6 thoughts on “Thought for the Day

  1. Hi Angela:

    I decided to look you up on the internet, I did find your blog, but was very sorry to hear what is going on in your life. Do you remember me, I was your 1st grade teacher at Coral Springs Christian School. Don’t want to write much here because I will assume it is public, please email at my email account, I would love to speak with you. Please tell your mother I said hello. My life too has given me some really tough challenges also. Remember God is there even when it seems that he isn’t listening, I find that hard to believe sometimes also, but I keep trusting Him!

    Heidi Brown (Miss Fast)

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  2. I love this quote, and I see you got it from Joyce Meyer, whose line “enjoy the journey on your way to your destination” is something I have to remind myself daily, TTC or not. The amount of time we spend at the destination we’re aiming for is so short-lived, only to be replaced by a new journey toward a new destination. How we act in our journey is just as important as our destination.

    -Baby dust to you!

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