Welcome to our Winter Wonderland

I promised an update with finished Christmas decorations, so here it is! After weeks of work, both inside & out, our home is finally complete.  We absolutely love it.  Sit back, relax, & enjoy!  

Entrance to our home
Mama Penguin & her baby! Spoke to my heart!
Everyone’s favorite, Frosty
Blue & white LED in the Bouganviella
Love this pic!
Entering the front door of our home
Blue & silver tree
Red & green tree
Gold tree
Village & our stockings
More of our village we add to each year
More wreaths , they are everywhere in this house
The kitchen is decorated with Christmas joy too
One of my fav little corners in the house
The reason for the season
Love my sign on my papasan
Santa’s nice helper
Santa’s naughty helper
Dining room centerpiece
Old fashioned tree picked up at a garage sale
Little bits of Christmas in every corner!
And, one more to leave you with,notice the decorations up top!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! 


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