Happiness is…

Ordering socks online. 

Not just any socks either. 

We are talking those designer socks. 

Lucky socks. 

A.k.a. IVF cycle socks! 

I must admit this is my first time getting fancy socks before a transfer, but I see so  many ladies on my Instagram account making the most out of their crappy infertility situation and adding some fun to it with these socks. 

So today, I took a step of faith and humor at the same time- faith that I will be wearing these humurous socks soon. 

I got 3 pairs and hubby helped me pick them out!

  •  1 pair for FET day- ((knee high black BadAss socks))
  • 1 pair for 1dp5dt, or day 1 of bedrest- ((yellow crew stork socks))
  • 1 pair for 2dp5dt, or day 2 of bedrest-((pineapple socks)) *if you dont know the wives tale about pineapple post transfer look it upπŸ˜‰


A fellow blogging friend of mine, who is a survivor of recurrent pregnancy loss will finally bring her rainbow baby into the world soon. She recently inspired me to do some things during the next 2WW that show I believe this is going to work. I havent ever taken any brave action during the actual 2WW’s before to show my faith. Peeing on a stick probably doesnt count Im guessing. Lol. 

When she told me she bought a couple baby things during her 2ww because she had to believe it was going to work that time, I made the decision in my heart thats what I need to do too, hence the socks! 

30 thoughts on “Happiness is…

  1. The socks are awesome but I’m not sure about the bed rest… The latest advice is to go about normal activities to ensure natural bloodflow to the uterus after transfer. I’ve had 8 transfers and the one that produced the twin pregancy I am in now was directly followed up by a full afternoon of walking around the city, shopping, going out for lunch, and running errands. Not sure that bed rest is helpful.

    One article: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-bed-rest-after-ivf-idUSBRE95R10620130628

    Of course if bed rest makes you feel better, then I’m sure it’s not deterimental. LOVE THE SOCKS πŸ™‚

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      • Cool, Ill just shoot them to you now then–
        If you want to stick to Mandalas, “The Mandala Coloring Book” is great. Simple, relaxing, to the point.
        For a coloring quest, go with “Enchanted Forest” by Johanna Basford (lots of detail in this one, need some thin pencils for it). I like her second book better, “Lost Ocean” (lots of sea creatures!!)
        If you like shapes and geometry with *uplifting* quotes, “Art for Mindfullness Geometrics” is super cool!
        Hope these help!!

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