Scan Results 

I went in for a scan this week after some extended, random bleeding during month 2 of the Lupron Depot injections.  
Upon arrival, I asked my sonographer what would be the worst case scenario scan wise, and the best case scenario scan wise at this point. 

Worst cases-super thick lining (usually the best case scenario during a cycle, so totally backwards from the normal expectation) OR really, really thin lining. 

Best case scenario-thin (but not too thin lol) lining (what you usually dont want during a cycle, backwards again!)

Anyways, she said she wanted my RE to review the images to be sure, but told me on the spot the measurements and that she believed they fell into the best case category.  

Not too long after, my RE left me a message on my cell with the details. Best case scenario it is! Nothing abnormal on the ultrasound… Thank God. 

So, in the end, my blood levels are as they should be, and my scan is as it should be.  I havent bled in several days either, so I think its behind us. Im going with the idea that the bleeding was that mass leaving! 

Now, I need to call back and confirm the date of my hysteroscopy tomorrow; my RE mentioned setting it up for next month on the message she left. I thought it would be in March. I cant believe we are already talking about this!! 

After the hysteroscopy, it will be go time before we know it ((I pray)). 

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