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It all started with the online clothes ordering I suppose. Once I discovered that Stitch Fix satisified my attire fix, I quickly came to the conclusion that online shopping wasnt so bad after all. Prior to these fixes, due to a few sour buys, I had the mindset that virtual purchases would simply not be able to meet my needs.  I was wrong.  Stitchfix opened the door to Eat Fresh, our newest doorstep delivery service. This service has been satisfying our food fixes for several weeks now. 

Here are a few pics of what we have gotten delivered thus far:



Every thing has been super fresh and of high quality. Usually when I shop at Publix, I buy organic chicken and grass fed beef; this service has delivered exactly the same.  

Basically, you sign up, no commitment, on a week to week basis. Each week you select the meals you wish to have delivered (3 per week).  You can skip a week at anytime (we did this while on vacation). The meals come freezer packed, with a recipe card for each one. In addition, all of the ingredients are already measured out for you (can I get an amen?!).  Since it is only 3 days of dinner, the remaining 4 days are spent between eating at my moms, cooking breakfast for dinner (our favorite), and eating out once for date night. 

My husband and I have found the portion sizes have been spot on for us. When shopping at Publix, we usually wasted some food it being just the two of us. Plus, my other half is super picky (I was worried about this being a problem with this service).  With Hello Fresh, you tell them the size of your family and they send accordingly, and I am pleased to say that my hubby has been eating all of it despite his pickiness! I know he is smiling reading this! 

For me, working 2 jobs has undoubtedly limited the amount of time I have to grocery shop.  Whats more, I really began to loathe spending the only free hours I get doing it, on top of cleaning and other errands.  Hubby had been picking up my slack and going for awhile.  Now, we only have to make a trip to Sam’s Club once every few weeks for dry foods, milk, toiletries, and such.  

On top of all this, we were really starting to run out of ideas food wise, and the flavorings so far with this service have been delicious. Hubby and I have been saving each recipe card and rating “A, B, etc.”  As far as money goes, each dinner for 2 people is about $20, no more. This is normal for us, as I mentioned before we only bought premium meats to begin with, and had a veggie and starch to accompany it. Hello Fresh does the same. 

I thought I’d share in case there is anyone out there like me who needs their convenient grocery fix! I do have a code which allows me to give out free first time deliveries if anyone is interested in taking the plunge. My life is really oh-so-much-better since this service has began! 

12 thoughts on “Hello Fresh 

  1. Glad to know of someone in “real” life who’s done this! There’s a local company here that offers organic deliveries and I was intrigued, but not sure what to expect, whether it was worth it, etc. Now with your review I’m a little more trusting lol. And also, I too am currently in love with Stitch Fix!

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  2. We enjoyed Hello Fresh (they have it in London) but it was pretty expensive! I think it’s fun for a change but too expensive over the long term. But maybe that’s London prices for you! 🙂
    Eventual momma: you can pick your meals each week (in London anyway) from a selection. Unfortunately they messed up our order one time and delivered something we didn’t eat. Also, think it depends where you live as we have a supermarket right by our house so it seems easy enough to read a recipe book and buy the ingredients! But we did find Hello Fresh made us cook stuff we wouldn’t otherwise have chosen, and it was very nice.

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    • I agree that the service has us cooking things we wouldnt otherwise be cooking, and I love that. Im not that creative in the kitchen, and I love that the ideas are already created and the ingredients packaged ready to go! I always seem to forget ingredients when I go to the store somehow. Lol. I think it is far from cheap as well, but for us, it was the same as we were spending eating out/grocery shopping. We will see if we continue to think that way! Currently on week 4.

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