Diary of a Pregnant Woman, Vol. 3

We completed session 2 of the Parenting & Infant Care Class this week. Let me tell you, session 2 was MUCH better than session 1! If you recall, session 1 was basically all the ways you can kill your baby. Session 2 not at all. Instead we learned-

  • How to properly burp baby 
  • How to change baby’s diaper
  • How to swaddle baby right (I think this was our favorite)
  • How to put a shirt on baby correctly 
  • How to bath baby
  • How to care for the circumcised weenie
  • How to take care of the umbilical cord site 
  • Some normal infant conditions not to worry about (cradle cap, swollen scrotum, rash, etc.) 
  • Different brands and types of products for baby (bum creams, bottles, nipples, detergents, diaper brands, etc.) 

Overall, it was an enjoyable class! Unfortunately, the instructor must have scared away quite a bit of the group from session 1, as only a few people showed up for session 2. Next week, we have our breastfeeding class at the hospital together. Hubby will attend as they go over dad’s role, and we both want him to be involved even though I plan to breastfeed. 

We are 26 weeks today!! Can you believe it? I can’t! Last week, Miracle had his first growth scan at the MFM. He was in the 65% percentile and close to 2 lbs. My cervix measured over 3 again, heartbeat in the 140’s as usual, and the report was great. As hubby & I sat in the doctors office and she said “I got nothing, all looks as it should,” we just looked at each other in awe. Hearing nothing is wrong never gets old after you have heard something is wrong so much. Since all has continued to go well, they dont want to see me back until I enter the 3rd trimester in a few weeks. This is the longest I will have gone without an appointment! But I believe I can do it! 


Other than the 30 lb weight gain total, headaches this week. Braxton Hicks still happening. Carpal tunnel continues at night and at times like this when Im typing! Food not sounding as good as Id like it to. Peeing A LOT. In fact, the other night baby boy must have been right on top of my bladder. It felt as if his foot was pushing on it and pressure was going to my cervix. It was like a pinching feeling and Id jump when Id feel it. I did not like it bc I thought he might be on his way out! I kept peeing and finally he moved away. Phew! 

The best symptom? He is still kicking away, and even though its early, I do a kick count everyday and he passes. Thank God. 

Exciting news?

Someone bought the carseat off our registry for us! Really happy because obviously this is a neccessity. After the shower in a few weeks, we will install it and have a car seat inspector check it out. The hospital gave us the info of the offices who do this in the area & I thought what a great service! I guess so many people install them wrong & have no clue until its too late. 

My bff from Ohio is coming to my shower! Along with 2 of my cousins and two of my aunts from up north. I feel so honored, and cant wait to see them.

A couple bump pics of me lately…

Thinking of you all…

23 thoughts on “Diary of a Pregnant Woman, Vol. 3

  1. ” Hearing nothing is wrong never gets old after you have heard something is wrong so much.” I’m so thrilled for you to be able to write this and know that it’s YOU it’s talking about. You deserve it! So happy for you, my friend.

    P.S. you look adorbs. xx

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