Infertility Funnies 

Had to share these! They brought a smile to our faces, & my hope is that they can bring a few laughs to you too. I cant lie, at one point, we were laughing so hard we had tears rolling. I guess sometimes you have to make the best of the cards you are dealt! 



Saved the best for last! Hubs said he is going to get a t-shirt with this lol. 


10 thoughts on “Infertility Funnies 

  1. I love these! Especially after seeing a comment on a surrogacy notice, saying that if someone can’t afford to pay for a surrogate, maybe they can’t afford to have children at all. Because fertile people have $60k sitting in the bank before they get pregnant!

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  2. Too funny! That cat one cracks me up! I think that’s how my dogs feel- especially my Jack Russell because he’s the easiest to pick up and treat like a baby and I buy outfits for him 🙂

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