The Diary of a Pregnant Woman, Vol. 2

So this week has been full of appointments as usual. 

  • Appointment with OB-routine visit, checked urine, blood pressure, weight, Isaac’s heartbeat, and (new this visit) fundal height. She said my fundal height was measuring a little large for how many weeks I am. I didnt bother asking for a number. My mentality is Id rather it be larger than smaller. I got my glucola drink and scheduled that appointment. Praying I pass! 
  • We talked about baby’s movement at the appt. Ive been somewhat worried because I hear so much about all these women feeling strong movement pretty early on. Even though I felt flutters at 15 weeks and the intensity has definitely picked up, the movement is still quite sporadic. Like for instance, I might feel him in the early morning, but then not again until nighttime. So she told me that even though its early, try to count the kicks and I would probably be pleasantly surprised. I followed her instructions the past few days (drank something cold and sweet, waited 20 minutes, laid down) and realized he is doing just fine. I feel at least 10 movements pretty quickly actually. Thank God! I guess I just needed to focus in on it more to see. 
  • We interviewed a third (and final) pediatrician. 3 is enough, dont want to overwhelm ourselves with options. The places have consisted of 1.) a small, one doctor practice, 2.) a large, 6 doctor practice, and 3.) an in-between practice with 3 doctors. There are so many factors to consider when choosing a pedi (cleanliness, experience, on-site services, after hours, vaccines, wait times, hospital privileges, etc.) But honestly, for us, it really boiled down to a gut feeling. This is the same way we were with choosing our RE. We figure we can always change should we need to, but we are starting out at the smallest practice of the 3 practices. Glad thats taken care of!!

  • We attended session 1 of 2 at the hospital for “parenting & infant care.” Can I just tell you how awful session 1 was? It should be called “all the ways you can kill your baby.” I understand that it’s reality and important to point out all the things that can happen in order to be preventive, but it was really tough for me to sit through the class. From drowning, to SIDS, to choking, to shaking baby, to poisons, fires, my gosh. And we were showed videos of actual situations where children died. Was that necessary? Ugh. Anyways, session 2 is supposed to be much better (according to both one of my friends who took it and the instructor herself), we will have fake dolls and change baby, burp baby, swaddle baby, etc.

  • Tomorrow we go to the MFM for a 25 week growth scan. Praying all is on track. Will update soon on that. 

Aside from appointments, other news-

  • All shower invites went out and people are starting to RSVP! Exciting, but hard to believe it is here in just a month. We have already started to receive some gifts from out of state family (over half of our list is out of state), and for any big items they send, we are keeping the boxes and plan to take those to the shower wrapped without the items inside (hubby’s idea and I love it!). The smaller ones we get wont be an issue to take with the contents inside of them. This way even the people out of state who cant make it will be celebrating with us that day! 
  • I decorated for fall already. I love fall. I usually wait until it technically begins in a few weeks, but being home not working, I figured why not. Now if only the heat would go away. So over it. 
  • I have been thinking pretty seriously about cloth diapering. I joined a few Facebook groups and started my own research. I should have prefaced this by saying my stomach has been weaker than it normally is not pregnant. Anyways, in a few of the posts I came across, several ladies were having trouble with bugs. In the dirty diapers. Like maggots or eggs, or whatever. That was it for me. I told hubby about it and he pointed out how we live in South Florida and its a possibility. No thanks. As a new mom, I cant say how often I would be washing these diapers yet or blame them for it. Ive had all kinds of freaking bugs around my house & I keep it clean. So the plan is to start with disposables, I registered for a few different kinds, and go from there. Maybe one day. End of story. 
  • The closet in miracle’s room is pretty much done! I love it! 

Until next time!! 

17 thoughts on “The Diary of a Pregnant Woman, Vol. 2

  1. Oh man, I did a lot of cloth diaper research as well, at this point we have decided on disposables for now as well, but I never even saw anything about bugs! Now I feel a lot better about my decision!

