Our Furbabies-Part 2

In my previous post, “Our Furbabies-Part 1,” I posted about our lovely furbaby, Rocket.  I saved part 2 for our second dog, who is not the alpha of the two, Jax.  Jax is a 2 year old, Bluetick Beagle/Hound mix.  

After our Chihuahua, Nacho, passed away, we knew we wanted to get another dog.  We started looking pretty soon after, but it took us about 3 months to find the right one.  Rocket had gotten very used to having another dog around, and it was obvious he was feeling lonely as the sole dog in the home.  Hubby and I had also gotten used to each having a dog to walk and take care of.  When Nacho was around he was “my” dog, and Rocket was my husbands.  Now, Rocket was “my” dog, and my husband needed “his” dog.  

We both knew that we did not want another Chihuahua right away.  We wanted a dog of a different breed, one that would not compete with Nachos legacy left behind.  That being said, I started looking online at different rescue groups and going to a few humane societies in the area.  

Eventually, I came across a beagle rescue group located a few hours north of us.  My mom owns a beagle, and my husband has always been in love with her and her (sometimes naughty) demeanor. Anyways, we agreed on a beagle we both thought was cute so I filled out the application online.  The lady in charge of the group called me back pretty quickly.  She wanted pictures of my fenced yard (requirement for a beagle) and quizzed me on my experience with the (sometimes naughty) breed. We set up a visit to go see this beagle, who at the time had the name “Jaimie.”  Strange name for a boy dog if you ask me! 

His story was that he came from Tennessee.  He was found as a stray with another female beagle, and was turned over to the pound there.  The rescue group decided to take him, and he rode with a truck driver from TN to FL.  He was assumed to be about 1 year old at the time he went to the rescue group, and just a few months older than that when we found him.  

Upon arriving to the group, we waited for them to bring him outside.  He came out and immediately seemed like a lover.  We spent some time with him, and decided to take him home with us to keep. Thankfully, Rocket and him have gotten along great. In fact, they are truly inseparable best buds.   

Snuggle time!
Jax enjoying the beach
He is a looker
Jax and his dad
That face just has naughty written all over it
Jax spooning Rocket!
Just the two of us
In the cage together…on their own accord
The boys lounging in my Papasan

Jax is a definitely a lover, and he is most definitely true to his breed! He has chewed up lots of shoes, socks, undies, hair ties, and blankets, eaten a nice sized hole in our mattress, dined on his own droppings, and so much more.  He has already cost us a pretty penny, and Im sure will continue to do so.  However, my husband is beyond satisified with his man dog, and I would be lying if I said that Jax hasnt brought an unusual amount of laughter into our home throughout some incredibly tough times over the past year we have had.

11 thoughts on “Our Furbabies-Part 2

  1. They are so cute together! My husband and I have our dogs too! I couldn’t imagine life without dogs! So thankful you have them! Also, I just love all the pictures in both of these posts!

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  2. Your puppies are SO cute! We just got a beagle mix in August, and he’s awesome! He gets along great with our two bigger dogs, and luckily he doesn’t chew on anything unless our regular chewer (Lola, one of the big dogs) instigates it.

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