Hospital Bag

Id like to pack a hospital bag within the next month, and would love suggestions of what to bring from you all! So far, I have seen some of these items on different lists —

  • Nightlight
  • Rolling pin (seriously has anyone ever used one of these???)
  • Essential oils/diffuser
  • Stress ball 
  • Nursing pads
  • Breastpump
  • Pillows
  • Lip balm
  • Circumcision receipt
  • Stamp and baby book for footprints
  • Sports bra 
  • Music 
  • Birth plan 
  • Snacks 
  • Coming home outfits
  • Phone charger

Of course, items likely vary from vaginal to ceasarean delivery. We dont know which we will have yet, so please advise of both!  Ive also heard of having a separate his/her bag. Anyone do that? Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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  1. Wow…. I’m really slacking. lol. DH has already been talking about wanting to pack my bag, but I haven’t given it much thought.

    One thing to think about (something I need to figure out too) will you be able to use outlets? Or will things need to be battery operated? I’m trying to decide for myself a diffuser to buy and I recall our instructor talking about heating pads vs rice packs and use of outlets, however I don’t recall what the verdict was! LOL.

    Another thing I have been slacking on: Cord blood kits. Is this something you guys have talked about? Either banking for Isaac’s own use or donating. If you plan on either one, you will need to know before hand and have the kit with you at the hospital. The kit is free if you plan to donate it, which is what I think we will do rather than just tossing it.

    I’m thinking music (which is probably on your phone already, plus there is always Pandora!) Movies, books…. oh, and slippers!!! The hospital will only give you the socks with the rubber pieces on the bottom.

    I will add more if I think of things… and maybe I will actually start packing my bag too!

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    • I asked the nurse at our labor & delivery class at the hospital about plug access in the rooms and she said she didnt know! I would think she should know this lol as I agree its important for some items. My diffuser is a plug in.
      We looked into cord blood, and in all honesty if we hadnt spent so damn much on IVF we were going to do it. In the end, we just cant swing it financially for now when u throw in costs of baby life insurance (going with Gerber) and newborn pics (ouch these are expensive!) maybe we will consider donating as you said though. Always an option. Good luck pcking your bag…we are getting so close now!!!

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  2. Snacks and drinks, especially for hubby. Tucks pads and your favorite brand of sanitary pads…the hospital ones suck and the tucks are a godsend. Comfy clothes for yourself after delivery (that are loose). Nursing tank tops or tops that come off easily for breastfeeding. A pillow you love for comfort. Shampoo/conditioner. And I second comfy slippers!

    You won’t need a breast pump as the hospital can provide it for you while you’re there…less stuff to carry!

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  3. Ok so everyone is different but I can share what worked for me when I delivered my twins in June.

    I found that in general less is more. Most stuff I packed I never used and I stayed in the hospital for five days. Of course different hospitals have different stuff but mine had pretty much everything I needed. I packed a bunch of clothes but pretty much stayed in my hospital nightgown. I also brought these cute little slippers but ended up using the hospital socks (they were warm and comfy and wouldn’t come off when I went to sleep). The hospital also provided all toiletries so I didn’t use any that I brought.

    The most important things I brought was a phone charger and an empty bag. I used the empty bag to take home tons of hospital stuff. Don’t be shy about asking for stuff. Before I left I asked for extra diapers, wipes, rash cream, a thermometer, and baby blankets for the twins. They even gave me a few of those little snap on infant shirts even though I didn’t ask for them. They are great and make changing a diaper so much easier! For me I got extra mesh underwear (this especially helped since I had a c section but I think anyone who just had a baby would appreciate them), pads, and a perri bottle. The bottle is usually used for tears after a vaginal birth but I got good use out of it. Plus the warm water is soothing.

    Good luck mama!!

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  4. Husband and I packed separate bags which was way easier in my opinion. I had planned to have a drug free vaginal delivery but ended up with an emergency c-section and didn’t really pack anything to be prepared for that.

    Things I was so happy I packed:
    My own large/comfy underwear
    Essential oil roller ball and room spray
    My own gatorade, mints, hard candy and snacks
    Dry shampoo and a headwrap/headband to hold my hair back
    My own shampoo, face wash and body wash. The first shower was even more amazing with my own stuff.
    Anything cute you want to take a pic of baby with (we had a Disney Birthday pin and sharpie to write his birthday on for an announcement photo)
    An eye mask (seems dramatic but husband used it both nights)
    Mini mirror- if have a c-section and can’t get out of bed you may want to fix your makeup : )
    Mouthwash- again if you can’t get out of bed right away you may want an option to freshen up

    I also made sure I talked hubby through what I packed and where it was. I used clear plastic cosmetic bags for alot of my toiletries and personal items so he could find them which ended up being a good thing since I couldn’t get out of bed or bend down due to the c-section.

    Hope you are feeling great!

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  5. I’m not as far along as you so potentially stupid question… but do you need to pack things for the baby like blanket and a baby grow and teddy? Also big one that you missed – camera!! (Unless u are planning to use phone). Interested to see what everyone else adds.

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  6. Take an eye/sleep mask. If you’re planning to breastfeed you’ll be getting up every 2-3 hours and when your nurses come in to check your vitals all night long, they just come in and turn on all the lights. You still have to get up but it’s a little less shocking to your system.

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  7. Definitely have separate bags. One for you, which comes into the hospital. Once for him that stays in the car, and the babys bag, which also stays in the car. You dont need it straight away.

    Im confused about why you would take a sports bra (i just took two nursing bras) or rolling pin. But heres what i took and used:
    My bag – breast pads and breast pump (though hospitals also have these), maternity pads or night pads, cheap black underwear, pjs and one reapectable but comfortable outfit for when visitors come, slippers and light dressing gown (dark colour), a few light snacks, socks, singlets, ipad and phone and chargers.

    Baby – a few outfit changes, nappies, wipes, properly fitted car seats and newborn inserts (we forgot the newborn inserts and had to go home to get them! Newborn babies cant go straight into capsules without the inserts.)

    I wouldnt bother taking the foootprint kit to the hospital personally. We just did all that when we got home.

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    • I think the hospital meant a nursing bra that mimics a sports bra fit (one of those comfy ones)…Im just guessing though, and I did ask the nurse about the rolling pin as I was puzzled on that one! I guess its for back labor (old school!). Thank you for all of your suggestions!!


  8. I didn’t read all of the comments so apologies of I repeat anything.
    I don’t know about a rolling pin but i heard two tennis balls stuffed in a tube sock works well for massage during labor (no first hand experience – scheduled c-section).
    For me the must haves were nursing tank tops, maternity yoga pants, my own pillow, my own giant water bottle and a mini fan (it was July and I run hot – that fan saved my life. It was just enough air on my face without hitting the baby and making her cold). My experience with plugging things in was that there were plenty of plugs but not many that were accessible from my bed. So anything that I needed to be able to reach while it was plugged in, like my fan, kind of got in the way (by this i mean the cord blocked where the nurses needed to walk).
    I also packed two bags, one of stuff I knew I would need and one of stuff it would make me feel better to have just in case. The second bag stayed in the car and I would just send Mr. ABC out to the car to get what I needed as I needed it. This worked out pretty well for us. Oh and I also brought my own breast pump bc I wanted the lactation consultant to show me how to use it. This ended up being very important bc there was a problem with one of the pieces (even though it was brand new) and i wasn’t getting good suction and she knew how to fix it.

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