Grant Update 

Just a quick update on the IVF grants we applied for this summer. 

Grant #1- we were not chosen. This is the grant that had a application deadline in November 2015. Winners were just announced, and they didnt include us unfortunately. Yes, we are bummed, but someone out there must have needed the help more right now I suppose. There are thousands of applicants, so I get it.  Not everyone can be chosen.  Anyways, I guess you can email for feedback on why you were not selected if you want to improve your application and reapply the following year. I havent emailed yet. Not sure if we will or not.  Hoping to be done with all this by this time next year! 

Grant #2-still waiting. The application deadline is in February. Praying this could be the one! It would be perfect with the timing of our next cycle in the spring, and I cant help but hope that it might be part of Gods plan and a positive to all the delays we have recently encountered.  We should hear by early March if we were selected.  Keep your fingers crossed and your prayers going up for us! 

14 thoughts on “Grant Update 

  1. Good luck with grant #2! I really hope you get it. It’s hard to think that there are so many people in need of these grants. It breaks my heart and really sucks that there is not more assistance (aside from loans) to help the infertility community.

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