Night Caps

My body is slowly adjusting to the lack of sleep it is getting. I can survive (and still thrive with him) when I get at least 2 hour spans of sleep at a time. The problem comes into play when he sleeps for less time than that, or chooses not to sleep at all. 

The past 2 nights LO has decided to be up from pretty much after his first feeding on. So somewhere from around midnight on. This has happened before, probably starting a few weeks ago. He doesnt fall back asleep until the wee hours of the morning, like 5 or 6 a.m. Yes, he is literally awake all night long. 

And I dont get it. He was sleeping better when he was a month old than now at 2 months. Everywhere I read & everyone I talk to tells me the opposite is true of their babies. Goes to show I guess no two kids are the same hey? We havent had a 4 hr stretch of sleep in a month now. Sigh. 

Since hubby is working, I have been sleeping in a separate room with baby & letting him get his much needed rest. But last night I couldnt take it anymore, so around 2 am I woke him up. He happily offered to take LO for a few hours. I felt awful but I know I needed it. I slept from around 2 to 5, and felt so much better. Hubby informed me that baby stayed up the entire time. Another all nighter! 

You are probably wondering our bedtime routine. Well here goes. Around 8 pm I start to wind him down. This consists of a bath most nights, followed by a lavender massage every night. We then read a few stories to him and get him into his jammies. Note-we have tried dressing him in sleepers, onesies with socks on, various swaddles, sacks, etc. Around 9 pm, he feeds, which takes about an hour once he is burped and his diaper is changed. Once he is asleep, I lay him down in his snuggle nest on my bed with the lavender diffusing and a soft night light on. Usually start the sound machine as well. I forgot to mention he takes his paci to bed to help suck himself to sleep each night.

We have tried swaddling and not swaddling. When he is swaddled (either in a velcro one or with a blanket on our own), he tries relentlessly to break out. Usually succeeds and has an arm out by the first midnight feed. He tussles around and grunts in it and it ends up keeping me up. But on the other hand, when he is not swaddled, his Moro Reflex wakes him frequently. It is super strong still. It is really a catch 22. This morning, I ordered the Merlin Sleep Suit in hopes of getting at least 2 hr stretches of sleep again. Anyone have good experience with it? 

You might be wondering what LO is doing when he is up all night. The crazy part is he isnt even feeding a lot. He eats around 12 and then again around 3, and finally about 6. He is just cooing, and looking around, and as alert as can be. No crying. He appears to be stimulated really easy, like the fan and nightlight excite him a lot. I thought about shutting the night light, but then again I want to be able to see him. I am not ready to put him into a separate room, I prefer to follow the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations on SIDS prevention. The latest recommendation from them is that baby sleep in the same room in their own space for the first year. I am deadly afraid of SIDS and will do all I can to try and prevent it. That is another reason I havent completely thrown in the towel on BF (some studies say it lowers the risk, not sure if its true or not, but again I will do what I can in this dept to prevent). 

I know if he was in the other room I probably wouldnt hear all the shuffling around and what not since he isnt crying. But like I said, right now that isnt an option in my mind, even with a monitor and all that other fancy stuff. 

I am thinking this is just the way LO is wired for the time being, and there really isnt much I can do about it other than I already am. I do plan to try and limit his late afternoon naps a bit more moving forward, but its tough to keep a newborn awake when they want (and need) sleep. I mean there is only so much you can do with them! It would be different if he was able to sit, or play with toys. We see our ped this week, and it is on my list to bring up as we def arent getting the “suggested” amount of newborn sleep in a 24 hr period. We even fight our naps after pulling all nighters lol. 

Some things to note-

  • Mom doesnt drink any caffeine to keep baby up
  • The temp is turned down to a comfortable setting each night
  • No TVs or other forms of stimuli are around baby when he rests 

Anyone else have a stubborn sleeper? If I see one more post of these newborns who sleep 8 hr stretches I might lose my mind!  


