The 4th Trimester 

Some observations and things to note as Isaac turns 2 weeks old tomorrow-

  • The site where my c-section incision was is still numb…I am wondering if I have permanent nerve damage or if this is normal? 
  • No one tells you how constipated you will be after a c-section. Sorry if TMI, but I mean seriously. I have had other surgeries and been behind, but this is like no other. Awful! 
  • I gained 40 lbs total while pregnant, dropped 20 lbs within the first week of delivering him, and am sure the remaining 20 will be much harder. 
  • Our baby boy sleeps for about 2-3 hours at a time between feedings and throughout the night. This is not bad from what I hear from other newborn parents. 
  • Although he sleeps “good” for a newborn, I am still feeling sleep deprived. I have decided that sleep deprivation is probably a form of torture somewhere in the world. 
  • Baby boy has been doing tummy time everyday and can already lift his head and turn it side to side. I cant believe how strong he is. 
  • I am still breastfeeding, pumping, and supplementing with formula. During our hospital stay, Isaac had low blood sugar and needed formula. I have continued to give him some each night, but I hope to wean him off it soon. 
  • I am pumping about 3-4 ounces total each session. I am hoping this increases with time??? 
  • Isaac hiccups a lot, and doesnt tend to burp much, the doctor said this is normal, but I am hoping it eases up and we can get some belches out of him soon. I purchased some Gripe Water and will give it to him soon if not. 
  • Dr. Brown’s bottles seem to be the best fit for our boy. So far we have also tried Avent, Tommee Tippee, & Playtex.
  • Baby boy has visited his pediatrician twice so far and is almost back to his birth weight. All else looks good. 
  • I do not want hubby to leave us this week and go back to work! It has been amazing having him home. Can we hit the lotto please?!?
  • Time is flying by. Part of me wants Isaac to grow because he is so fragile and I worry about things like SIDs. The other part of me cries even thinking about him growing so fast.
  • I have no clue if I could handle being pregnant again (we have 1 frostie left), and I am talking mentally, not physically.  Or maybe I mean both. It was extremely tough on me both ways. 
  • Isaac currently sleeps in his mamaRoo in our bedroom. They should call this thing a lifesaver! He did not like the Halo bassinest much. Thank God we got it second hand at a thrift store and didnt pay full price, as it has been converted to an additional changing table in our room. 
  • The dogs are adjusting well overall to baby’s arrival. If anything they are just curious and protective already. We included them both in our newborn photos we had taken. 
  • Isaac loves to pee (and poop occasionally) all over us as soon as we take off his diaper. He has ruined many outfits already.
  • The future of this blog is unknown. I will always be an infertile, but a new chapter of our lives has now begun, and it may be time to rest Surviving Infertility. 

32 thoughts on “The 4th Trimester 

  1. Congrats. Sleep sounds great. Its normal for the ceasar scar to be knumb for ages. Mine also took 12 weeks to heal complelty. It had one small bit that wouldn’t fully heal. 7 months on and its fine. Still a tiny bit of knumbness.

    You dont know me, and dont have to listen, but i have two pieces of advice regarding feeding – unless you need to for a strong medical reason, id stop pumping. Its not necessary, and creates more stress, and can produce oversupply. Just let the baby nurse and your body will produce the right amount of milk. Trust me, i learned this with breastfeeding twins.

    Regarding the formula, dont stress about it, my twins had one bottle of formula per night for the first 3 months so i could get some sleep while daddy looked after then from 9pm till 12. It was a genius idea and kept me sane and well rested. We don’t need to do it anymore.

    All the best.

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  2. I feel like I could have written some of this myself! Regarding the sleep deprivation and time flying, it seems these must be rites of passage for new parents. he was eating every three hours the first two weeks, but we’ve been able to gradually increase that – last night he went five hours between feedings from 11PM to 4AM and that’s the first time he’s gone so long. But then he tends to shorten times between feedings during the day. I’ll take it if it means a longer stretch of sleep at night! So yes, it will get better! The first two weeks were very trying but every time I looked down at him i knew we would get through it and he was worth it!
    We are also using the Dr. Browns, for one bottle feed a day. And I am breast feeding and pumping, as I am trying to build up reserves for my return to work in February. We’ve met twice with a LC at our pedi’s office and she told me to focus on freezing at least 4 oz./day for now, on top of his regular feedings. So we do a feed and then I pump right after.
    Much love to you all ❤ Happy new year.

