Ramblings Part 2

I figure why not continue the tangents for a bit, hey?

  • We had our hospital tour today! Hubby & I went out to breakfast beforehand and my nerves were really acting up. So much that I didnt really want to eat, but I did. I have no clue why the anxiety set in, because I really was excited for the tour. He helped me work through it though and I was good by the time we arrived. The tour catered mostly to vaginal delivery procedures, we couldnt even see the OR room for c-sections because it is so sterile. Although I am hoping to do a vaginal delivery, I was curious of how things look if it doesnt play out that way. I did speak up and ask a few questions and the nurse was helpful in answering them. We learned about admittance, the different rooms we will be in, visitor policies, what to bring, the NICU, lactation consultants, circumcision, cord cutting, etc. 
  • We have narrowed our choice for a pediatrician down to 2. I eliminated one of the 3 practices we were looking at for the simple reason that they wanted to charge me to meet the doctor for a prenatal consult. Um, no. Now the decision comes down to do we want a small office with just one doctor, or a large practice with rotating doctors and nurse practioners? 
  • We signed up for two classes-one is infant safety, and the other is prep for labor & delivery. The infant safety course meets 2 times and the l & d class 4 times. I am excited to learn more at the classes. We also plan to take a CPR class closer to the birth with my immediate family. I did attend an informative breastfeeding class already, and I am hoping all goes as planned in that department. 
  • I had my cervix check at 22 weeks and I am thankful to report that it is still long (close to 4) and closed. Baby boy weighs over a pound now and is growing as he should. There are some pics of him below! A few people said they see my resemblance in him already, but I cant see it. I did get scared during the ultrasound because the tech informed me that I was having a Braxton Hicks contraction. Well, at first she just said “contraction” and showed me it on the screen. She informed me they are totally normal, which I had already read plenty of times, but still. Id like to keep the word contraction out of my vocab as long as possible. She was having a hard time looking at my placenta due to the contractions and it took some time before they stopped finally. Placenta was fine. When I came home, I drank a bunch of water and gatorade and took a warm bath and realized my stomach started to relax. I didnt even notice how tight it had been until she pointed out the BH. I think I was a little dehydrated and it could have brought it on. When the OB called to go over my results, he assured me that with real contractions they increase in intensity and the cervix shortens…so, in other words..stop worrying!! Any ladies want to share about their BH contractions? Ever get them when dehydrated? 

  • In my last post I mentioned the Tdap vaccine. Turns out hubby got the booster a few years back so he is all good there. Honestly he was my main concern. He is in & out of so many places with work and he coughs a lot to begin with. Now that I know he is vaccinated, I feel much better. I dont believe I will get vaxxed for it when I am still pregnant, if anything I will get it at the hospital afterwards. The peditricians we like so far said they will also do it for us and our immediate family at their office, so thats an option too. We will see. Thanks for all the input on this shot! 
  • Im not sleeping well this week. I cant get comfy and wake up around 3 everynight and stay up. It sucks. I want to sleep on my stomach or back, and obviously I cant do either. I got one of those wedge pillows early on, but its not cutting it anymore. Im going to need some sort of body pillow, and I dont like the snoogle. I tried it and returned it. It was just too big for me, and the neck piece was uncomfy. I have a special pillow I use for my neck and I would like to continue with it. Most of the pregnancy pillows I see have a neck piece attached unfortunately. 
  • We are hanging the shelves in the nursery this weekend since hubby took off. Im excited to put some decor on it after! Hope everyone enjoys theit weekend! 

22 thoughts on “Ramblings Part 2

  1. Congrats on the great hospital orientation and the good ultrasound! Wanted to say I was informed I was having BH contractions at one of my ultrasounds too. Had no idea, but they never progressed and I went full term. Try not to worry about them, but if you feel them, just try to do what you did and rest and drink water. It’s just your body’s way of preparing for labor which is a great thing! Yay!

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  2. It won’t help for night time sleep, but take a relaxing trip to the beach (early morning or late afternoon out of the heat) dig a shallow hole, cover with the towel and lay down on your belly. Ahhhh!! My last few months pregnant I did this because I missed lying on my stomach so bad!!