22 thoughts on “Night Caps

  1. Ah the non-sleeping baby. My baby didn’t start sleeping long stretches (like more than 1-2 hours until 3.5 months, and it’s STILL a crapshoot at 4.5 months). So I feel ya. We tried literally everything and the only thing that worked was time. Grrrr. Honestly it’s so difficult and frustrating where everyone else’s babies sleep well and you feel so alone and that you are doing something wrong.

    Let me know what you think about the sleepsuit. I am thinking of getting that bc our baby can roll now so we have to sleep un-swaddled. We really liked the miracle blanket, she could not break out of that at all.

    We also used the snugglenest but it was hit or miss. I totally understand wanting to follow the APA guidelines and respect that! I’ve found that nursing in a side-lying position helps her stay asleep and when really out you can transfer to the snuggle nest. Also sleeping in the swing works. But both of those are against the APA guidelines but I just wanted to comment what works for us.

    Good luck and you are not alone with your non sleeper!!

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    • Oh my! Will we ever sleep again? Lol. U would think after all the crap we went through we could catch a break with some solid sleepers 😛
      I will def post about the suit and how he does. I havent heard of the miracle blanket, will have to check it out. Thanks for all the support dear 😍


  2. Awe, I’m sorry sleep is so hard to come by right now!! We have a mostly good sleeper, but at a very young age we learned that our bedtime routine simply needed to be a bottle and snuggle in a dark room. Books and baths just woke him up, so we fully avoid both a half hour before bedtime. We’ve actually had some people criticize us for not doing bedtime stories, but we probably read about 20 books to him every day during the day, so I really don’t think a lack of bedtime story will hurt him developmentally.
    Also we swore by the halo sleep sack. Nothing else worked for Baby MPB.
    Anyways, I hope you find sleep again soon!

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  3. Sawyer was up aaaaallll night too and i was dieing lol During the day he would wake and want to feed literally every 45 minutes it was crazy!!! What saved us, we tried everything you named too.. swaddle / no swaddle, tiring him our during the day / letting him make his own schedule, you name it! We finally put the swing in our room (i took was/ is deathly afraid of SIDS and i wouldnt let him out of my site!!! Hes 19 months now and i still watch him like a hawk! He sleeps in his room but i literally have 2 cameras and they are motion detected lol ) The swing saved us! We also get him redulary adjusted and that makes such a big difference with sleep, health and digestion 🙂 We got a swing we could control with our phone and that thing would rock him alllll night and he was good! The only time he woke was once when the power went out and i literally woke hubby up and make him get the generator to 1. keep sawyer rocking and 2. save my 300+ oz of hard pumped breast milk hahah By the time he made it outside and rummiaged thru the shed it came on and i just said ” oopps sorry” lol (literally dieing laughing thinking about that night!!!) Bath time helped us too some and deff good call with the lavender! Are you mixing the lavender oil with anything? We mixed with coconut oil. We always gave a big bottle before bed too to kind of “stuff” him i guess. It WILL get better promise!! Sawyer is 19 month now and he goes to bed around 730-8pm and i have ti pry him out of bed in the morning around 9am! lol Sometimes ive heard that the baby likes the smell or touch from mom and to put them to bed with the shirt you wore that day. He might just have attachments to his sweet mama and thats ok 🙂

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      • I saw some new thing today its a mamaroo that rocks them on their tummy and babies are sleeping like crazy lol I can send you the link if you want! i wish they had it when sawyer was born.

        Yeah trust me i used to be up at night just crying and crying and thinking figures this is how my life as a mom would play out but then hubby reminded me that we worked and worked for him, paid and paid for him, prayed and prayed for him and cried and cried for him!!! I had.. stress HAD lol tons of friends that all had these perfect kids and they had no clue what i was talking about when i said he crys all the time, hes cranky, doesnt sleep, feeds non-stop, breastfeeding is like GLASS coming out of your boobs. They all just did the “oh my kid was perfect and never cried”. I kept telling hubby its just US. He reminded me that PEOPLE LIE. People are not as RAW as i am. I tell the truth, even still… if sawyers being a butt i tell it like it is. im not one of those people that think my kid is a saint and some perfect angel lol. HES a BOY lol .. that says it right there. Hes talkative, too smart for his own good, messy.. whooooaaa messsssyyyyyyyyyyy and just slightly crazy.. but we made him and hes the perfect blend of us both! He looks like hubby to a T and acts like me to a T!

