Planning Ahead

So this post is totally premature, but a lovely fellow blogger, The Great Pudding Club Hunt, got me thinking about my next FET 2 week wait with her recent post. 

By my calculations, if all goes as planned, this 2WW is approximately 91 days, or 3 months from now. Seems like an eternity (like I said premature), but really Im guessing, or should I say *hoping*, it will fly by. 

That being said, I want to have a list of things to keep myself busy during my bedrest (the following 48 hours after the transfer) and the remaining 2WW. I have done a few of these things on waits before, but others I have not.

Adult color-I have SO many coloring books, so theres definetly no lack of materials here. Hubby & I did some coloring the other day together for the first time which was really nice! I usually do it independently. 

Blog about my symptoms-I want to keep track of how I feel each day past transfer (dpt). Ill probably blog daily during this time Im guessing. 

See my therapist-just sounds like a smart idea. Prepare for all the possible outcomes. A negative beta (something we havent had from an IVF cycle yet), a positive beta (high or low), I could go on and on here, which just makes me realize as I type that this visit is a must during the 2WW. 

Go to the beach-my aunt has a condo right on the ocean and I would like to go lay on the beach, and listen to the waves peacefully for a few days.  

Barnes & Nobles trip– A few style magazines & a good book (other than our devotional and bible we read) are a must. Im a reader. Last 2WW, I read all the Gillian Flynn books and kept myself engaged. Please give me some recommendations on must read books! 

Design a dream nursery??? Okay, yes I know this might seem crazy to some, but maybe, just maybe? It would be fun to dream a little! I deleted my pinterest board after my last loss that had years and years worth of ideas.  Only time will tell how I am feeling about doing this then. 

Movies-mostly Disney reruns, maybe a few new flicks too! Hopefully some good new releases will be on Redbox around this time (1st week of April). 

Circle + Bloom CD-Ill surely be listening to this audio CD! I bought it months and months ago for self relaxation during a cycle. Cant wait to finally pop it in. 

Acupuncture-I have not done this post-transfer ever, but I might this time around. I usually only do it up until transfer day, however my RE and other bloggers have had nothing but positive things to say about continuing it! Keep that blood flowing, right?

Light yoga/Walking the dogs-pretty self explanatory! If Im feeling okay, my plan would be to do some very, very light physical activity. If Im too anxiety driven, I wont. Same applies during an entire pregnancy.

Date night-we do this anyways, but maybe we will do it a few more times during the wait to make time pass a little quicker. 

Girls day/night-I want to do dinner with the girls and chat, chat, chat. Im sure hubby will be tired of hearing all my bologna at some point lol. 

And of course, last but not least, take a few days off work to lounge around and be as stress free as possible, doing a whole lot of nothing.  A.k.a. Napping & eating! 

Any other ideas for me ladies? 

28 thoughts on “Planning Ahead

  1. Okay, first off I LOVE these ideas! They all really sound great and I hope they help you to relax and stay chill. Second, someone got me an adult coloring book for Christmas and I’m def digging it—very therapeutic. Third, for books, I just got done reading the Smoky Barrett series by Cody McFadyen–highly recommend it.

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  2. All great ideas! I’m thinking of trying adult colouring too, it seems everyone’s into it now. For a book idea, I’ve just suggested my fav book of 2015 to Nara, “The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair” by Joël Dicker, I loved it and it was really addicting.

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  3. The Martian was very interesting (and long) if you haven’t seen the movie already. My number one new read for 2015 was Ready Player One, especially if you were a kid in the 80’s. I really loved that book and have read it two more times since initially reading it in July. If you like fluffier things I can go there too with my recommendations… What’s your favorite genre?

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    • Thankful for the recommendation. I was a kid of the 80s! I do like fluffy romance with some drama from time to time, or even fantasy with action. Really I like to read anything as long as it has a suspenseful story line!


      • Well for fluffy romance I would go with anything Meg Cabot writes for adults (the Size 12 is Not Fat series is a good place to start – she writes young adult books too but those can be hit or miss, The Princess Diaries are the best of her YA stuff) or Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

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  4. Sounds like such an amazing plan! I did a lot of those things in the tww this last time too. I actually saw my therapist a few times, went to the beach, and even planned a nursery on Pinterest (which I had deleted too.. I actually switched my entire Pinterest account). Ironically, I also ordered a bunch of stuff too off of ebay- beautiful knitted hats and newborn stuff.. My thought was that I need to believe that this baby was coming and so I did everything to prepare while in the TWW. I knew it would help pass the time, but I also knew it was risk bc the packages would show up after a BFN or a BFP. It’s a risk to let yourself feel free, but I also think it’s worth your sanity in this whole process. I’m cheering you along every step of the way friend!

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  5. I have to give a shout out to acupuncture. My acupuncturist had a special protocol for the tww and she also did some great visualizations too. I went once a week during the tww and then once a week until 13 weeks. I wasn’t doing acupuncture during my four previous losses and while I know that there are so many things that probably helped my 5th pregnancy be successful I really felt like acupuncture centered me and helped with symptoms as well as helped me stay pregnant.

    I too record all my symptoms (not in a blog but detailed in Fertility Friend). I don’t know why but it helps me feel more in control and the crazy, control freak in my likes to go back to previous months and compare. It will be 3 months from now before you know it!

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    • That is awesome. I love my acupuncturist as well. I really dont know why I stopped going after transfer day. I guess I was just so freaked out about everything. But now I am realizing it would only help. This 4th time around I am continuing. Thanks for sharing your personal story about success after loss and this being part of it! Gives hope ❤️


  6. Great list! It helped me to prepare a list of books in advance and fill up my Netflix/Amazon Prime watchlists with good movies and shows. Good luck and best wishes for a successful next cycle.

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  7. 1) I love adult coloring books! sounds dirty but isn’t, haha
    2) I used to go to acupuncture and my favorite part was the fertility themed meditation CDs (I am assuming the Circle & Bloom thing is similar)

    All wonderful ideas.

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