Name Reveal!

Our miracle baby boy’s name is finalized. 

We have had many years as we struggled with infertility and loss to ponder names. 

When choosing a name, what matters most to us is that it have strong meaning behind it. I have always preferred a biblical name to give God thanks for what he has done for us. 

This being said, his name will be Isaac William.

Isaac means “laughter” or “he laughs,” and William means “protector.”  

There is meaning behind both. Here is a little background of Isaac in the bible-

After God fulfilled his promise and Sarah gave birth, He told them to name their child, Isaac, meaning laughter. Isaac went on to live a godly life, marrying Rebecca, who was also barren for a time like his mother. Never giving up faith, Isaac and Rebecca went on to eventually have twins of their own. If you would like to read more, you can find the story of his life in the book of Genesis in the bible. 

As for his middle name, William is after hubby’s paternal grandfather, and also after the middle name of our son who passed away in February of 2015 (Isaiah William).

We hope you love it as much as we do. 

We just cant wait to meet Isaac William this winter ūüíô

More Uplifting Reads 

I love reading. I find it to be a release.  I have enjoyed reading since I was little.  When school got out in the summers, my mom & I spent quite a bit of our time at the library each week.  I would get several fictional books at a time.  As a kid with no major responsibilities, I would sit down & read the book from start to finish in 1 day (if it was a really good one). As an adult, the same still applies if I have the time to pull it off.

No one really dislikes reading. ¬†People who say they dislike reading just aren’t reading the right things. Unfortunately for them they never found their calling in the wonderful world of print. ¬†I would guess this occurred when they were pretty young, and they gave up the search.

On top of reading fiction, I try to read a little non-fiction as well. ¬†Usually in the form of magazines or newspapers. ¬†Non-fiction keeps me on top of what is happening in the world around us when I don’t want to watch the morbid news.

Over the past few years, we have started to get into some inspirational reading.  Specifically, daily devotionals.  I find devotionals to be great because they are short, but sweet, uplifting messages, that can help start your days off right.  The devotionals have been a huge help for the hubs & I as we struggle to survive infertility and RPL day to day.

I also like following a schedule and a devotional does just that.  Once I start a devotional, I feel pretty committed to it because of those dates at the top of each page.  Here is a great one that a fellow infertile recommended to me awhile back:

There are several versions of Jesus Calling.  If you like to take notes about your feelings when you read, you would want to buy the larger version of this one, as the small one I have (above) does not have space to write.

The devotional includes a message and lists the chapter and verse of the bible where you can look to find the scripture that applies to the message. Since the bible verses aren’t actually written out, you have to get out your bible and look them up! This devotional is not just for women, it is for men, too.

This is the devotional I got the hubs:

He really likes it. ¬†It is set up a little differently than Jesus Calling. ¬†This one has specific topics on each page, whereas Jesus Calling does not. ¬†For example this men’s has topics like, “work,” or “family,” with the message and the bible verse actually written out. ¬†In other words, he does not have to look up the actual verses in his bible, they are right there for him. ¬†If your husband is like mine, he might not be much of an avid reader so this works out well for him to do on his own.

I would love to hear from any bloggers out there who have devotionals in mind that they have loved! I am not much into the e-devotionals, I really prefer an old school book where I can manually flip the pages.