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    • Good to know about how sleep improved after the first few weeks! I agree, either way it is all worth it especially after what we have been through. Thanks for the tip on how much to freeze, I havent met with a lactation specialist and had no clue!

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  3. Lovely to hear you are doing so well. How awful was the C-section? I have no option but to have one and I’m not super excited about it! How long before you could get up and do normal-ish things? You are now officially my hero having defeated the infertility monster and created a beautiful baby! xx

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    • I was so uspet initially that I needed one, but to be honest it was not that bad at all. The pain of vaginal labor was insane. Seriously. I totally underestimated it for sure. Looking back, I would opt for a c-section to begin with. Its quick and you get your baby in the end which is all that matters. The incision def hurts for a few days but the pain meds help a lot. I was up the next day at the hospital for a shower and to take care of baby. I cant drive, bend, bath, have sex, or exercise for 6 wks. When I overdo it, my body lets me know-my incision swells up and I bleed. The bleeding has pretty much subsided now that it has been 2 wks. though.

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      • That is the best/most helpful/most real feedback on a c-section I’ve ever received. Thanks for sharing! You make it seem a little better than I had been thinking in my mind. Did they give you any support bands or similar to wear to help with your recovery? Not sure you’re meant to get a bleeding incision. Ouchy!!

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      • Youre welcome! I should have said the bleeding was vaginal…I did not have any bleeding from my incision or any leakage (have heard some do). I was surprised that I would bleed even though I had a section. I guess it is the uterus contracting back to normal size from what I learned. My incision was sealed with staples which were removed 4 days after (it didnt hurt and I thought it would, actually felt relief from the tightness of them). They covered the incision with a bandage initially and then after the staples removed another bandage for 2 wks. They did not give any tummy support things which I have seen at babies r us and such!

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      • Ohhh! Ok, yeah I’ve heard vaginal bleeding is minimal after a c-section. Good reason to take it easier then! It sounds like you’re doing really great and also yay to have a baby!! You’re a warrior!

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  4. So glad to hear there has been a happy end to your journey! I hope you enjoy this precious time with your newborn. Remember you’re only 2 weeks in… who knows how you will feel about going down this road again in the future, plus hormones can have such an impact on what we think and feel. All the best for the future, what ever you decide 🙂

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  5. Our girls are struggling with the Halo bassinets as well! They sleep like champs in their Rock n’ Plays but the doctors advised against sleeping there overnight because it is not a flat surface and has padding. I wish I felt better about sleeping them where they rest best but they want us to keep trying the flat surface bassinets, Did your pediatrician say anything about sleeping in the Mama roo? We have one of those too… sleep deprivation is brutal here too but it has to get better soon right?

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    • I wonder what it is about the Halo babies dont like?! I think it has something to do with it being in the air like it is. My ped also recomended flat surface, so we have adjusted the MamaRoo to make it almost flat lol. Lately we have been using the snuggle nest which is totally flat. Heres to hoping we sleep soon!


  6. First off serrrioouusslllyyy congrats again!! i seriously love reading how in love you are!

    You sound like you have this all handled and are rocking mommy hood!

    Gripe water… we wouldn’t have survived without it!!! Sawyer was horrible at burping and a old Jamaican man told my husband about it one day and we were HOOKED! Getting him adjusted by a chiro is always a life saver too, especially after a c-section since their little spines dont get to come down the birth canal and the positions they are in in the womb for 10 months. Sawyer was adjusted at 3 days old and what a difference its make in his health and well being we think.

    Congrats on the weight loss! breast feeding is amazing and youll be amazed! i am skinner now then before i got prego thanks to it!

    Way to go on the tummy time!! We didnt start it till about 2 months 😦 !!!! Sawyer was a little behind because of it but i felt back because he hattteddd it !!

