Recovery in Progress

Where to begin? I have not posted since last week for a few reasons. One, I have been in bed pretty much since the surgery and two, I dont want to sound so pessimistic with what I post! But I missed writing, so I am back for a brief update. 

Thank God today is finally here because today is my post-op appointment. At my post-op I will get this horrendous, evil balloon taken out of my uterus. Hopefully, we will also get the pathology report on the mass, too. 

Overall, the surgery seems to have went really well. She only had to go in a few times to remove the large mass. Each time she went in she shaved it down, and then injected Vasopressin into my uterus, causing it to contract. Contracting spilled out any hidden adenomyomas or masses that needed to come out.  She gave us before & after photos that show just how much was removed. Wow, is all I can say. 

She then inserted the balloon into my uterus, so no scar tissue would form where the shaving took place.  Let me tell you, I have had a hell of alot of procedures done, but this balloon lurking around in my va-jay-jay for 5 long days takes the cake for being the absolute (physical) worst. 

The surgery took about an hour. When I woke up from the anesthesia, my cramps were similar to that of a d & c. They pumped me with some strong stuff to ease them which helped. I didnt get sick this time like the last time I went under which was nice. Not only did I have Zofran, I also had a patch placed behind my ear to ease any nausea. 

The doctor told me I would feel the balloon and that it would cause some cramping. Silly me thinking I would be back to work in a few days! Not. She gave me Vicodin, Motrin 600, & an antiobiotic to take. I started taking these Friday & havent stopped yet. 

It wasnt until the day after the surgery that I actually felt the balloon when I went pee. I freaked out. I thought it was coming out. I called my doctor and she told me its normal… I am feeling the plastic catheter that is attached to the balloon. She also told me to just shove it back up there if it starts to fall out. Seriously?

I learned pretty quickly that any movement makes the damn thing start to come out. Hence being bed ridden has become the best choice. Still in bed as we speak!  I attempted to use the bathroom this am, since I have not since Friday.  I thought it could be why I am having so much pain this morning. Literally, I was doubled over when I woke up. My cramps felt like miscarriage cramps. In my failed attempt to use the bathroom, the cord popped out of me, hanging all the way down to mid thigh.  

I screamed NO! NO! NO! I desperately tried to shove it all back up there and waddled back to bed. I put my heating pad on & have given up my battle with the balloon. I have accepted the fact the cord is hanging out of me. I will lay in bed until my appointment later today.

Exactly 6 hours until this monster is out!   

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