Angela & the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, or Week

I certainly feel like Alexander. 

This week has been tough overall, but today took the cake.

There really wasnt 1 particular event that took place today that sticks out, it was more of a build-up of things leading up to it I think. 

Tuseday was my first day back to work after being off for over 2 weeks. As a teacher, going back after Christmas break is probably the worst thing ever (in my opinion).  Heres why. After Thanksgiving break, you know Christmas is around the corner. With Spring break, the end is near. But the new year, its high stress time in the school system. Testing, testing, testing! Need I say more testing? Ugh. 

Anyways, as you can see, getting back into the routine is not easy. For the kids either might I add. Well, my first day back at it, I found out my formal observation would be in a week. Every teacher in the county has 1 per year here in FL. Basically, your adminstrator comes in and watches everything you & your kids do for an hour, writes it all down, scores you, then conferences with you about it after.  So that notice threw me into a whirl wind of pre-planning, planning, replanning, and finalizing planning. Still not done. 

To top it off, I had a parent conference & a team meeting that I had to present information from a county data meeting I attended right when we returned. Grades had to be finalized too. In addition, I spent time setting up the spring online college course that was supposed to start this week, only to find out it was cancelled due to low enrollment. I was annoyed I spent time setting it up, but at this point, actually happy to take a break from it until the summer.

Then, I came home two days in a row this week to find my little dog, Rocket (my baby!) pooping in the house & throwing up. He never ever does this. I was, of course, a wreck. I am taking him to the vet tomorrow and hoping its something minor. 


Next up, the fertility clinic called this a.m. to inform us that the SA I dropped off for hubby over my break got screwed up by the lab. Meaning they didnt do an analysis, only a culture. Which in turn means no count. Are you kidding me? If we want one, he will have to redo it again. Im sure he will be thrilled. Ha. Yea right. 

Finally, the last part of my rant…all of our furniture has to be out of our bedroom by Sunday because we are getting new flooring put in on Monday. Hubby was supposed to be off tomorrow so we could do this together, but now he has to work. Yea, you guessed it, Ill be doing *some* stuff on my own. 

Who knows what else has happened this week and/or today, other than my neck and back killing me & not sleeping well. None of this may seem that awful. Im sure its reallynot. Maybe its the Lupron finally kicking in making me feel like I am losing it. I know it is definitely making me forget things here & there, & in 1 week, Ill be getting my 2nd injection! Needless to say, when I left work today I was on the verge of tears. I felt like throwing in the towel. TGIF!

Heres to hoping next week is a better one! 

13 thoughts on “Angela & the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, or Week

  1. Ooooh hugs! Weeks like that are no fun at all. I hope you have a restful weekend and that next week will be better…. but don’t forget to go easy on yourself too. You’re taking some serious medication whilst trying to plough on with normal life, so it’s natural you’re going to feel like you’re losing it when things go awry. Be kind to yourself.
    For what it’s worth, I am sure you will do a great job in your observation. You can do it! Also I am sorry that Rocket has been unwell, I hope it’s nothing too serious.

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  2. Oh.. I ALWAYS hated January with teaching. It was always hard for me. It’s like you just go into testing mode, you know it’s coming that you’ll be stress, your kids will be stressed, and the demands are so hard to meet. It’s not just you, I think every teacher goes through something like this. In addition, an observation? Yeah, that is rough. I really hope it goes well, but you didn’t really need the added stress/pressure. Really hoping next week is better for you!

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  3. Ugh what a crappy week you had. Try not to be too hard on yourself, I’m sure all those meds are making it seem ten times worse. And I hope your doggy is okay. Mine randomly started puking exorcist-style all week too, sometimespecially they just eat something naughty and gotta get it oout of their system.

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