Second That, Please!

Are second opinions important?

Your pet has an ailment that is preventing them from getting around like they used to.  You take them to the vet & according to the vet, your pet needs an operation to get back to their normal self again.  Do you go to another vet to make sure this is what really needs to be done?  If so, would the second vet tell you exactly what the first did, or do they think another treatment plan might suit your pet better?  Maybe you just decide to go with the first vet to save yourself the hassle.  

Think about purchasing a new vehicle. Do you buy the first car you see, at the initial price that dealership gives you, or do you shop around and get a few quotes to make sure you are getting the best deal possible? When shopping around, you might find a salesperson you trust more than any of the others thus far, or instead you might realize that first salesperson was way more trustworthy than the others you encountered after.

I have been thinking long and hard about second opinions. Experience has taught me in life that some people value it, while others feel quite content without it.  I don’t think either way is necessarily right or wrong, simply a personal preference. But what I have realized is that I am the type of person who needs a second opinion, second look, second thought, second something.  Anytime there is something major happening, I always get more than one trusted opinion.

Why then should it be any different when it comes to our current infertility and RPL status? 


Initially, when this journey began, we went to more than 1 clinic to get a second opinion on whether or not we actually needed IVF.  And we found that both RE’s agreed we did need it.  So, we listened and proceeded with it.  But here we are, post-IVF and RPL with the opinion of only 1 RE.  That being said, we have decided we will be getting a second opinion. We were not ready for this before, but we are now (NOTE: Don’t get me wrong-we LOVE many things about our current clinic, if so we would have never went there in the first place; this is not about them, it is about US).

By postponing a future FET, God has allowed us time to look into this option. Another sign that reassured us we are doing the right thing was the news that our 3 remaining frosties will be getting shipped to a storage facility soon. Our clinic only keeps them on site up to 6 months from the last transfer date, & ours was in December. Of course, we could pay out of the you-know-what to keep them on site, however we have decided to roll with the punches and if God wants them to leave where they are, so be it.  If we choose to move to another RE, it will be very easy to have them shipped to their location from the storage facility. 

We are anxious to get another set of eyes in regards to our 3 past transfers, our future cycles/protocols, our 3 miscarriages, all my procedures, etc.  So, we have set up an appointment with a well-known and trusted practice, and will keep you posted on how it goes!  As always, thanks for the support!


12 thoughts on “Second That, Please!

  1. This is so exciting! We have had this talk several times before and I have the best feeling in the world about it that your making the right choice!!! Still in our prayers!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Julee! The prayers are welcomed as always! Yes, we have discussed this many times. I don’t think we were ever ready, but we feel like God is leading us this way & now are feeling really good about it!


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