Life with a Newborn

Since Miracle will no longer be a “newborn” soon, some things I want to note are-

  • The longest stretch of sleep we have had is 7 hrs (one time).  
  • On bad nights, we are up every hour or 2. But I saved this in my phone and have been reading it anytime I need a little reminder-

  • We have transitioned him from the snuggle nest on our bed to the pack and play next to our bed.
  • He is no longer sleeping swaddled (except some naps), instead he sleeps in his Dr. Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit. 
  • He has just started noticing the dogs in the past week, and seems to really enjoy them. 
  • He is drooling quite a bit now and putting his fists in his mouth.
  • My milk supply has finally increased, up to about 25 oz pumped a day, compared to a measly 8 oz a day the first month and an average of 15 oz a day the second month.
  • Baby boy uses a special pillow when he lays down because his head appeared flat to me, however the ped says it is not anything to worry about or out of the ordinary.
  • Isaac has a birth mark on his left eyelid. When he gets mad or hot, it gets bright red. It is cute. The ped referred to it as a “stork bite” 
  • I just put out our Easter decorations and am working on his 1st Easter basket which I ordered from PB Kids when I was pregnant.
  • LO still has a blue/grey eye color  (thinking they will turn brown like mom & dads) and his hair is much lighter than it was at birth.
  • Baby boy can almost always be consoled by mommy now when he cries. I love this. In the very beginning it was not this way. Now if I pull him close and kiss him and sing, he stops almost immediately. Its pretty awesome. 
  • I am more than in love with our boy, he was most def the missing puzzle piece all these years. 

11 thoughts on “Life with a Newborn

  1. Awe so sweet! I know what you mean! We are still up every 2-3 hours at night and its exhausting but I love that I can comfort him and nurse him! I love being able to comfort him too! This is better than I ever dreamed of! Dalton has a “stork bite” on his thigh! I love it!

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      • Well, it’s spawned a new nickname for him – he looked so dang cute in it I just kept laughing and calling him Baby Merlin. So Baby Merlin is his new nickname with me, and he smiles so big when I say it.
        The first night it worked great – we had 5 and 4 hour stretches, and before that we had 2 1/2 and 3 hours. Since then we are back to three hours. However, he does fall asleep a lot faster – not nearly as much fussing when I put him down and he’s asleep within five minutes, before this it would take up to 20. So, a definite improvement in that area!

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      • Haha! Ours is marshmallow man 😂
        It worked so good for about 2 wks but now we are back at 2 hr stretches 🙄 its not stopping his reflec anymore unfortunately. I just ordered a dock a tot bc Im desperate for some rest lol. He fights all naps too.

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