Warning: totally all-over-the-place post ahead. 

Some things I have noticed lately:

  1. I brush my teeth now being pregnant more than I ever have in my life. Its almost like an obsession. I cannot stand eating and not brushing after. Anyone else go through this?
  2. My upper buttocks is still entirely numb. I guess after injecting it intramuscularly for 4 months this should not be a surprise. I did some reading & saw that it can actually take up to a year for the feelings to return. Wow.
  3. I am having somewhat of a hard time (mentally) not returning back to work this week. Its my first back to school in 7 years I have missed. I have been trying to stay busy in the nursery, and also prepping for the online course I teach at the college which starts next week. I think one of the hardest parts so far has not being able to share my day over dinner with hubby after he shares his. Also, not contributing financially bothers me a bit. Thank God for short term disability!

Here are a few pics of what we have accomplished so far in baby Isaac’s room-

Forgive me if I posted these photos on here already, I know I did on IG and FB, but dont recall if I did on here or not. Preggo brain. 

Something exciting happened this week…hubby felt baby kick for the first time!! I have been feeling movement now on a daily basis, although its random and some days much more than others, I love it. When I want to feel him and havent in awhile, I have my better half put his hand on my belly. I think its amazing that I can try to get him to kick for hours and it doesnt work, but within seconds of hubby’s hand, BAM! There it is. So cute!

Question for my readers who have a baby (you all have been giving great advice lately!)- who got the TDAP vaccine in your inner circle? I have some friends who had all of their immediate family members be vaccinated (anyone around infant on frequent basis) and this is what I am seeing most pediatricians and doctors recommend. Then I know some others who did not get the vaccine and did not have anyone in their immediate circle get it either. They just waited until baby could be vaccinated for this a few months after birth. I am curious as to what has worked for many of you. Also, did you or any other adult vaccinated experience any side effects from it? Remember, we are talking TDAP, not the flu. Lol.

***Please note: This is NOT by any means a vaccine debate! If you do not believe in TDAP, I respect that, but I am currently only looking for experiences of who got it and when. Thank you for understanding! 

In other news, this week is my last cervix check at 22 weeks!!! After this one, I have another ultra at 25 weeks, but its not specifically for cervical length. They will still check it, but I will officially be out of the cerclage window since I will be viable. Viable..we are getting so close. Still praying everyday…

42 thoughts on “Ramblings 

  1. – I was obsessed with brushing my teeth when pregnant and have no idea why.

    – It took until after baby was born for my numbness from the PIO shots to go away. I was worried I would never go back to normal but I eventually did.

    – None of us got the TDAP and we were all ok and my husband is a fire fighter/paramedic who is exposed to everything. (baby eventually did, not sure when though as we had him on a delayed shot schedule due to a combo or personal preference and a vaccine shortage)

    – We have the fleece whale blanket and LOVE it. Its one of my favorites ever.

    Keep feeling good!

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  2. Hey Ang! I love hearing all about your journey and so excited for both you and Shane. I did get the TDAP vaccine. My parents then got the flu shot. Drew was supposed to but never had time due working all the flipping time. His parents didn’t either. Stella has been very healthy and has not been sick other than teething symptoms… But my mom and Drews mom watch her during the week. I did get another babysitter just one day a week that watches other kids her age and I’m expecting her to get sicker more often😬 But I hear she will need this to build her immune system. I still don’t like it… Let me know if you need anything. Love you

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  3. My husband got updated TDaP yesterday, and I plan to get it when my doctor recommends and we are both getting flu shot when available. I’ve also told my mother, stepfather and grandmother that they need to be up to date as well. Haven’t addressed it yet with others, but I plan on telling my MIL/FIL, all of the rest of our grandparents and my father and brother at the very least. I’m not as concerned with our own aunts/uncles. We are also debating whether or not we will be bringing him to visit with people over the holidays – he won’t even be two months old yet, and obviously there will be larger crowds at family get togethers for Christmas and New Years. I’m seriously conaidering just staying home and having immediate family come visit us. We’ll see – maybe I’ll just wear him in a carrier or wrap everywhere so people will be less inclined to get up in our faces and touch him lol.

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    • That would be tough with the holiday gatherings…The wrap is a great idea though lol. Thankfully our little guy will be so little (like a few days, assuming he comes when he is supposed to and no sooner!) even at Christmas that we dont have to deal with holiday gatherings.
      Okay, good to know about the TDAP. We have some decisions to make. Thanks for sharing!


      • It’s fortuitous that this came up last night, because I had a regularly scheduled OB appointment today and she brought up this topic. She also gave me a little handout from the ACOG on it. They recommend all pregnant women get the vaccine between 27 – 36 weeks, so I am getting it at my next appointment (I’ll be 29 weeks.) She also said any “caregivers” get it – so anyone who will be spending a lot of time with him – obviously my husband (covered) and if anyone is going to be staying with us or watching him to help us out during the first few weeks. She said any caregivers should get it at least 2 weeks before meeting the baby so that it has enough time to kick in. She also recommended flu shots when the time comes – they aren’t available yet obviously.
        She also asked if we had made decisions about circumcision – which we have not, as my husband and I have discussed it and have different opinions on it right now. She gave me some more information on that too.

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      • The good news is I just called our local doc and he checked when hubby had the Tdap last & it was within a few years. So that takes off worrying about him at least! Now i need to decide if I want to get it pregnant or not.
        Ahh, circumcision. Tough one. I let hubby make the call on it bc he has the same parts, ha. Not that thats a good enough reason, but it helped me let it go mentally.

