Reproductive Slang

When I was going to college to become a teacher, I was astonished by the amount of acronyms in the field.  IEP, ESE, NCLB, FAPE, ESOL.  When I became a teacher, I couldn’t believe there were even more.  BIC, LEP, BIR, FERPA. Now, 5 years in, I still see new ones coming out every year…FSA, CBT, EOC, etc!!!!

Let me tell you, the amount of education acronyms don’t have anything on the amount of acronyms in the field of reproductive medicine. Hard to believe, I know.

When you first start engaging in the baby making process, you may be somewhat surprised at how many reproductive slang words are out there.  After a year or so of trying, you feel like you should probably start making a list of the acronyms you encounter so you can ask your doctor what they mean. Most likely after 5 years or so of trying, you know every one by memory, and could possibly create a glossary of acronyms educating those who are novices.

No doubt fertility doctors should give their patients an “acronym reference sheet” at their first visit.  I say this because looking back I think it would have been a useful navigational tool. Especially in the beginning when they spouted them all off like we actually knew what they were talking about.

Here is a quick reference sheet for any of those trying to sort through the jargon themselves.  I had a hard time containing myself from LOL as I was typing this list up.  And please forgive me, I’m sure I may have forgotten a few since the list is endless!

  • TTC-Trying To Conceive
  • IF-Infertility
  • hCG-Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hormone produced during pregnancy)
  • LMP-Last Menstrual Period
  • BFP-Big, Fat Positive (positive pregnancy test thanks to hCG)
  • BFN-Big, Fat Negative (negative pregnancy test)
  • EDD-Expected Due Date (based on LMP)
  • RE-Reproductive Endocrinologist (aka fertility specialist)
  • RI-Reproductive Immunologist (another fertility specialist)
  • US-Ultrasound
  • OPK-Ovulation Prediction Kit
  • SA-Semen Analysis
  • HS-Hysteroscopy
  • HSG-Hysterosalpinogram (x-ray test examining inside of uterus, mainly to see if tubes are blocked)
  • SIS-Saline Infusion Sonohysterography (salt water to get clearer picture of uterus, checking for polyps, fibroids, etc.)
  • PCOS-Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • FSH-Follicle Stimulating Hormone
  • TSH-Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
  • IUI-Intrauterine Insemination
  • IVF-In-Vitro Fertilization
  • ICSI-Intra-Cytomplasmic Sperm Injection (sperm is injected into the eggs during IVF)
  • OHS-Ovarian Hyperstimulation (during a fresh IVF cycle from TMDD-too many damn drugs)
  • ET-Embryo Transfer (fresh cycle)
  • FET-Frozen Embryo Transfer
  • DPO-Days Past Ovulation
  • DPT-Days Past IVF Transfer
  • OCP-Oral Contraceptive Pills (birth control)
  • PIO-Progesterone In Oil (intramuscular shots that hurt like hell)
  • E2-Estradiol levels (estrogen levels)
  • PNV-Prenatal Vitamins
  • RPL-Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
  • D & C-Dilation & Curettage
  • POC-Product of Conception (sent out after a D & C)
  • TWW-Two Week Wait (after ovulation, IUI, or IVF when praying for the BFP)


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