    I get 1 billion % about the feelings on another baby!! We did a cycle in Oct-Nov (with a totally different office, i picked one closer for convenience.. little did i know i would learn my lesson)and that ended in heartbreak and we are suppose to start again Jan 9th with you know who in Jupiter and i literally have chest pain, a whole body rash and cant sleep the closer we get. Its comforting atleast being with her and her staff again but my heart just cant take this anymore. Hubby said he understands if i cant mentally do it.. im sooo beyond blessed and thankful to have Sawyer and i literally still burst into tears sometimes when i just look at hi, because i dont think it will ever sink in that hes MINE, that i made him, i carried him and prayed for him and wanted.. HIM.

    Please let me know if you need help pumping or breastfeeding! i literally started a online mommy group that has grown to over 4k mommies from all over the world and i have helped HUNDREDS increase their supply and feed well past the 1 year mark 🙂

    Tips i always give people:

    Take fenugreek and milk thistle. (All natural supplements) they will literally increase your milk to the point of extreme leakage!!

    Every time you pump make sure you replenish double. If you pump 4oz make sure you drink 8oz. That was always hubbys job was to make sure i had a bottle of water while pumping or feeding

    FOOD.. sooo important! Quinoa, oatmeal, oats, and lots of fruits and veggies alone have been proven to increase your milk.

    Pumping schedule:
    You deff have to make one and follow it! Your body was not meant to “pump” for a baby but to breasfeedababy. However our bodies dont know the difference. Everytime you feed or pump it tells your brain and body that it needs to replenish the supply. The more frequently that your body feeds or pumps the more milk you will make. It truly is one of gods miracles how our bodies always make enough milk! What seems to work if your able to is to pump every 2-2 1/2 hours during the day and every 4 or so at night so you get sleep 🙂

    Also be sure to always pump AFTER you feed! Exhausting i know right but i always got 3-4 oz after that i was able to save but just pumping after he would feed for an HOUR!

    Power pumping! This is the good stuff! Try to power pump once a day! Its a great way to boost your supply or pump ALOT! You pump for 10 minutes then stop for 10 and repeat this 5 times. I usually did this when sawyer napped. I put on a great show, grabbed a banana or oat bar and a bottle of water and i was a milk making MACHINE!!!!!

    Using your pump correctly! Many people dont know you have a LET DOWN button on the pump. When you first start you pump is going really fast.. almost priming you. Once you have a “let down” where milk is flowing constantly the pump usually automatically after a few minutes switches and starts pulling harder and slower. The let down button allows you to control it. I always pumped MINIMUM of 20 minutes and would wait for atleast 3 let downs. After my milks stopped flowing i would push the let down button to go back to priming mode then once i had a let down again i hit the button and we were off. I have literally helped mommies in Australia and London and Hawaii with just how to use their pump and have received pictures of freezers full of milk with big thank yous lol !

    Be sure to label what time you pumped the milk on the bags! The milk in the morning is looooadddeedd with nutrients and the milk at night is typically thicker and called dessert milk in the BFing world. I always gave night milk that i pumped at night or if i needed to get a few things done because it typically would but sawyer RIGHT OUT!!

    Warm cloths and massage! Massaging your breasts and using warm cloths can help circulation and help the milk flow easier, its also a great way to unclog any ducts!

    Keep up the amazing work!!! So happy for you guys! Just always remember YOU are his mother and YOU know best! No one.. literally no one has any grounds to argue that ! ❤ !

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  7. My little one also has issues with reflux! The dr brown bottles were by far the best bottles for her! she hiccups a lot and burp time is NOT fun time. I’m pretty jealous of that sleep schedule you’ve got going! Lol She doesn’t want to sleep through the night consistently just yet. Also, how frequently are you pumping? Baby girl was in the NICU so she got used to those nipples and just will not latch so I’m pumping and using formula. My supply is terrible! I can get maybe 3 ounces every six hours regardless of how often I pump.

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    • Oh I juat hate the reflux! Poor babies. Dont be too jealous of the sleep, it has changed as soon as he turned 2 wks! He is eating every 1 1/2-2 hrs now, must be a growth spurt or something lol. I am pumping about every 3 hrs. I am hoping my supply increases soon!

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