Being a Stay at Home Mom

So today I officially resigned from my position teaching 3rd grade. I am technically on a medical leave until May 1st, however I figured if I have no intentions of returning then I might as well resign now. Let my administrator find someone sooner than later to replace me permanently.  Im no longer receiving pay or benefits of any sort, so its not like I would be missing out in that department. 

Side note-I just posted about breastfeeding, and now I am posting about being a stay at home mom. Both hot topics amongst mothers I am quickly finding out. Insert sigh here. It would be nice if more moms supported each other instead of judging each other if you ask me but that is a whole other post-

Anyways, back to today…I decided to take LO with me up to my school to resign, might make things a little easier hey? Plus, I know all of my co-workers who have supported me on this journey really wanted to see him. Initially I was a little hesitant to take him to such a germ infested place, but then again I made a point to keep him away from any students and I took hand sanitizer with me to lather him up should anyone touch his hands without cleaning theirs first. He also kept his paci in his mouth so his hands could not go in it. 

It was great to see everyone & it made me feel human to get out of the house dressed and ready (not in a milk stained tank top with unbrushed teeth, just sayin).  This is one of my fears staying home, that I will miss the adult social time. Im sure I will, but after weighing out the pros and cons of it all, I am positive there is no place I would rather be than home with him his first few years. Thankfully my administrator was very supportive, and we left it hoping our paths cross again some day.  

Speaking of some day, I do eventually plan to go back to teaching. It is the perfect career to have once my little one is in school. I have always had a passion for it & am blessed to have made connections along the way that will hopefully help me back into the field down the road. As for now, I feel extremely grateful to my husband that I have the opportunity to stay home with our son. He is such an amazing husband and father who would do anything to provide for us. If you are reading this, I love you! 

While staying at home, I will continue teaching college courses online. My first one picks back up next month. I am not sure how ready I am for this, but will make it work. I want to contribute something, and every little bit helps. 

This morning when I pulled up my Timehop, I saw this image from exactly one year ago today-

Crazy how things change in a year. I deeply questioned then if I would ever be a mother here on Earth. Now my son is here in my arms as I type this. And who knows, this time next year we might be sitting here with our LAST little frostie in our arms as a family of 4 (well, 6 if you count the furbabies). Since I am staying home, we have decided that is part of the future plan. My RE wants us to wait until at least December 2017 to do the FET. We figure we will aim for a January or February transfer if all goes well. Hubby and I do not really see the sense in spacing out the FET much further than that. In all honesty, we are ready to completely close the “IVF” chapter of our lives out. We have spent about 5 years on it (that does not include TTC on our own).  If that little embryo is meant to come home with us, we will be thrilled. If it isnt, we will be beyond content with the miracle we have been given right here in front of us. We will not be doing another IVF cycle should that one fail. 

In the meantime, I have every intention of enjoying every moment here at home with my little rainbow 🌈💙

21 thoughts on “Being a Stay at Home Mom

  1. Yeah, certain topics are so fraught! I think as long as we just do what is right for us as individuals and recognise that the other mums are doing that too, even when they choose something different, it would be so much easier!!

    I will be a working mum, combo of needing the social aspect, where I am at in my career and financial situation. I have already had comments like “why did you have him only to throw him in daycare” but my friend who stays home gets the “you don’t really work” crap. Parenting is hard enough without rude people like that!

    Good on you for choosing what works for your family 🙂

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  2. I’m so glad you have the opportunity to stay at home! People can be so judgmental and it’s just none of their business. Congrats on this next chapter in your life!

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  3. Happy for you to have made this decision and also sorry that other people have been judging you on your decision. Just because something is right for them doesn’t make it right for you and vice versa. As long as you and your hubby are in agreement then everyone else should just accept it for what it is! So irritating lol. Do what makes you happy!!

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  4. I think it’s absolutely amazing that you made the leap to stay home!! I’m struggling to make that leap for one year and maybe more… good for you!!!

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  5. soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo proud of you for making this decision! I wish i was able to do that but we just couldn’t financially.

    Im with you 1 billliiiooonnn % on the whole moms need to support moms thing!!! My first 3 months with sawyer here i experienced soooo much mom bullying it was unreal!!! And hubby with dad bullying!!! We got so much to the point that we didnt want to hang out with anyone who had kids and avoided birthday parites, play dates and anything kid/parent related lol After fertility and wanting to be apart of the “parents club” soooo bad we learned quick its full of alot of judgmental people!

    I finally made a online group for moms called “Simply Moms Supporting Moms” with a friend of mine and i was shocked that in over a month we grew to 2k mommies who were just like us!! The groups description and motto is “Whatever YOU feel is BEST for your family is actually BEST and NO ONE.. literally NO ONE has any ground to tell you otherwise.” Im so blessed and thankful for this group and love seeing all the moms support and love one another! We have had chats about vaccines, breastfeeding, the cry it out method, car seat safety you name it and not one single fight. Those who dont agree and would have something negative to say just keep scrolling but those who can actually add to or benefit the conversation do.

    There are tons of mommy and me groups in our town if you ever need help and want to just get out and socialize let me know i can send you some links.

    Your truly doing a GREAT job and sweet boy looks just PERFECT!!!!!!! Always remember YOU are his mom and YOU know what is BEST for your baby. 🙂 I breastfed a year but would never shun another mom for her choice, a baby never died from formula. We are vaccine free but i support a moms right and choice to vaccinate if thats what she feels is best and healthiest for her family. Sawyer will be rear facing in his car seat until atleast 2-3 years old, we babywear like crazy but also practice the cry it out method and those 2 dont go together at all lol You have to do what feels right and being a mom ive learned its literally a new day EVERY DAY, you are always changing your ways, adjusting, re-evaluating and tweaking.

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  6. Girl, congratulations on becoming a SAHM! I am expecting my first and I feel as though being a working mom and a SAHM both come with challenges, but I can tell that you really loved your job as well.

    You’re a great mama — and I hope to also be SAHM someday! Cheers!

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