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Okay, so what can I say? I am in transfer prep mode and its still about 68 days away. Crazy, I know, but what feels like not too long ago, I posted it was 100 something days away and that flew by.  Im assuming these will too, especially with it being such a busy time of the year at my job.  

Ive already made my 2WW list, I figured I might as well also make my before -transfer-non-negotiable to do list. Hopefully making it will hold me somewhat accountable! 

  • Start back up on acupuncture by the end of this month at the latest. Ive done it religiously with every transfer.
  • Renew my yoga membership ASAP. Hitting yoga at the right time has helped my lining significantly increase during an FET cycle. 
  • Get my blood drawn at Quest for my updated Vitamin D level, Prolactin level, thyroid level, etc. to make sure all are still in normal range 
  • Call WIN fertility for an FET bundle price quote 
  • Email my nurse to refill my Folgard prescription
  • Make a decision on whether or not I will be on the blood thinner, Lovenox again post transfer/pregnancy (post to follow soon on this)
  • Dig out my Circle + Bloom FET audio CD 
  • Start weaning myself off the caffeine (bye, bye coffee)…this is always one of the worst parts of cycling in my opinion
  • Spring clean! Thinking back, our house got quite messy from all the light duty I was on during 2 week waits, pregnancies, and miscarriages in the past. 
  • Stock up on all the healthy “stuff” I need. Save this for a later post too. 

I think that about sums it up for now. Notice I didnt put anything about purchasing HPT’s this time around. Im actually leaning towards not testing before my beta for once, but I cant say with all honesty that I wont.  But for now, its not on my list and Im good with that! 

13 thoughts on “To Do List

  1. Love your lists! I might steal some of these for my own list, too. I did my first and only acupuncture before our fresh transfer and absolutely hated every waking second of it. I’m kinda in awe of you for doing acu regularly. A/w, It’s great that you stay so organized and plan ahead like this. I’m sure being a teacher is part of the reason why. 🙂

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    • Please feel free! I never thought about the teacher thing going into the planning, but now that you point it out, it makes total sense to me 😊
      What a bummer about acu. Did it hurt or something? The first time I ever did it it hurt and I never wanted to do it again. Then I found a different lady and she told me it wasnt supposed to hurt at all. Instead of hurting it felt good! I dont think its for probably everyone though either way.


      • Lol, you’re welcome for that free psychological analysis haha!

        Yeah, Idk if it *hurt* so much as just stung Really Bad. Then again, I’m super ridiculously sensitive to touch—even getting a massage is really unpleasant for me. I’m willing to give the acu another shot, but maybe with a different person. I liked the place I went to, but maybe I just need a different person. There was also a sense of claustrophobia during the acu, and I kept thinking, “Omg if there’s a fire or something and my acu guy clears the building I’ll be trapped here stuffed full of needles that I don’t have the stomach to pull out myself.” Totally irrational, but that’s anxiety for you lol. If it’s really, truly worth it for a successful transfer then I’ll just find a way to get over my unfounded phobias. 🙂

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  2. Sounds like a great list! I’m going to borrow this in the future. Do you like circle and bloom? I hear all this great stuff and I’m wondering about getting it for our upcoming IVF attempt. Good luck to you…68 days is not long at all (although I’ll bet it feels like forever).

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    • I have heard really great things too.
      I actually purchased this CD before our last FET was cancelled so it is yet to be opened! I didnt want to spoil the experience so I stashed it away. In hoping its all its cracked out to be 😊


  3. I hear you about the time – the days seem like forever away and yet they fly by at the same time.

    Unrelated, I saw on the news that the Florida governor declared a zika emergency. Even though there’s no vaccine, I’m curious if that’s something your clinic is addressing? We have a FL trip scheduled in March and I’m uncertain what to do…

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