaddlers-LOVE the yellow line that turns blue once little one goes potty. Its all about the line. How do these other brands not have it?!? Got to be a patent issue. We tried Babyganics, Seventh Gen, Huggies, and Honest Co. as well.
  • Huggies Wipes-thickest wipe around. Beats Pampers, Water wipes, Parents Choice, etc. You can get these at Sam’s Club in bulk! Win.
  • Ubbi Diaper Pail-not a waste, dont listen to what they tell you. This pail is steel coated (you cannot smell the poop) and takes regular kitchen 13 gal bags. It holds a GOOD amount of diapers. If the pail wasnt so expensive, we would get another one for our bedroom.
  • Snuggle Nest-baby boy loves to lounge in this when we sit on the couch or lay in bed and chill with him. It gives him his own safe space, is portable, foldable, light, and easy to clean. A must. Note-if you have a small dog, they might mistake it for a dog bed! Lol.
  • Nursing nightgown-I live in this thing. So comfy and easy to feed baby in. Buy a few, I need more. 
  • Ninja Coffee Bar-totally not a baby product! But a treat for the new parent for sure. We drink DD iced coffee on the regular and the cost adds up. Also, I knew with a newborn there would be no more easy morning runs to get it. This machine makes DD iced coffee in less than 5 min and I kid you not, it tastes exactly the same as the drive thru. Thanks, Mom!

Okay, I think that just about does it, but before I go, here are a few sneak peeks of our newborn photo session. So adorable, So blessed. 

Week 6 of the 95 Days of Summer Happiness 

Bringing you week 6, days 37-43, of the 95 days of summer, all for your viewing pleasure.
We hope you enjoy as much as we did!

Day 37 of Summer Happiness 

Best way to cool down from the summer heat, Panera Green Tea

Day 38 of Summer Happiness

My mom was pet-sitting this cute little rabbit

Day 39 of Summer Happiness

More lovely Florida flowers!

Day 40 of Summer Happiness  

Cardinal in our backyard…someone must be watching over me 🙂 

Day 41 of Summer Happiness

Water slide fun at a birthday party we attended

Day 42 of Summer Happiness

Stocked up on the cold ones!

Day 43 of Summer Happiness

Caramel Espresso and Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake from the World Famous Cheesecake Factory !


Week 5 of the 95 Days of Summer Happiness 

Bringing you Week 5, days 30-36, of the 95 days of summer, all for your viewing pleasure.

We hope you enjoy as much as we did!

Day 30 of Summer Happiness

My go-to drink, vodka & tonic

Day 31 of Summer Happiness

Night time summer ritual, bubble baths

Day 32 of Summer Happiness

Tropical Florida bird

Day 33 of Summer Happiness

Some of my favorite plants, Bromeliads

Day 34 of Summer Happiness

Birthday dessert for my mom, a cannoli “crumble”

Day 35 of Summer Happiness

Just another lizard living on our porch

Day 36 of Summer Happiness

Summer naps are the best!

Week 4 of the 95 Days of Summer Happiness

Bringing you Week 4, days 23-29, of the 95 days of summer, all for your viewing pleasure.

We hope you enjoy as much as we did!

Day 23 of Summer Happiness


Jax helping himself to my wine to cool down one hot summer afternoon

Day 24 of Summer Happiness


My favorite Italian dessert, cannoli

Day 25 of Summer Happiness


My mom & I took a trip to Epcot

Day 26 of Summer Happiness


Typical Florida summer rain with a rainbow of hope following

Day 27 of Summer Happiness


Flowers found on a walk

Day 28 of Summer Happiness


One of my husbands favorite summer hobbies, disc golf

Day 29 of Summer Happiness


Florida Iguana just hanging around!

Week 3 of the 95 Days of Summer Happiness

Bringing you Week 3, days 15-22, of the 95 days of summer, all for your viewing pleasure.

We hope you enjoy as much as we did!

Day 15 of Summer Happiness

Lovely fountain and greenery on my way to grocery shop one summer morning

Day 16 of Summer Happiness

Wish I knew the name of this bright orange Florida flower we discovered on a walk

Day 17 of Summer Happiness

Summer isn’t summer without happy hour!!!

Day 18 of Summer Happiness

Relaxing at my mom’s pool, a favorite summer past time.

Day 19 of Summer Happiness

This little girl, who I like to call Bessy, greets me every summer morning at our house.

Day 20 of Summer Happiness

Just a usual Florida Gopher Tortoise hanging around!

Day 21 of Summer Happiness

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this one says it all!