Rookie Mom Musings

Its hard to imagine my life now without our little IVF miracle in it. I am so grateful everyday that he is finally here. Sometimes I still dont believe it, sometimes I get scared and think about losing him (thanks to our past losses). 

Overall, things are going very well. Baby boy is almost a month old now. Boy, how time flies. Everyday is a learning experience, below are some things that have been happening so far-

  • Isaac has gained a pound since he was born! He is now 8 lbs, 11 oz. This is great news. Between the breastfeeding, pumping, & formula, I was not sure if he was gaining enough. Turns out he is right on track. 
  • Gripe Water and Mylicon are very helpful for infant gas. They have done wonders for our son in this department. 
  • The “witching hours” are a real thing. They happen nightly from about 7pm until midnight or so. 
  • I plan to start baby wearing in the next week if possible, probably after my post partum appt. and finding out all looks good with my c-section incision. He is at the stage now where he constantly wants to be held. We have both a Solly and an Ergo 360 to try out. 
  • The Moro Reflex that babies do is so cute. I am noticing he does it less and less as he gets older. Can we slow down time just a little bit?
  • Isaac likes both car and stroller rides so far, he just sleeps the whole time. Thank God! 
  • I have broken some of the after c-section recovery rules…for instance, I have been bathing since week 3 and was told not to until week 6. It is my saving grace after a long day. 
  • Baby boy has many nicknames-little burrito, stinkarooskie, and buddy to name a few. 
  • Newborn photography is NOT cheap. We met with our photographer and got to see all the photos she took, and I really have no clue how we will choose which package to purchase. We need to decide if we want to buy an album, digital files, or individual prints. As of now, I am pretty sure we are going with an album that includes about 25 photos (shown below) and a 17×26 canvas to hang in our formal dining room. My mom plans to purchase a couple digital files so we can always access them down the road. I really want to buy digital files as well, but financially its not feasible. 

  • Baby acne is not cute. Enough said here.
  • After getting the OK from our pediatrician, I had my first beer yesterday in about 11 months! It was greaaaaat.
  • My Blanqui post partum leggings are a lifesaver. They literally are all I have worn out of the house since giving birth. I also have a pair of Lula Roe’s, which I like for comfort, but the Blanqui’s def hold in the flab better. 
  • Just like our dogs have different barks, Isaac has different cries. We are starting to recognize which is which-hunger cry, tired cry, hold me cry, change me cry, etc. 
  • Isaac has a obvious tongue tie and lip tie which are affecting our feedings. I will post more about this soon as I am still processing it all myself. 

32 thoughts on “Rookie Mom Musings

  1. With the tongue/lip tie I would get it revised as soon as you can. It’s better to get it out of the way before he becomes too aware of the world around him. There, is of course, the added benefits of nursing going easier, less gas from taking in air, etc. Also, know that if you are leaning to not getting it revised their is a whole lot of things that COULD affect little man later on like speech difficulties. We did a laser revision from a pediatric dentist who is trained in them at 4 weeks and the difference in nursing from before and 3 weeks post op were amazing! We are still breastfeeding (9 months old) with no issues! Good luck! And he is so adorable!

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    • Totally agree. We held off because it was not a huge deal and he nursed like a champ. Well, we finally did it last month because now that he is 5 and in school it is starting to effect the way he reads and phonetically spells things. I wish we would have done it sooner.

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      • We got ours done at 4 weeks though some hospital do it right after delivery if it’s identified. You’re welcome! Yeah… the being able to nurse was a big favor but since I went though speech therapy myself (I have a tongue tie) I didn’t want him to have too as well.

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      • I had my son done at 3 weeks. The pediatrician said it’s not a big deal but my family doctor said it is and doesn’t understand why the specialists keep saying it’s not. He just clipped them with surgical scissors in the office. There was no crying or blood. Baby was not aware of it at all. I would recommend you do it asap!

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  2. It was barely noticiable. My ped said not a big deal and we even followed up with a ped. ENT and he said he would do it if we wanted it but it was not a big deal. We let it go and really didn’t think about it again until we were at the dentist this past summer and they mentioned it. We had some speech services at school and they are helping, but not as quickly as we would have liked. So, I got the # of another ENT and this one said the same as the first one, but this time we followed through and had it clipped. Because of his age ( 5 years) it was done as outpatient surgery under anesthesia. If I knew all this in the beginning we would have had it done when he was an infant when it could have been done in office and without anesthesia. Plus his speech and spelling would not suffer. PM me on fb if you have other questions.

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  3. I have had a tough journey with tongue tie revisions (we follow each other on insta btw- hello!) which you can read in my blog. Definitely get it seen to as soon as possible if you haven’t already. My sons grew back three times and we needed a cranial osteopath to help.

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  4. Great Pictures! We just bought the digital rights so I am trying to decide which to print…but we used some for Christmas cards and I plan to use others for their Baptism invitations. The witching hour (s) are brutal and we are suffering gas too! I haven’t tried Gripe Water yet…is it worth a shot? The drops aren’t touching the gas pains for one of the girls! It’s so funny to read your posts because we are in the same place with so many of the things you mentioned! Here’s to a great second month!

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    • I agree, totally going through lots of the same growing pains as you! If the Mylicon isnt working, I doubt the Gripe Water will 😞 maybe your ped can prescribe something? I hate watching him suffer from the gas! Poor babies.
      Thanks, we just love the pics. I just ordered birth announcements and cant wait to see them.


  5. My little McLovin had a bad case of infant acne too, started at about two weeks old. We wash his face once daily with Babyganics and it cleared up after a week and hasn’t recurred.
    When we got our photos done we bought the rights and can make prints wherever/whenever, which was good because we ended up ordering them for a much cheaper price elsewhere. But it was expensive to buy the rights too, so I guess either way you spend a pretty penny!
    And, agree about the Moro Reflex – I managed to get one on video on my phone and I’m glad I did because you’re right, it is so cute. These little nuggets are the best ❤

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  6. That’s really tough to choose your fave pics because they are all truly beautiful!

    Mylicon has really helped Aviana too! Actually she really likes the taste of it 😳 Gas sucks a lot in babies I hate hearing her in pain from it.

    High five for your first beer!m in a while! It must have tasted good! Someone told me to drink beer over wine because it helps with breast milk production. I wondered whether this was an old wives tale because beer is alcoholic and no health professional ever recommends alcohol! I think it has something to do with the yeast in the beer 🤔

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  7. We still haven’t gotten our newborn photos back but a friend of mine did them as a gift to us so I don’t feel right bugging her about it. Especially because I knew she was moving and then it was the holidays. I think I’ll send her a Christmas (yes, I still haven’t gotten them out yet)/Thank you card to kind of remind her that we haven’t seen them yet, lol.

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