A Cliffhanger

My OB just rang to let us know that our AFP test came back negative.  For those who dont know, this test measures for an elevated protein in the blood that indicates Spina Bifida. The Panorama test that ruled out trisomies earlier in our pregnancy did not test for this. So, of course, this is fantastic news! 

In other great news, my Medela In-Style Advanced Double Electric breast pump has arrived, free of charge thanks to my insurance. It was quite easy to apply for the pump. All I had to do was go to Medela’s site and enter my and my docs info. From my understanding, under the Affordable Care Act, most should qualify for a free pump. It is def worth checking out since pumps are so darn expensive nowadays. *Note-there is no income verfication for this. 


I have failed to add this piece into my last few posts. So here goes… Low back pain takes the cake. Its awful! Are there any ladies out there that can recommend a back brace/support for this?? I plan to ask my MFM at my next appointment, and if he cant assist, I may make an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon to see what he says. My scoliosis and herniated discs are not helping this situation Im sure. Things like the pool and stretching do relieve some pressure but I think I need more. 

Pregnancy brain is going strong. Usually math is my strong suit, and lately I have noticed my computation is quite off. I even forget things like what month or year it is. Crazy, I know. I have also been experiencing some “brain zaps” which I attribute to going off my Lexapro (generalized anxiety disorder medication). I hadnt advertised here that I was ever on Lexapro, but cat out of the bag, after our last loss occurred back in the spring of 2015 it was what was best for me.  I never mentioned it because some people tend to judge, especially those who have not experienced true anxiety or panic.  Anyways, I started weaning off of it this pregnancy at 12 weeks, and was completely done by 16 weeks. I knew prior to being pregnant this time that I wanted to be on it through at least the first trimester, but off of it before my 3rd trimester, as it *can* be associated with pre-term labor, poor lung development, withdrawls for baby, etc. Needless to say, I have been off for about 2 weeks now and almost all of my withdrawls are gone except for the odd brain zaps here & there. Id try to explain these zaps, but I dont know how. Anyone who has gone off of a medication probably knows what I mean. 

Being on the Lexapro/going off the Lexapro was a really tough decision, but we had the opinions of many doctors, close friends, and family to help us. In the beginning, the benefits outweighed the risks (and we thank God everyday that baby has proven to be healthy despite being on it), but the further along we get, the risks outweigh the benefits. U fortunately, I can definitely tell that my anxiety has come back since off of it, but it is manageable and I will survive. 

Other than preggo brain, anxiety, and backaches, Id say my only other symptoms would be difficulty sleeping at night and excessive hunger. Im used to sleeping on my stomach which is becoming harder by the day. Although none of these are anything to complain about…All worth it for baby boy! 

This week my mom and I are meeting with the cake lady to finalize the baby shower cake. I dont want to say too much about the cake, Id rather it be a surprise.  Speaking of surprises, we are about 98% sure of miracles first name! Picking baby names is tough, and boy names are even tougher. Throw in being a teacher and having had a student in your class with every name and you are screwed. Lol. We are really just debating middle names more than anything at this point. 

I do have some other major news to report (nothing to worry about), but it wont come until later in the week or next week. Ill leave you all in suspense until then…

21 thoughts on “A Cliffhanger

  1. ooooh exciting suspense!
    Sorry to hear about the backache, that really sucks.
    Well done on making tough decisions regarding the anxiety meds. In all honesty it’s nobody’s business apart from you & your doctor’s. Absolutely no judgement from me, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do to get through it xx

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  2. My mom is on Lexapro and it works for her. I am on anxiety meds which help me. Nothing to be ashamed about. I know of a chiropractor that helped my daughter Meghan while she was pregnant with Kaitlyn. Meg’s has scoliosis and was experiencing lower back pain. PM me if you want the name and make sure it’s alright with all your doctor’s. She doesn’t twist or turn you at all. I see her personally. She uses an activator device. When I was pregnant with my Meghan I wore maternity girdle. That helped me.

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  3. I know all about brain zaps! I read about them when I was weaning off prozac but nothing can really describe it. I hope it doesn’t last too much longer. Mine lasted for a few weeks.
    Glad everything is going well (aside from the backache) xx

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  4. People should not judge mother’s for looking after themselves in pregnancy. The risks associated with these medications are very reasonable, and not taking them means neglecting yourself. More than anything your baby needs a happy healthy mother.

    I took meds when I needed to in pregnancy. My twins are healthy and thriving.

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  5. I love reading your blogs and I’m so happy for you! I understand all too well about ur back pain; I have 2metal rods from top to bottom and the pain was worse w each pregnancy; no epidural for me bc of them; all cold turkey 😬 As for anxiety meds; definitely no judgement here; I suffer as well just refuse meds but thinking I will have too. U do what u need to do & forget what others think or say! I’m so glad and happy for u and ur family; ur miracle will soon arrive happy and healthy! 🙏👶🏼🍼

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    • Thanks Yanet! I love hearing from you. Im sorry u struggle with anxiety too, it is the worst. I went back and forth about the meds for awhile too, but let me tell u, they ended up being a lifechanger for me (in a good way). If u ever have any questions, let me know!


  6. I have been experiencing lower back/hip pain too, and I bought a Snoogle total body pillow. It is helping me fall asleep faster (I was tossing and turning a lot to get comfortable, because I too am a stomach sleeper) and it is relieving the hip pain. But, I don’t have scoliosis or herniated discs so I don’t know if it would help in that situation too. But I hope your doctor is able to shed some light on what may help you.
    And, a cliffhanger! Haha I love/hate the suspense! I’m one of those people who sometimes sneaks to read the last page of a book when I can’t handle waiting to find out what happens lol. A bad habit, I know. I hope it is all good news!

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  7. Glad your second trimester screening came back negative! I’m glad you are doing what is right for you regarding medications. This is a stressful time and you are doing exactly what you need to do to be the best mommy ever!

    Looking forward to finding out about the cliffhanger in a couple of weeks!

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  8. I’m so happy all tests came back negative and low risk! I’m sorry to hear you’re still fighting with anxiety, but I can really understand with everything you’ve been through. Wishing you less back pain and a smooth pregnancy. Can’t wait to hear about the cliffhanger..!

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  9. It’s wonderful to hear all of your recent positive news! I agree with those above, don’t let other judge you, do what you need to do to stay healthy and happy.
    You have my mind racing with ideas of what the new news might be…?

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