More Updates

Urine Test 

My results came back for the 24 hr. pee test.  I guess the fancy name for this test is the “Creatinine Clearance test.”  The nurse at my family Dr. called to set up an appointment for us to review the results next week.  Little does she know, I have already reviewed them because I have the “Quest app” where all of my results get sent straight to me.  I learned about this app after loss #2.  It’s a great way for me to know when my results come in for any test, rather than sit around wondering and waiting to hear from a Dr.  It’s also a fantastic way for me to keep track of my own records without having to request them from my Dr.’s.  If you go through Quest for any testing, I highly recommend you get it! Anyways, here is what the results say (not that I know how to interpret them, other than they are elevated): 

I will update on if there is any significance to this higher than normal level after my appointment with Dr. L next week.

Gastro Appointment

After reviewing my thick file a few weeks ago, the new RE recommended I see a Gastro Dr. since my Bilirubin and some other liver levels have been on the higher end over the past few years.  I really liked that the new RE recommended this Gastro visit, even though he thought, “there is most likely no correlation at all between these values and your pregnancy losses.”  He was correct, the Gastro Dr. I saw said the Bilirubin and MCH levels that are in the high range are benign and unrelated to RPL.

However, the Gastro Dr. also praised the new RE for referring me and making sure all of our bases are covered.  He reiterated that my Celiac panel came back normal, but if it hadn’t, that could have been a cause for my RPL. Then the Dr. opened up to me and told me that he and his wife had 3 miscarriages.  They eventually had 2 boys, but he said they almost lost both-one at 7 months gestation, and the other at birth.  This goes to show that miscarriage is indeed so much more common than we think.  He told me he would keep me in his prayers and for me to keep my faith, because he knows how hard it is.

I was so thankful to have visited a Dr. who was empathetic and not the other way around.  He ordered a few more tests (what do you know!!) just to be safe, and make sure there isn’t anything crazy going on with my liver.  He said it would be highly unlikely, and also highly unlikely anything with my liver could be playing into RPL, but not impossible.  At this point, I will do any test to be 100% sure there is no underlying condition being overlooked.  So, they took my blood and set me up for a scan of my liver.  The blood tested my Ferritin levels, and a few other things I cannot recall.  I will get notified via the app when the results come in anyways.  I plan to wait to set up the scan until I see what these results show.

I did show my 24 hr. urine results to the Gastro Dr. in case there could be any connection between it and my liver; he seemed to think that being high is not of too much concern, instead if they were low there would be more cause for concern. We will see if Dr. L confirms.

 Upcoming Appointments

Next week we see the new RE and our current RE.  These meetings are it as far as making a decision to which clinic we will use.  I have a list of different questions for each appointment.  I can’t deny it–I am sort of dreading making this decision. You would think I would be happy because then we can move forward! This might sound completely insane, but I am worried about offending whichever RE we do not go with.  Everyone tells me that should be of no concern to me, this is strictly business, etc.  I get that, but it still doesn’t change how I feel about hurting anyone’s feelings (probably sounds pretty lame of me). People have told me that whoever we choose probably won’t even care.  Maybe.  I guess I am naive and like to think everyone has a soft side to them.

My husband is so easy about who we go with, which might make it inadvertently harder on me.  He says, “wherever you feel the most comfortable” and “whatever is easiest on you” or things like that.  I know he says all of this because he means well and is so supportive, but it leaves me wondering even more what to do.  I am indecisive to say the least, so I am just praying God will make it really clear to us at those appointments one way or the other!