A Change of Heart 

Since we have been pregnant I have been on the fence about if I want to do a maternity photo shoot or not. Its kind of odd because I love pictures, and have never been shy of a camera. In the past, I even dreamed of the day I could do a bump shoot. 

We take bump pics every week (in the privacy of our home), and have documented our infertility and pregnancy loss journey through photos closely on our Instagram account over the years. But still, something about the whole professional maternity shoot idea wasnt settling well with me all of a sudden. Hard to explain, but I think it triggered some sort of anxiety deep within my soul? 

I dont know what changed, but I am back on board with getting the photos done. I realize I may never have the chance again, and I want to embrace it while I can. So, I scheduled our session today and also ordered my outfit. I will be about 30 weeks for the shoot, and Im hoping it will work out that Im not too big or too small, but instead just right!

We were able to choose the location, and we decided on the beach for a sunset session. This is the polar opposite of our last shoot, which we did last year in the winter with snow falling in the background. I have included one below..

I feel like the difference in these two settings willcertainly align with the moods of the times in our lives. The beach should yield a much more carefree and airy mood, whereas the barren woods…well, need I say more? It was very solemn for us, and rightfully so. 

Anyways, I wont divulge too much about the details, but I will say I ordered my outfit off of a site called Sew Trendy Accessories. Im really excited for it to arrive! Its definitely only a one time wear, but its just beautiful. Hubby will be in some of the photos too, in which we will both be barefoot. 

Im undecided on my hair, I wanted to wear a floral crown but hubby & my mom both say no! They are trying to convince me to be more natural like the outfit is. That means Id have to do my hair though, and that is a problem. The extent of me doing my hair is straightening it. B-o-r-i-n-g! I suppose I will have my nails done, as our shower is just a few weeks before the shoot and I thought about doing them for that. 

In other news, we wont be doing an out of town babymoon. We hoped to, but between my pregnancy being high risk and me not working, it isnt feasible. Instead, we are going to do a few special date days/nights around where we live. A benefit to living in South Florida is that there are many places within driving distance that we dont need to stay overnight! Until next time…

12 thoughts on “A Change of Heart 

  1. I am all for maternity shoot. I am happy that you are doing one. I have always wanted to do one. Now that I am not trying to carry our child, I have been feeling a little sad about not getting one done. A friend suggested that I could still get one done, it’s just going to be different from what I had anticipated since I won’t have a bump. Anyhow, I hope that yours turn out to be great!

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    • Thank you!
      Perhaps you could do a session with some lovely belly shots? I love those ones with the hands on the belly, that might be perfect for you. Im sure its hard to digest some of the different aspects of surrogacy. When we almost went that way, it was tough for me at times. But i love the idea of u still doing some type of special shoot!


  2. Gorgeous. I love the shoot you did – so beautiful to document your children and the ages they would be. I am also glad you are getting a maternity shoot! I wasn’t sure how I felt abut one and then I waited too long. I think 3 weeks will be perfect. Enjoy!!!

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  3. I’m so glad you decided to do a maternity shoot! I remember you had mixed feelings about it when I wrote that we decided to do one. I really think you deserve to celebrate and feel special, even if only for one day, after all that you’ve been through to get to this point. And it’s not like you have to share them with anyone. I think we’ll pick one we really like and put it up in the baby’s room – a “first family photo” of sorts. And the beach will be perfect! Can’t wait to see them 🙂

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  4. I love that you’re doing this maternity shoot! And the beach setting sounds perfect. I sometimes think about what will I want if I get pregnant again and far enough… I’ll probably not have a baby shower, but a maternity shoot I’d still like to have. Can’t wait to see the result of yours!

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