Time Off

Today I told my boss about my upcoming FET cycle. By no means did I have to do this; I chose to. 

As a teacher, when we request a day off, we put it into a computer system and request a sub. The principal then approves it electronically. There generally is no face to face correspondence when a request takes place. The days are earned over time and can be used as needed.  I LOVE this perk about my job! 

Since I got my FET calendar, I have been requesting upcoming times off for appointments more than I normally would. So today I took my calendar in to my superior and explained why, even though she never asked about it or disapproved any of it. Note: this is part of my personality—I never want anyone to think I am just a slacker looking for time off. I have to explain. 

Anyways, I felt totally at ease approaching the situation, as the administrators I work with are very supportive. They all know that we have now gone through 3 IVF cycles, followed by 3 miscarriages—I have continued to teach there through them all. They have seen me at my best and my worst. 

What a relief to have this off my shoulders! My boss was great about it, and reassured me not to stress. This means a lot to a Type-A person like me! One more step in the right direction, right? 

18 thoughts on “Time Off

  1. That’s fabulous that they are so supportive and you felt so comfortable.
    I’ve taken a similar approach as I carried over annual leave in expectation of IVF at some point this year. Honesty is the best policy in my eyes.
    Another tick in the box to hopefully make the process a little less stressful for you xx

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  2. I’ve been honest with my employer from the beginning. This is only possible in a good stable job of course. It has significant benefits for your reputation, but also for your mental health. You feel much more relaxed about your time off when its all organised in advance and everyone understands. Plus it’s lovely to have the moral support as coleagues follow your journey!

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  3. Well done! I wouldn’t dream of telling my employer as they’d probably find a way to make it very difficult. And I wouldn’t want them knowing my business. Maybe an indication I should move!

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  4. Awesome!!. One more reason to love your job👍. If we have supportive colleagues and boss, things become too easy as we dont have to stress about it.😊. Hope you will have a stress free and happy transfer friend!!❤️.

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  5. I am also a teacher, and also going through three rounds of IVF along with each of them resulting in a miscarriage, I know exactly how you feel! We just got our new calendar for our fourth round of IVF, and I need to request my days off for this round too. I am so glad to hear that your principal was understanding. Best of luck to you!!!

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  6. So great that you have a very supportive job! I work with men. A lot of them. And I couldn’t imagine being comfortable telling them about all of this. Though I know my boss and even my immediate coworkers would be very understanding. I’m sure my boss has his suspicions, but bless him, he never asks when I tell him that I have to leave early, or come in late or take a long lunch. He even reminds me that I can work from home if I need to (though I never do).

    Hopefully all these appointments end soon for you and are replaced with happier more exciting appointments!

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