Back to Work

If I had not resigned from my elementary teaching position, my maternity leave would be just about over now. But since I did resign, there will be no tears shed this week about leaving Miracle and heading back to the classroom. 

However, I am still working. And I decided what better time to get back into it than now. That being said, today marked the start of the online college course I am teaching. I signed up to instruct a quick mini-semester course (only 8 wks) that is easy to grade (pass or fail).  It is a class teachers can take if they need to renew their current certificate. I only have 9 students enrolled, making this a total piece of cake. 

I also started working for a different virtual education company last week, where I tutor up to 6 students at a time through a web cam. So far I enjoy it. It is right up my alley in that I set my own schedule completely; I can teach 1 session a day, 10 sessions a day, or 0 sessions a day. Sessions are 45 minutes long, and the lesson plan is already done for me. All I have to do is make it come alive. I have been picking up night sessions so that hubby is home to watch the baby. After this week, I plan to try a few day sessions too, as my mom said she will watch baby boy. So back to work it is. Just in a new way. 

In other (not so good) news, both baby and I have been diagnosed with thrush. Ugh. I feel awful for him, although there was nothing I could do to prevent it. I just hate to see him uncomfortable. He is actually taking it like a champ overall, but my heart breaks seeing it. I know it could be much worse, but something like this makes me so thankful that he is healthy and thriving otherwise. He is almost 14 lbs now at 11 weeks old, and of his infant inserts have been put away. The newborn days are no more. I cant believe we have survived the first 3 months. We made it! 


12 thoughts on “Back to Work

  1. 3 months ?! Omg where has the time gone !! He’s seriously so precious!!

    That is awesome you get to work from home !! I would love to do that and keep looking but havnt found anything that matches my pay 😦

    Anytime kids are sick it’s awful!!! Sawyer thankfully has been sick 2 times in almost 2 years. One of them only lasted 24 hours (diarrhea and vomiting) and the other was a week (cough, diarrhea and vomiting) it breaks my heart everytime!!! When he was teething and miserable I actually told hubby I would rather him cut my arm off then have to see sawyer in pain anymore lol (than we discovered lavender oil on the gums and teething is a cake walk now !) He’s teething now, has 2 big guys coming in and a slight ear infection from the teething. I put colloidal silver (if you havnt looked into, …DO!!! it will literally cure a ear infection in 1 day with 1 drop!! It will zap diarrhea with 1 drop in a matter of hours!! It’s incredible !! And 100% all natural – I literally have friends that call and ask to “borrow” a drop for various issues lol) he will be good to go in the morning:)

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  2. I needed to read this tonight! We are pretty sure I will be leaving my teaching position to stay with the girls and it stresses me out! It is nice to know there are options and that there are other SAHMs out there since all of my mom friends work full time. How did you get into the online teaching?

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    • I started by applying for adjunct at the college where I got my bachelors degree! I emailed a few of my prior professors there & they helped get me in. Maybe you could do the same! Then I found a few other gigs on my own-check out VIPKID, and Itutorgroup. Hope one can work for u! Let me know if you have any other ?s…you are def not alone 😍


  3. Amazing, 3 months gone.. poof? Why the hell does it take so long to get the baby and then 3 months gone in a blink of an eye when they are there!

    I am sorry about thrush, hope you both feel better soon..
    And yay! for the teaching online job. Its wonderful you can choose your hours.

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