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    • I’m debating the same thing, since little boy will be only a couple of weeks old, I don’t think I want to take him to the huge family gatherings and just have immediate family come over as well. He will just be so young, and there will be tons of little kids there (and they seem to all love passing around sicknesses together, lol) and it’s during cold and flu season. I am just not looking forward to the complaints from B’s family about this decision. Mine has already agreed to it.

      Good luck!

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      • My mother was of course very understanding and said she would come to our house to cook for us on Christmas, but I too am worried about how my husband’s family will take it. We rotate going to Christmas Eve Mass with them, and this is their year for Mass, and I’m just not willing to take him to a church full of people so he can be shown off and ogled where there will be lots of people and kids around, and they always have a gathering afterwards as well. My husband doesn’t seem too concerned with missing it, but I think his mother will feel differently lol.

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      • Honestly… I had a little worry about ruffling their feathers too, but in the end my responsibility is to my baby and not their feelings! My approach has been – it’s recommended by my doctor, and I’d much rather deal with their “ruffled feathers” than with an infant catching whooping cough, and if that upsets them then so be it!!! 🙂

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  4. You look great and I love the room!

    As for the TDAP, I would like everyone who is around the baby to get it, although I’ll settle for them just having had it within the past 3 years or so. There are usually no signs of pertussis infection in adults so better safe than sorry. I just got my booster today…ouch!

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      • Yup, it’s recommended by the CDC to get it and I’m all about protecting my little one from whooping cough. I don’t plan on getting the flu shot until after I deliver, though (but I deliver in October which is before full fledged flu season). If your wary of getting the shots while pregnant, you can just make sure to have them ordered for you and given prior to discharge from your delivery!!

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  5. We had all of my immediate family get it. Just those people who would be around the babies the most frequently. No side effects reported by anyone when getting it!

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  6. I love the color scheme in his room!!! It is so beautiful! I am 25 weeks and we had painted the room a year ago, and just did the floors a month ago… and that’s it… I feel like I am slacking so bad! LOL

    No answers on the TDAP. I am making everyone get it that wants to be around the baby. I had one a few years ago, B did too. My mom and stepdad got theirs. It may be worth even having people look at their records or ask their doctor, there is a chance they may have already got it and don’t realize it. It is an alternate to the TD (tetanus/diptheria) shot that everyone is supposed to get every 10 years anyway… so some may have been given a TDAP instead and never would have even known the difference.

    Good luck!

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  7. You look great and so does the baby’s room! Great job! I also was obsessed with brushing my teeth…no way pregnancy was going to give me teeth issues! Also, I got the Tdap vaccine…I didn’t think much about it – just did it. I also get flu shots and travel abroad some and always get the recommended shots. Otherwise I am pretty organic with food and medicines, though, so there is my two cents!

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  8. Oh, I I guess I misunderstood Tdap question. I guess I haven’t requested others to get any shots but I definitely understand why you would. Go with your gut! You won’t be happy if he gets sick and you know it’s because you didn’t make people get shots! 🙂

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  9. Not trying to be the negative Nancy in the group but I just see it to often. Especially having a blood disorder. Please, PLEASE just do some research on vaccines while pregnant and for your baby. There is tons and tons of research supporting that people with blood disorders or autoimmune conditions are 87% higher of having a reaction.

    The tdap vaccine contains 13 strands of cancer and I have a friend who is fertile mertile, had the perfect pregnancy and delivered a still born 16 days after the shot (she was 27 weeks pregnant)


    Just do some research on it. This is one decision you can’t take back is all I’m saying.

    I didnt go thru as much fertility as you but none the less I still went thru it and the game of Russian roulette just wasn’t worth it to us.

    Whopping cough is EXTREMELY treatable with pharmaceuticals or even naturally with essential oils, probiotics and building the babies immune system.

    Debated about not even posting because I know you don’t want a debate so I decided not to post statistics and facts but just wanted to encourage you to do research 🙂

    Just remember you are this sweet boys mommy and whatever YOU decide for him is what is BEST and no one has grounds to argue with that!

    Alooooottttt of people don’t agree with how I parent (breastfed, didn’t have solid food till 7 months and ofcourse it’s all natural..no wheat gluten soy or dairy, non vaxxed, cloth diapers, all natural products nooooo Johnson and Johnsons toxic crap, baby wearing, never had a med in his life(we have cured diaper rashes, stomach bugs, ear infections, fevers, teething and colds all naturally) , lots of vitamins, probiotics and essential oils) but this is what works for us! 🙂 and at the end of the day that is what matters.

    Like I said your mommy and you know BEST!

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      • That’s all you can do girl !!

        We’ve had the talk before..I just wanted to be apart of the “parents club” sooooooooooo bad then when we finally did we learned parents are mean, judgemental and down right ruthless!

        I just learned thru it all that hubby and I are Sawyers father and WE know BEST!

        Let me know if you ever need any help with anything! I actually, because of the mom bullying I experienced made a private Facebook group and in a few months it grew to almost 1.5k moms!!! It’s a natural parenting group but the best thing is its no drama, no bullying and no judgement! I’ve received and have been able to help tons of mommy’s with pumping, breastfeeding (I increased my milk so much I only pumped for 4 months but sawyer had milk for a year) and other natural methods 🙂 it’s just been a huge blessing! It’s easy to feel alone as parents when everyone is judging you.


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