Celebrating the Small Things-Lining Check #2

Earlier this week, I got a positive OPK on day 13 of my cycle (currently in the 2WW!), and set up my lining check for day 15.  In case you haven’t been following along, I have a history of thin lining.

In 2 of our 3 prior IVF cycles it wasn’t ideal; our first fresh transfer- barely 7mm, and FET #1-barely 6mm (8mm or > is what we are going for). And that was with estrogen to make it thicker.  I took even more estrogen for FET #2 and my lining got up to an 11 finally.  But with all that excess estrogen came an absolutely insane woman, fluid, and a fibroid in my uterus that most likely caused a miscarriage.

Since our loss with FET #2, I had to undergo another D & C and Operative Hysteroscopy with my already thin lining.  I was not happy about this, but what could we do? Anyways, in June, my first lining check post surgeries measured 5mm.  Not horrible, but not great either.  Here comes the good news…our most current lining check this week measured 8.4mm! And it had the triple stripe going on!  Super exciting news for us!

Why? Mostly because I am currently not taking any estrogen at all.  My nurse was even like, “Wow! This is amazing! We had such a hard time getting your lining this thick even on estrogen!”  Um, yea exactly why I do not want to be on it again in the future.  Or maybe I should say why I won’t be on it again in the future.

We have another lining check (#3) set up for August 6th at our current RE’s office.  We also have an IVF chat following the ultrasound to hear what she has to say about the protocol for moving forward.  In the meantime, we have 2 appointments set up for July 22nd with 2 different RE’s.  Both appointments are for second opinions.

That being said, by the first week of August (will be here before we know it!), we will have made our decision as to where and when we will be transferring our frosties. In the meantime, we will celebrate the little things along the way…like my triple stripe, thick lining!!


14 thoughts on “Celebrating the Small Things-Lining Check #2

  1. Great news! Small victories like that mean the world in this journey. My lining never got thicker than 7mm and it became a bit of an obsession, but I still got a sticky one! Fingers crossed this is a sign of good things to come

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  2. That’s great news! Lots of little victories add up to one big victory! Glad you’re moving forward in a better position with your lining then before, that’s gotta be a HUGE relief 🙂

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