5 Months 

We survived the 4 month leap/regression! Some milestones to note:

  • Sleeping through the night! No more night feeds. He dropped them on his own at 18 wks. We are now on 12 hr stretches of sleep the past 3 wks. Pretty consistent about going down at 8 & getting up at 8.  He is still sleeping in his dock a tot in our bedroom. I love having him next to me & am in no rush to move him into his crib although I could now. 
  • No teeth yet
  • Drools all the time & puts everything in his mouth 
  • Drinking 8oz bottles about every 4 hrs during the day, for a total of 5 bottles 
  • Breastfeeding just once a day for about 1 hr 
  • Havent started solids yet, but plan to next month as he is showing signs of readiness such as the pincer grip, holding his head up well with no support, watching everything we eat & grabbing for it!
  • Takes 4 naps a day, every 2 hrs like clockwork
  • Is almost 30 inches long! We had to buy his convertible seat this week (Britax Clicktight Boulevard) bc his Keyfit only accomdates up to 30 lbs or 30 in, whichever comes first
  • Was 17 lbs about 2 weeks ago
  • Rolls on side all the time but not back to front yet, only front to back still 
  • Loves music & looking in the mirror 
  • Forward facing in the Ergo now like a big boy! 
  • Getting ready for his first vacation on an airplane in the next few weeks! 

There is nothing that I love more in this world than being his mom 💙


6 thoughts on “5 Months 

  1. So jealous of your sleeping through the night! We are improving in the sleep area but if I get a 5 hour stretch I feel lucky haha. Usually we get 4 hours straight at some point. Glad things are going well, I’m so happy for you!!

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