Diary of a Pregnant Woman, Vol. 1

Dont let the fancy name fool you, really just some more ramblings! 

Sometimes I feel like a bad mom already. Few reasons why-

  • I take hot baths, not scolding or anything, but hotter than I prolly should I guess 
  • I lay on my back sometimes instead of my side 
  • I let my emotions get the best of me, a.k.a. Crying for no apparent reason, hence bringing the baby stress he doesnt need 

Hopefully you will make me feel better about my behaviors not worse. Lol.

We are 23 weeks today, really close to our goal of viability next week. Thus, I ordered an “I believe we will be bringing our baby home” token…the owlet. Praying this will give us some peace of mind once our little miracle Isaac is here.

If you dont know about it, you can read about it here http://www.owletcare.com/ basically it monitors the baby’s oxygen and heartrate as they sleep. Its the same technology used in many hospital NICUs. 

I also had to invest in some maternity wear for myself this week. I bought both maternity underwear and bras. My pre-pregnancy bra size was a 34B and it is now a 38C. Wowzers!! These things are out of control. Needless to say, I couldnt take it anymore squeezed into those old bras, with the red marks and indents in my skin appearing when I took them off. 

Yesterday was the first day I could actually see baby kicking when I looked down at my stomach. I have been feeling him on & off, but hadnt seen my stomach move yet. It was really weird to see for the first time but Im sure I will get quite used to it. In fact, it didnt happen today & I already missed it. I do wish hubby could have seen it with me for the first time but he was at work. 

Speaking of hubby…any of my infertile or loss friends that are preggo also celebrating celibacy during pregnancy? Either by your own fears or doctors orders? Ours has been a combo of both, since APRIL (embryo transfer). Thankfully we are both on the same page with it. Sorry if TMI, but Im sure there are plenty other bloggers in a similar boat out there. 

This weekend we are starting on the closet system in the nursery. This is a pic off Pinterest of what we hope to achieve.

Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend!! 

39 thoughts on “Diary of a Pregnant Woman, Vol. 1

  1. Totally would have bought that monitor if I knew it existed when my daughter was born. I thought she would not wake up every night for the first 4 months.

    Oh and celibacy was basically our life. Maybe once a month because I felt bad, he never pushed or asked. At the end we did more to induce labor. Didn’t work.

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  2. Wow I can’t believe you are so close to viability! That’s so exciting. That owl thing is cute. Owl is one of my favorite animals. haha. The bra size increase is so alarming! Since I won’t get pregnant this time round, I think my husband feels like he’s missing out on the effect of pregnancy on the chest area. But at least he doesn’t need to practice celibacy. 😀

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  3. Yay for viability! Also, don’t worry about stress too much 🙂 babies can handle small amounts of everyday stress and as long as you relax afterwards (baths and showers are perfect for that) it actually teaches your baby how to react to stress through relaxation etc.

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  4. Yeah I am also on the celibacy band wagon…the contractions are unreal and it just freaks me out so much.

    I also cry a lot…hormones…

    One week until your milestone! Congrats! Must be so exciting to be so close. But little baby Isaac…stay inside for much longer! Hugs.

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  5. I have the angel care and snuza monitors which are in the same vein as the owlet – worth every penny! They are tied with my k’tan breeze for best baby purchase.
    Also, I am drooling over that closet!
    I laid on my back during pregnancy up until it got uncomfortable around 30 weeks. And we weren’t celibate during the entire pregnancy but definitely early on and after that pretty much as infrequently as we could tolerate. Totally normal!

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  6. Yep. Celibacy over here too. We’re just too freaked out. It’s not worth the worry in the long run. It’s not always easy, but hey, none of this is.

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  7. I took hot showers. Scolding hot. It was winter and I was always cold. I justified it bc my mental state was relaxed and it had to be better than my anxiety. We had a Snuza and it saved my postpartum anxiety stage!!

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  8. Yep, been on pelvic rest since 16 weeks (now going on 37 weeks). It sucks but 1) Drs orders and 2) the bleeding that would surely follow would cause a lot more misery and worry than I’m ready to deal with (luckily my hubby is on board too… Well, as much as he can be 😉 )

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  9. We have not been celebrating celibacy. Not to say that we have been extremely active, but not celibate. I am not really worried about it – my husband worries more than I do. But I haven’t been on pelvic rest or bed rest and haven’t experienced any pain or discomfort so I’m just going with it! It is a little awkward with a baby bump but whatever!
    As for sleeping, I fall asleep on my side and inevitably wake up on my back at some point – even with my body pillow. You’re doing the best you can and as long as it isn’t terribly uncomfortable for you or causing you pain then I think you shouldn’t beat yourself up. It’s hard to follow all the rules 24/7. We’re only human!!!

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  10. A week away from your goal – so exciting. I had to take a breath thinking about squeezing one size into the other… yikes! Enjoy the new bras and new breathing room 🙂

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  11. We totally didn’t most of both my pregnancies. Aside from nerves we had done it so much trying for the 5 years before I think we both needed a break!! We did it but it was few and far between. There is no right or wrong way. no one has walked in your shoes and as long as you and hubby are in agreement nothing and no one else matters!! Xoxo

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  12. We tried the owelet and it kept falling off or loosening and it would freak you out it became more of a worry and headache, hence why sawyer stayed in my room till 8 months! Lol

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  13. I feel like we are on the same page! I too have been having too hot showers, lying on my back… And we aren’t quite celibate but we may as well be! I think we are possibly too scared and also got out of the habit during IVF (when I felt like ****). I don’t really feel amazingly sexy as I sort of feel fat. And before 12 weeks we were being all worried. So we’ve done the deed a couple of times but aren’t really rushing to do it! I am hoping that is normal!

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  14. You’re doing great! I do those three things all the time! I lay on my back, I take hot baths until I sweat and feel overheated (oops, but so cozy!), and I have crying sessions. I even took nyquil (cold medicine with alcohol in it) *gasp.* So far so good. I think babies can handle a little bit of mom’s antics.

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