I mentioned baby boy had a tongue & lip tie in my previous post. Well, they are no more! We got them clipped today. We saw a local holisitic pediatrician and board certified LC who is known around town as the only one to do it before a baby is 6 months.  

The past week since trying EBF & quitting pumping has been difficult. Baby latches on and off during feeds, latches incorrectly, gums me, feeds constantly, etc. So today brings a sense of relief and a step forward for us. Before the procedure, I breastfeed for the doc to show her what we are experiencing with our feeds. She observed for a bit and then examined him only to confirm that he did indeed have both ties. She then explained the clipping to us which took longer than the actual action itself.  It literally took 30 seconds to do it. I cried more than he did I think. Immediately following the clipping he was put back on my breast to feed. I guess the breast is the medicine for all. 

He latched on well and stopped crying right away & he hasnt shown any signs of pain or discomfort since thankfully. I was told that is the norm since they are so young. I am feeding him as we speak and plan to do so as much as he needs, even for comfort today. So far so good with the latch. I also purchased a recommended supplement to increase my supply and my lovely mom made me 4 dozen delicious lactation cookies. We have a follow up next week & hope to have good news to report.

In other news, Isaac gained another lb since our last appointment! I am so grateful for this since we have had some feeding challenges. He now weighs 9 and 1/2 lbs. He is getting so big so quick! Almost all his newborn clothes have been outgrown now. 

I just realized this is the first post as a mom I have written in paragraph format. All of my posts since his birth have been list style, bringing me to my point…pregnancy brain is real, but mom brain is no joke. Its been hard to fathom compiling all my thoughts into something that could be easily read, so forgive me if this is jumbled. 

I had my postpartum visit the other day. All looks well and I have been released back to my “normal” activities (exercising, intercourse, bathing, etc.) I am excited to start stroller walking daily, in fact we already began as a family of 3 plus the 2 dogs. It was great and baby seems to sleep much better. He is also loving bathing in his 4 Moms tub. Up until he turned a month old we had been doing just sponge baths which he hated. When we put him in the tub he looked simply amazed. Perhaps a feeling of being back in the womb? Anyways, it has become a highlight of my day to see him so relaxed in there. 

We have been getting out a bit more, Isaac ate inside his first restaurant with our in laws who are visiting from Ohio. I have been avoiding a lot of indoor public places as it is flu season and I did not get a shot for it. He really loved looking all around and being so stimulated. I just love to watch him, we are so very blessed. 

I guess that is all for now, thinking of all you no matter where you are in your TTC journey. God Bless ❤️


8 thoughts on “Clipped

  1. I wish i would have snipped sawyers tongue tie but i was too scared 😦 Next baby, if he or she has it i will for sure do it! I could only pump and wanted to BF so bad! I wonder if you are going to the same Pediatrician we are.. Dr. P_ _g_r. Shes all holistic and a huuugeeeee LC and great with natural methods. Just some advice dont stress about sweet boy getting sick from others, you made the right choice not vaccinating (too many risks in my opinion). I protected sawyer in the beginning for the first 2-3 months and was a huge germaphobe and everyone told me that he was going to get really sick because i smothered him and they were right!!! As soon as he went to day care (a private in home sitter with 2 other kids) he was sick for like 3 months. Diarrhea here and there, a few vomiting spells, lots of coughs and runny noses and what not. It was ok though looking back on it. Its the WORST time of your life when you LO is sick, breaks my heart and my husband will tell you i cry EVERY TIME! lol But im proud that we always used natural methods, hes never had a pharmaceutical, toxin, vaccine, or OTC medication… nothing with a side effect lol And he is 18 MO now and knock on wood, 2 kids in his day care got the flu.. and sawyer didnt. Hand foot and mouth was going around.. he never got it. Every single day atleast one kid is sick with a cough, fever or something else and sawyer remains healthy. Sawyer has also never had any ear infections, eczema, or allergies which are very very common in kids who are vaccinated. He gets regular chiro adjustments and takes lots of daily vitamins 🙂 Sounds like your doing an awesome job im soooooooo haaaapppyyy for you guys, he seriously looks just PERFECT!!!!!!!! Your so lucky you get to stay home and stare at him all day!!!!

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    • Yes Dr Punger! We like her a lot so far. Dont feel bad, pumping is not easy just like BF is not. Both are super challenging! It was a tough call on the tie, but in the end I am glad we did it. Hopefully u wont have to worry about it next time around anyways!


  2. My daughter also has a lip and tongue tie. We are going in Thursday to have them fixed. Her latch is terrible and she is destroying my nipples with all the gumming and chewing, so I am hoping this helps. Hoping it also helps us eliminate the triple feeding situation we currently hvae going on. Have you been able to EBF since the TT/ULT were corrected? Curious if you had any challenges afterwards – I was told to possibly expect things to get worse before they get better which is discouraging!

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    • Hi friend! Well i didnt see *immediate* results with latching after he got it clipped (he was 5 wks old). I wouldnt say it got worse, more it just stayed the same for about a month. How are u getting it taken care of?
      Something no one told me but I ended up researching on my own was age. Some babies learn to latch better as they get to be 8 wks or so. This proved true for us. At 12 wks, he latches like a champ and it seems to come naturally. No more holding the boob or anything. He finds it and goes to work. So there is hope.
      Triple feeding is so exhausting. We JUST got to pumping and bf only. I feel for u. Especially after all our struggles! Sending love.


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