A Little Bit of This & Little Bit of That

Usually, the majority of my posts revolve around our battles with IF, IVF, and RPL.  However, today I felt like veering away from the norm and updating on a few other things happening in our lives.  A few other good things might I add!

Home Improvements

Paint. I am thrilled to say we are FINALLY getting the exterior of our house painted.  Whoot! Whoot! As you can see, I am pretty excited about this.  We have wanted to paint it since 2008 (we hate painting and will not do it ourselves like we did the interior of our home).  A long time coming right? Well, the time is finally here and the company starts the job in about 2 weeks!  It should take about a week start to finish to get the job done.  We are going with a company that has painted 2 other people’s houses we know.  They are a little bit more pricey than some others, but we know the work is top-notch.  After waiting this long, we expect nothing less. There will be 3 colors in total-the body of the house will be 1 color, the columns, fascia, and trim a 2nd color, and lastly, the 3rd color will include the garage door and the front door.  We are finalizing our color choices as we speak!

Gutters. Seamless gutters are set to be installed a week following paint completion.  We found a company that is able to match the gutters to the paint color.  This was not really a huge deal to me, but my significant other on the other hand, different story. Apparently, this is very important to him, so I went with it.  Anyways, we are thrilled about the gutter installation because we have lived 8 years without them and Florida can be awfully rainy at times.  Plus, not having gutters will eventually ruin the new paint job so it only makes sense to get them now.

Molding. My husband and a friend of his have a pretty good deal going where they exchange work with one another free of charge. For those of you who do not know, my spouse is a HVAC technician.  The guy he trades with is a carpenter.  This being said, we are getting crown molding installed into our master bedroom.  I am over the moon about this!!! The molding has already been purchased, it just needs to be painted before installed.  This is something my hubs and I need to do.


Epcot. My mom and I went to Epcot yesterday and had a fantastic time.  I hadn’t been in many, many years.  We spent most of our time going on rides like The Seas, The Gran Fiesta Tour, Soarin’ (waited in line 2 hours for this one!), Spaceship Earth, and Living with the Land.  I really loved Living with the Land, where you sail through greenhouses. We ended our day eating in “Italy” with delicious pizza, salad, and spaghetti.  I hope to plan another trip back soon with my hubs as he has never been.  Here are a few pictures from our day.

Inside the Greenhouse

Fresh Kale !

Varieties of lettuce, all of which are used in Epcot’s restaurants, making the food there all the more delicious.

My FAVORITE, tomatoes

Florida manatee eating some of that yummy lettuce!

The infamous sphere, formally known as “Spaceship Earth”

The Wedding. My 1st cousin is getting married in early October up in Ohio (my husband’s home state, also where my father resides).  We were supposed to go to Ohio this past June, but after our 3rd loss, we decided against it for various reasons.  My baby shower was planned to be then, several of my good friends were pregnant or giving birth, etc.  Anyways, we decided to take the plunge and go to this wedding in a few months. I wasn’t ready in June, but I will be ready in October.  We are both really looking forward to seeing our family and friends.  I am positive this wedding will be such a blast!


A few weeks ago I posted how incredibly tired I have been lately. Thankfully, the past week or so I am feeling a renewed sense of energy. I am not doing anything different, but hey I will take this positive change.  I can only hope it continues and is a sign of all good things to come!

Stay tuned for a career update this week!

Finding Me Again 

Since our first IVF began back in February 2014, I have slowly gained 12 pounds.  Im not making excuses, but its not like I have been a complete couch potato.  

I mean, I have been taking it easier than I usually would have just to play it safe when I was pregnant. And I was pregnant 3 times this year. I did inject a lot of hormones, too. I probably engaged in some unintentional grief eating after our miscarriages at some point. 

So, maybe it is understandable why I have gained. But that doesnt necessarily make it acceptable to me. I have a pretty small frame to begin with, so I feel every pound of it. Plus, having the extra weight when Im no longer pregnant makes me feel disgusted. I look at my body and hate how Im not pregnant & should be, but I weigh more than before I ever was. Im sure some women who have miscarried know what I am trying to say here. 

This being said, time for a plan of action. Now that I will officially be off work in June, I will have time to dedicate to getting back to my normal, healthy self. Before all of this IVF bs, I used to work out hard everyday. I had a routine which involved alot of cardio (running, jump rope, squats, swimming, biking, etc.) I loved how I felt, not just how I looked. It’s time to get that feeling back.

I plan to establish a routine again, as I think that is one way to ensure physical success and create endurance. I will have to ease back in though because it has been awhile. Hey, you gotta start somehere, right?

It will go like this to begin:

1. Walking the dogs two times per day rather once.  

2. Signing back up for unlimited monthly yoga, and going 3 times per week. Hot yoga included. 

3.  Riding my new bike, still in pristine condition, once per day.

4. Swimming at least 3 times per week. 

After my legs are no longer jello (about 2-3 weeks), I will add in more cardio. Daily squats and jumprope for sure, as these are pretty easy.  I am undecided if I will begin running (I used to be an avid runner), or if I will take a class at the gym instead. That is still to be decided.  But one of the two will be added to the regimen by late June, no exceptions.

In addition to the above, eating healthy every day will be part of normal life again. This isnt that challenging for me because I actually enjoy eating healthy. I feel like I have failed this past year more than ever before because my hormones have literally been all over the place. Happy, mad, devastated, anxious, tired, bitter, disappointed, etc. I have barely cooked  at all due to these daily, all consuming emotions. 

Again, come June, I will have more time to grocery shop, and in turn, cook at home again.  I wont be injecting any hormones either so I will have more energy. Eating out will be limited like it used to be…weekends only! 

I am pretty excited to find “me” again, physically. And I cant wait to sweat a little while I am at it. Its been way too long.