What We Will Do If…

We find out during my hysteroscopy that the mass has NOT shrunk from these Lupron injections? 

This has been the topic of conversation the past few nights in our household. 

We easily reached an agreement that might sound absurd to some–

We will transfer our embryos anyways

Yes, you heard right. 

Why? Well, for starters we already tried surgery in May of 2015 to remove the mass and it failed. We do not want to go that route again and we have informed our RE of this decision already and she respects it. 

Secondly, we will have tried medically managing the mass through the Lupron. If this did not work, we will not do it again obviously. 

Third, plenty of women have successful pregnancies with fibroids or masses in their cavities. Even my OB and RE support this fact. 

You might be wondering why we even cared about the mass to begin with then?

Why not have just transferred months ago? 

The answer is simple…

After 3 miscarriages, we all wanted to give it our best shot. We want my uterus to be as healthy as possible for a baby

If we hadnt ever miscarried, and just found a fibroid, we probably would have just transferred as many do. But that was not the case. 

Moving forward, we now know that we have done everything we possibly could have done. We pray it works for us. 

22 thoughts on “What We Will Do If…

  1. Your decision makes complete sense to me.. After recurrent miscarriages, you want to do what’s best. I found myself trying to control all the variables I could control.. And if you can’t control this one, you just have to go with it. Always praying!!

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  2. You are such a a amazing Mom already for doing so much and working so hard for your future babies. Admire all you are doing and will be thinking of you constantly.

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  3. I absolutely support your decision. If you’ve exhausted all your options then you’ll always have that reassurance that u guys did everything possible to have cleared your womb and made it as friendly a place as possible let for your babies. Even if the mass isn’t gone (and I pray that it is), like you said it’s still possible to have a healthy baby even with the mass in there. Praying for you, my friend!

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  4. I also hope it works well for you. Have you though about whether any immune treatment may also assist? Clexane? Etc? I have three online friends who’ve had multiple miscarriages (3, 6 and 11, believe it or not) and immune treatment seems to be helping them. I’m sure it’s not for everyone of course.

    I really hope the mass is shrunk and you have better luck this time 🙂

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  5. The what-ifs can be killer and, while talking about them over and over might drive one nuts, it’s so smart to discuss your options before it becomes relevant so there are no last minute scrambles with pressure to make a decision on the spot. You’re lucky you reached the decision easily and are on the same page. Wishing you much success with your next transfer.

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  6. As someone who has been through 4 consecutive losses, your decision makes tons of sense. The best thing you can do for yourself is to do what you are doing to make your body as baby friendly as possible and even better than that you will always know you did everything you could. There is nothing like knowing you won’t have any “what ifs” in the back of your mind as you approach your FET. Hoping for best case scenario and that the mass has shrunk!

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