A Final Farewell

Today was tough. It started out with ants in my kitchen which in turn led to me ripping things apart and cleaning like a wild woman, while at the same time trying to manage a rambunctious toddler who was yelling, “ANTS”!

Shortly after that, I received the news we had been waiting for on the infertility front- the results of the final semen analysis conducted a few weeks ago. While I won’t go into specifics, I will say that it is not the result we had hoped for if we wished to try on our own. Odd as it may sound, I think the hardest part of hearing the results was knowing this was the last time I would be talking to my RE.

After she went over the results and said she was sorry, there was a short silence followed by “I guess this brings us to the end of our journey,” on my end. As I uttered those words, the large lump in my throat made it hard to swallow. I felt like a part of me was leaving. The realization that this chapter is truly and completely over washed over me for the first time in those few moments on the phone with her. I pulled myself together and thanked her again for everything, and she ended the conversation with how much they all love me and to please visit sometime with Miracle.

I then knew it was time to face what I had been dreading. I took Miracle to my mom’s house for a bit, and I began packing up a good majority of the baby stuff that I had been holding onto for so long. All the emotions came and went as I rummaged through bags, boxes, drawers and closets. I packed it all in the back of my car and took it to the local second hand store. Tears were shed, not only because another baby is not in the cards, but because the time has gone so quickly with my miracle. I want to stop time and cherish every minute of him. It just isn’t fair sometimes how quickly it goes.

17 thoughts on “A Final Farewell

  1. You are so brave making the decision to face facts and get on with your life. Thanks for all the support u have given back to us in the community. Good luck with the next chapter in your lives with your wonderful Miracle baby xxx

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  2. I’m so sorry it wasn’t the results you had hoped for. Funny you should post this now because I have been thinking this week about our journey and if we will try again for #3 and part of what made me very emotional was thinking about not seeing Dr. M again and what it will feel like to have one last final visit with her to see if she thinks we even have a shot. She is such an amazing woman who has played such a huge part in my adult life that the thought of a last time seeing her as a patient brings me to tears.

    Wishing you strength as you move forward.

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  3. What a hard time for you and I’m sorry for your pain. Time does rush by so quickly and it’s hard to stop and appreciate all the small things. Thinking of you xx

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