    And OMG, isn’t that part of parenting class awful? We watched like 3 different videos on ways you can kill your child. It’s like in the 1, they showed probably 3 dozen+ actual scenarios (with the parents reenacting things and had blurred faces) where a child was suffocated. Then interviewed actual families who lost their babies due to suffocation, drowning, poison etc. When we left that class we went straight to Home Depot, bought all new smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors for our entire house, new shelving units to re organize all of our closets, and our cleaning supplies. Rechecked everything on our registry to make sure nothing could cause an issue. Freaked out about how hot or cold we should keep our house, and how warm we should bundle him.

    It was a seriously depressing class! I don’t think I’ll ever feel like my house or anything will be safe enough now!

    But hooray for your shower coming up. It is exciting isn’t it? We have started receiving gifts too from people who won’t be able to make it and it is making things so much more real! Have fun at your shower!!!

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    • Yea isnt it gross? Im sure more unlikely to happen than not, but still. I just cant. Maybe my mind set will change once my hormones level out.
      Oh my gosh! I cant believe your class was just as bad. It must be the “standard” for these infant care classes. Scare the shit out of u! Lol. We are headed to Home Depot tomorrow.
      Thank you 😊

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  2. OMG that bugs thing really creeps me out. We didn’t seriously consider cloth diapering, I entertained it briefly but my husband did not, so I never got that far into the research but just hearing that makes my skin crawl.
    I’ve had my fundal height measured too, and like you didn’t think to ask the number. I figure if there’s a problem they will tell me. I also kind of feel like it’s almost repetitive since we’re having monthly growth scans with MFM, so we already know how big the baby is and if his growth is steady and on target. I thought that was the main purpose of measuring fundal height (to estimate baby’s growth) but maybe I’m wrong.
    Anyway, every time I read one of your posts I feel like a slacker lol. We haven’t had that infant class yet, but we are signed up for it next month so I’m sure we’ll get the same information and I’m dreading it now. I already have enough fears and I don’t need them to give me any more!!!

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    • Yea I must say my husband wasnt too sad to hear Im not going to cloth diaper lol.
      I do believe the fundal height is the OBs method of growth instead of the ultra like the MFM.
      Dont feel like a slacker! I am only ahead of the game bc Im not working. If I was Id be moving at a slower pace for sure. I have to keep myself busy!

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  3. Busy busy times!!! I just noticed in your photo the pamphlet aimed for grandparents!!! I need to find one of these – I think it’s a great subtle way of saying to the old folks that things have moved on since we were babies – and yes we came out ok and lived to become adults but these are new times with new research!!

    We wanted to do cloth diapers but with putting her in day care this wouldn’t have been cost effective…..but a friend has offered to give us theirs! So we may do part time cloth diapers – the bug thing I hadn’t heard of before…gross!!! so something else to add to the list to look into!!! Aghhh so much to do!

    It’s awesome you have chosen your pead now! That must be a nice big thing to tick off the list! High five for you!!!! 😊

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    • I grabbed them from the hospital class to pass along to my mom as u are right-times and methods have changed so much over the years!
      Thats awesome about the cloth gift, since they are pretty pricey new. If you arent in a super hot climate, clean the poo off each time (sprayer or liner), and wash every few days, I dont think u need to worry about the bugs that much. Where we live it is so hot and all 3 of the bug cases were local. Yuk!!!


  4. Love love love my cloth diapers! We don’t get bugs, I wash every other day. We also didn’t start until A was 3.5 months (basically out of newborn size diapers). We still use disposables at night and when we’re away from home for a day or two. Look into it once things have calmed down a bit. disposables are easy but get expensive but so is cloth if you buy it and don’t use them.

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  5. Cloth diPers are over rated. Used mine for burp rags. Sorry your first visit to hospital was so disturbing. Remember sweetie that I had 3 siblings, your mom had several, Randy had 4 brothers and you and Josh all survived. Ws ate dirt (probaby, swam at public beaches, played with bugs and frogs and such. We weren’t even in seat belts. (Oh my). Yes you have to be watchful, but let your child live, let them touch, let them experience life. Be the parent that isn’t over protective.. i know it will be hard for you because you both have struggled so hard for this moment, but God gave you this gift and you have to have trust and faith that God has also got this child in his hands…faith, faith and let God. Love you guys.

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