We feel so honored that WIN Fertility featured us on their Facebook page for NIAW…

Who exactly is WIN Fertility anyways? I am guessing some of you infertiles already know. But if you dont, they are one of the well known, affordable companies that offer fertility treatment programs here in the US. We have gone through them for all 3 of our IVF cycles.

They offer discounted treatment packages that include meds, and are catered to an individual’s cycle needs.  You can buy 1 cycle at a time, or multiple cycles at a time; we have always chosen to purchase 1 at a time.

Most companies and doctors offices do not include meds in the price of their packages, and meds can be pretty pricey for each IVF (around 5,000 or more).  As you can see, this is definetly an added bonus to using WIN.

Another great advantage of going through WIN is if you pay cash, you get a discount. And if you are like us, and have unfortunately needed more than 1 cycle, they give discounts for that too!

Every time we have used WIN, the customer service has been awesome. They are easy to reach by phone and email, they know you by name, & you know them by name as well.  They have worked closely with our doctors office each cycle, ensuring we get exactly the treatments we need.

WIN even sent us a $25 gift card to thank us for choosing them. Now its our turn to thank them for helping people make their dreams come true…Thanks WIN!