All Over the Place

Is probably how this post will be.  Forgive me.  My mind has felt all over the place all day.

Here’s a recap of Lupron sub-q injections days 1-7: Started belly shots every morning before work, rotating sides.  Easy peezy shot.  I have been listening to the Circle + Bloom CD each day for this (suppression) phase of my cycle.  So far I love it! It was an amazing feeling to be able to finally open up that CD and pop it in. I bought it long ago and never got to use it until now.  I am looking forward to the next part of the CD (stimulation phase) which starts tomorrow.

I stopped taking my birth control a few days ago and officially got my period as I was supposed to. Hooray for things going as planned! Tomorrow is CD 3, my post-op, and my baseline blood and ultrasound.  Tomorrow *shit gets real* and I have to start pumping up my lining between then and my appointment the following week.

I have my first acupuncture session scheduled, my raspberry red leaf tea and tea pot out on the counter, and my yoga mat ready to go.  Since I was on the Lupron Depot for 3 months (a.k.a. no estrogen production), there is a possibility that my lining could be a booger and not thicken up as we would like it to.  But lets pray that’s not the case. Along with the Del Estrogen shots, I’ll be doing all I can to help in this department.  I’m ready.

Speaking of being ready, I scheduled an appointment to get my teeth x-ray’d and cleaned to get that out of the way before a possible pregnancy.  You know what “they” say about pregnancy and teeth.  I also set up an appointment to get my hair cut and colored before the FET.  I know “they” say it is safe to color your hair during pregnancy nowadays, but based on my history, I wont be taking any chances.

I got out my old lady pill containers and set up my oral medications so I don’t forget to take anything in the weeks coming up.  I have a morning and night pill box that I will start using tomorrow.  

We went to Barnes and Noble and I got a few things for the upcoming cycle, bed rest, 2WW, etc. Basically, things to keep my mind busy after work!  I got some fiction, non-fiction, the NetFlix series, Orange is the New Black, Seasons 1 & 2, an old classic childhood movie, Pippi Longstocking (my favorite!!!) and a few other goodies.  I’ll share more on these when I start getting into them.

Stopped by  the local health food store and picked up band-aids to cover my injection sites, some DEET free bug spray (in case those nasty Zika’s come this way), a water jug the size of the recommended daily pregnancy water intake (I have such a hard time drinking when pregnant, going to try and do better this time), a stash of pom juice, and some superfoods, like acai, for this week. Also got hubby his CO-Q10 and fish oil while there.

Totally not related, but today I stopped by my moms for dinner and to see her new car.  I had my littlest dog, Rocket with me.  He gets sooo excited every time we head over to my moms that he whines and cries in the car as we get closer.  He knows the route well by now. Anyways, it was really nice out today, so I put the window down and let the sun shine in.  I turned onto my moms street and the next thing I know he jumps out my window as I am driving! I slammed the car into park and screamed his name at the top of my lungs.  He hit the pavement head first and rolled/flipped onto his back from the impact.  He then stumbled to get up after.  I must have been doing 15-20 mph when he jumped.  I grabbed him up quickly.  He was bleeding on his head and by his lip.  My mom and I cleaned him up and thank God he was OK.  He could have been seriously injured, like broke his neck, back, or something else if he wasn’t so agile to begin with. Or worse, I could have run him over. I can tell he is pretty sore and I am still upset about it myself.  Looks like no more windows down in the car with him.

Realized tonight as I was soaking in a bubble bath that this time next month we could be pregnant. Crazy! So many emotions surround that idea.  I guess I will save that for another post entirely.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week, and a welcoming SPRING!

19 thoughts on “All Over the Place

  1. Nice prep and self care. I upped the self care to the point of feeling ridiculous and indulgent this last time because I figured, you know what, fuck it, if this doesn’t work I at least want to spoil myself. I wouldn’t say it was the deciding factor but spooling yourself is never one of those things you regret!!!

    Omg. rocket. What a brat!!!! Gooey did that to me, little asshat. We keep them in a cage now. They are never allowed free reign ever again! It’s so upsetting to see your fur baby get hurt from something so dumb. Grrr. Dogs!

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  2. Sounds like you are well prepared. Love the acupuncture and the tea (I drink it religiously!) And your choice in TV – OITNB is one of my favorites. I think you’re mint 😉
    And, tell your little Rocket to stay put, no more Evil Knieviel!! Maybe you need a doggie car seat for him 🙂

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  3. It sounds like you are very prepared for the weeks to come! I’m sorry about Rocket jumping out but I know all about the heart attack it gave you. When Rocky was still a wee little black lab pup, we put him in the back of the truck after swimming at the lake and he jumped out also. Like you, we were going pretty slow but talk about the panic that ensues when that happens!

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