Every Weekend Should Be a 3 Day Weekend

Don’t you agree? It is almost impossible to get done what needs to be done in just 2 days, and allow yourself time to recharge for the week ahead!  Maybe that is why yesterday was such a good day, along with the rest of the 3 day weekend. Or maybe it was so enjoyable because we weren’t wrapped up in our infertility as we usually are.  Now that I am thinking about it, I am betting it was a combination of both…3 days off + no dwelling on infertility=good times!  Saturday we spent the day taking our dogs to a pet friendly beach close by.  One of our dogs had been before, but the other hadn’t.  They both loved it.  Afterwards, we went out to eat where my brother works, a pet friendly outdoor restaurant. Finally, we headed to my parents for a relaxing swim.  Well, I should say that I thought it was going to be a relaxing swim. That was until my husband decided to continually dunk me underwater and throw me up & down like a child in the pool. LOL. I could barely catch my breath wrestling around with him.  My mom pointed out how it was great to see us laughing and having fun again, with no talk of IVF’s and the usual BS.  She was right, it was really nice. 

On Sunday, we got up early and went out to breakfast at Bob Evans.  I thought this would be awfully difficult for me, as I haven’t been out to breakfast since I was pregnant the last time.  When I was pregnant with Isaiah and his brother or sister, we went out to breakfast every Sunday at Bob Evans. I am glad we went and I conquered the fear of going back…it wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be.  In fact, I only teared up once, and no tears actually came out.  I thank God for his comfort.  Later, when we got back home, we did a lot of work around the house, both inside & out.  I was so happy to do some much-needed landscaping even in this sticky, Florida heat. Needless to say, by Sunday night we were both beat! 

Yesterday, we went our separate ways-hubs to the golf course & I shopping. I broke down & bought a new comforter for our bed finally! Don’t ask me how it is possible, but the dogs chewed the old one to pieces.  They are so crazy that they have been eating it I think.  I also went to the mall & got the hubs a few early birthday presents (I won’t say what they are because I know he is reading this!!).  My last stop was Michael’s Arts & Crafts.  My favorite stop of the day!!

At Michael’s I bought a 24 pack of PrismaColor colored pencils. I had no clue how expensive these things are until I started looking at them…WOW!  I got colored pencils because I ordered 2 Mandala coloring books after I saw one of my TTC Instagram sisters with one during her 2WW.  I went on Amazon right after I asked her about it, & started checking out these “adult” coloring books.  Let me tell you, they are pretty cool if you are into detail and have the time for it.  When my order arrives, I will discuss more about it.  I also purchased some additional items like paint, candles, & wooden boxes. When finished, they will be part of the upcoming ceremony we have planned to honor our angel babies.

I am incredibly excited for when school gets out next week & I can spend some real time on these projects!!! 

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