4 Months 

Blowing raspberries is our new favorite thing to do! 

  • Miracle is making a few consonant sounds such as “ma” and “da” on occasion
  • He enjoys squealing very loud
  • Everything goes straight to the mouth, and Im thinking teething could be soon. In fact, I see little white teeth under some of his gums so Im curious how far out it could be? 
  • He doesnt care to be held much, he would rather stretch out on his back or be on his tummy
  • Napping in the Ergo pleases him 
  • He is no longer swaddled during the night, just for a few naps here & there 
  • His favorite place to nap is still on his Boppy pillow (which his legs now hang off of because he is so long)
  • We are sleeping from about 9pm to 2am, and then back to sleep from about 3am to 7am (give or take) in the DockaTot. Side note-We LOVE the Dock & wish I would have had it from the get go! 
  • Baby eats about 6 oz of breastmilk every 3-4 hrs. We will find out what he weighs next week! 
  • We are almost out of size 2 diapers & currently in 6 mo clothes 
  • He is pushing his body up with his feet now when on his back so perhaps rolling back to front will happen soon?
  • We had our pictures taken with the Easter bunny & didnt shed a tear, all smiles
  • Isaac is a very happy baby, and doesnt really cry unless he is hungry or tired or bored. Even that is seldom.

This time last year I was in the 2 week wait from our 4th FET, the one that brought him here. Crazy how much can change in 1 year! I will leave you with a few Timehop memories of lucky transfer day #4 from April 7, 2016…


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