        Crazy thing is.. mark my words haha .. sawyer was up for months hour on hour and like your sweetie.. just up talking and hanging out and i prayed there would be a day he would just go to bed and i wouldnt have to spend 4 hours rocking him and put him down like hes a granade about to go off. Well that day came. Sawyer now meets me in the bathroom to brush his teeth and grabs his blanket and baby and goes to his room, shuts the door and lays down and goes to sleep. Hes only 19mo and hes still my BABY. I miss the days of rocking him to sleep, snuggling and loving on him.

        As a parent when you get your baby to finally go to sleep its a real sense of accomplishment and rich and i used to high five like we just won a championship game lol

        Your doing a GREAT job and this is just gods way of giving you more time to spend together ❤

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  4. Don’t worry, my second one is an all nighter guy too. He would wake himself up all the time and I spent nights rocking him and myself to sleep.Not all babies sleep wonderfully well, whoever said/wrote that, clearly didn’t meet my kids (or yours) 🙂
    One thing, during the day, do you give him enough sunlight exposure? You cannot do anything about the 3rd nap, if the kid wants to sleep then, he will sleep..
    Hang in there, it does get better. The plus point, you will be so used to it , the 4th month sleep regression wont affect you at all! :))

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    • Thanks so much for relating! Sometimes I feel like mine is the only one 😝 I do take him for daily walks (here in FL) but cover his face a bit since it is so sunny…perhaps I should let him be exposed a little more? Thanks for the tip!


  5. I feel like I tried everything you listed and it took my girls until this past week to sleep through the night or close to it. Most nights. They are 4 months and they are so difficult to put down… It can take hours! We did 2 months of sleeping in shifts and that just wasn’t going to work anymore. I finally caved and brought the rock n plays into the bedroom. They needed the elevated surface and sleep got better. I also do the rain setting on our sleep app and it not only helps them but it helps me not hear every little thing. Sounds like you are doing everything you can but I feel your pain! It can be brutal!!

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  6. Very few babies under 6 months sleep through, so dont worry about that. Its almost nonexistent. In fact, studies show more than hslf of babies still have night feeds at 9 months old? My 9 month old twins have two night feeds.

    Your problem, as you know, is your baby hasnt worked out the difference between night and day. Thats normal at 2 months as well. Aweful for you, but normal. It will pass soon. Within the month.

    We dealt with this with twins by having my husband care for the babies between 9 and midnight while i slept undisturbed. Earplugs if need be. Then he slep undisturbed and i took over till dawn. The 3 hours solid sleep at the start really helped me get through the night.

    Good luck. Its temporary.

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  7. I found even moving the baby across the room was helpful. Being right next to them alerted me to every coo and jerk or gurgle. When I moved my daughters bassinet about8 feet away it made a huge difference (not sure if your ready for that). But the 2 hour stretches turned to 3-4 hours. And we did do the crib at 13 weeks old that helped her go longer stretches (when your ready though, no need to rush!)

    We also did not do bath time before bed, it stimulated her rather than calming her.

    Good luck! It retrospect it’s such a short time span even though it sucks while your in it.

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  8. As you saw from my post yesterday, we love the magic sleep suit! Today was the first day that she fought naps at all. I’m really hoping she’s not getting the same stomach flu that the Justin and i dealt with. Justin got pretty hard with it and I just had a touch of it.

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  9. I eventually learnt to stop using the night light altogether and it made a real difference. Also might sound silly, but when I moved my son’s bed time forward an hour (to 7pm) his sleep cycles changed and he ended up sleeping for longer periods. Sleep deprivation is definitely one of the hardest things about having a new baby and it’s torture! It’s early days yet, you’ll get there. You and you baby will adapt. I’m due in a couple of weeks and am not looking forward to the inevitable sleepless nights ahead. The joys of motherhood hey 😳.

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