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  3. Hi Angela- just my 2 cents regarding the pediatrician. I have had both- a practice with just one dr and a practice with several. I spent many years with the office that only had 1 dr- and I really loved him- I loved the fact that he knew me and my kids- the office was small- the staff knew us- always made us feel very welcome- and I feel like the dr really knew my kids and their conditions. The downside was that the office was a bit further from my house- and the office did not have standard weekend hours. If you needed an appt on the weekend, you had to pay extra- and it wasn’t easy because the office was closed- so I had to wait for the dr to call me back and then tell me when he could meet me at his office. Not convenient. But I dealt with this for many years because I loved him. Anyway, just over a year now, Christian got sick during Christmas break. Called the dr’s office- and the recording said that they were closed until after the new year. I was so upset. This was not the first time that one of my kids was sick when the office was closed because the dr was away on vacation- and he did not have anyone come in and take his patients- so I had to take the kids to a walk in clinic- which I absolutely hated. So, after much consideration, I switched my kids to a practice where they have several drs and are open 7 days a week. Although I am still trying to establish a relationship with this office, I am very happy about this decision. I don’t have to worry about what I’m going to do if the kids get sick on a weekend or when the dr is on vacation. The office is always open and I can always see someone without a big ordeal. As with every choice that we make for our children, it has to be what works best for you and your family. I just wanted to let you know that I have experienced both and although both have pros and cons, the biggest con for me was when the small office was closed and I had no choice but to go to a walk in. Most times, the walk in did not give the right medicine, my kids were still in pain and I then had to wait for my dr’s office to reopen. When your child is in pain, you can’t wait. So that’s my 2 cents for what it’s worth. good luck my friend!

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  4. They go to Pediatric Associates – St Lucie West office. When I was considering making the switch from my original dr, I got lots of feedback from other moms. Many recommended this office- in particular, Dr. Sonenblum. One of my friends who has a son with severe allergies has been going to this office since her child was a baby- and he is 16 now. We mainly see Dr. Sonenblum but I have seen others when he is not working. The other thing that I love about this office is that they have their own lab right on premises. So when my kids need blood work, they do it right there. With my original dr, they did not have this option. I had to go to an outside lab. It is a busy office no doubt about it- much busier than my original dr. But all of the doctors I have seen have been wonderful- warm bedside manner and very knowledgeable. It was scary making the move from the dr who I had been with forever but the last time Christian got sick and his office was closed for 2 weeks, I just had no other choice but to explore my options. hope that helps!


  5. I assume people would already have told you this so forgive me, but the reason you get the vaccine in pregnancy is to protect the baby. The baby has about 6 weeks of immunity if you get the vaccine, until they are old enough to get their own vaccines. If you dont get it in pregnancy your baby is unprotected in the first six weeks. So unless you intend to have no visitors and be housebound, your baby will be put at unnecessary risk. In Canberra all pregnant women get the vaccine for free.

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    • No problem! Yes, I was aware of that. Thankfully, I do plan to be homebound for the first several months, and we will have our immediate families get the shot.We have not made any decisions yet on friends visiting early on.


  6. I get tons of Braxton hicks contractions. They really freaked me out for awhile but now I’m just used to them. Apparently with my uterine anomaly they are way more common. I find drinking tons of water, laying on my side (either side) and resting when they act up really helps. If I can fall asleep that’s the best cure! It also helps to put a pillow between my legs and one under my bump to support it. I’ve been monitored several times now and I even have contractions register that I can’t feel. That being said, if you’re ever nervous, just go get checked out for peace of mind. Better safe than sorry.

    Glad everything is still going well! Hugs.

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  7. Oh what a little love!! He is so beautiful! We really thought Ross looked like Kyle during the 3D ultrasound but now think his features are more mine. I’ve looked back at those pictures recently and they seem so much more clear now that I know all his mannerisms and whatnot. I don’t know if that makes sense, but it seems even crazier to see him so small and yet still so distinct. He looks like himself, just without the chubby cheeks I love to kiss so much now! 🙂

    I, too, was surprised how soon the contractions start (and how often!). Apparently you can even have more of them because of weather related events– storms and stuff. I knew about BH and false labor before, but never knew that contractions are actually kind of commonplace. When we visited Elle last year for Thanksgiving we were at 32 weeks and she had them all day and night it seemed. It was so strange how hard her stomach would get with them and sometimes we couldn’t even feel the baby kick from the outside during them. She had me feel her stomach before, during, and after them so I could see what it was like, and it happened so often that by the time we left a few days later I could sometimes tell when she was having one just by the way her belly looked– much more round and firm. They never caused any problems, but I did wonder how it must feel for the baby to be “squeezed” like that. I guess they get used to it. 🙂

    So happy that things are going well and you are making these important and exciting decisions!

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