The Happiest Place on Earth

I grew up on Disney. I started going when I was still in diapers, back when we didn’t even live in Florida. Somehow we found a way to make annual trips, and stay at the fancy hotels where I got to eat breakfast with all the characters.  When we werent visiting Disney, I was at home watching Disney movies on replay.

I honestly can’t tell you how many times I have actually been to the Magic Kingdom, but I know it’s been quite a few.  The trips that really stick out to me are:

  • Trip with just me, Nana, & Pap-1990
  • Trip with Mom & stepfather, when Mom was pregnant with my brother (I got Chicken Pox first day there)-1991
  • Trip with my 8th grade class-1997
  • Trip with hubby back when we were in high school (his first time!)-2001
  • Trip with mom, me, & brother-2014

Anyways, I am so excited because my mom & I just booked another trip to Disney in July for her birthday. It will be just the 2 of us this time, a girls only trip!  We booked a really nice room right on Disney’s grounds for a great rate.  We won’t have to drive anywhere, which is a plus.  We can take a ferry back & forth as needed.

Disney is actually just 2 hours away from home, so technically we don’t need to stay the night…but we want to! We will definitely be doing the Magic Kingdom, and possibly Epcot the next day.  If not Epcot, we might hit up one of the zillion outlet malls.  The hotel has what appears to be a beautiful looking spa, and I wouldn’t mind spending my day there either!

One might think that Disney World could be a difficult place for an infertile to go. Kids and babies galore.  Activities catered to children.  Cute little outfits and costumes everywhere you look.  Strollers every couple of feet.  Candy shops and characters.  Actually, all of these things make me even more excited for the day we will FINALLY get to take our kids there.  I can’t wait to make the memories with them that I got to make as a kid. You better believe when that day comes we will have season passes, too!

In the meantime, what better person to go with to the happiest place on Earth than my mom. At times, when we have been trying so hard to have our own baby, it has been easy for me to forget that I am my mom’s baby. The relationship I yearn to have with a child is the one my mom yearned for and still yearns for today with me. These times are so important.  One day, my mom & I won’t be able to do things like this, just the 2 of us anymore.  What a wonderful blessing that we can now.  Surviving Infertility has really reaffirmed how my relationship with my mom will be just as important as my relationship with my child.  I am truly blessed to have a mom like I do, as I know many people don’t have this precious gift.

This being said, I plan to enjoy our special trip…as a 30 something year old kid with her wonderful mom…getting to go to my most very favorite place of all!

9 thoughts on “The Happiest Place on Earth

  1. What a special post about ur mom. Wish more people would realize what they mean to their moms and dads. I always felt that I was my mom and dads “baby” until the day they died at 90 and 92! I hope my children and grandchildren continue to realize how important they r to me as you have realized what u mean to ur mom.

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  2. I am an annual pass holder at disneyland. I love love love it. It can be difficult with infertility, but I love it none the less. Enjoy your trip! 🙂

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