ER Visit 

I started feeling some pressure down there on & off this past week. After a few days of it, I phoned the on-call service at my OB’s office. My main fear was that my cervix could be shortening, even though it measured over 4 at my last ultra. The on call doctor referred me to the ER (I hate the ER). 

We ended up at the ER where my practice delivers soon after. The doc there (not part of their practice) did an internal exam and an abdominal ultra. He said my cervix “felt” closed and that baby was actively moving around with a good heartbeat. However, he said he could not get an accurate measurement of my cervical length there…in fact, his exact words were, “they always do it wrong here.” Real comforting to hear about the hospital right?

Anyways, he called the on-call doc at my OB practice and she said I should come in the next day when they open for an accurate measurement. Which, I might add, is what I wanted to do in the first place, but she freaked me out over the phone and encouraged me to go to the ER. Frustrating! 

I called my OB’s early the next day as instructed, and informed the receptionist of what was going on. She tried to tell me they didnt have any openings and would need to send me to the hospital. Um, no! I requested a nurse call me back. After an hour, still no call, I called again. A different receptionist said they were working on it and would call me back. At this point, I was irritated. How do they know how serious my situation is? I think some urgency would be nice. 

Around lunchtime, a nurse finally called me back and said they could get me in that afternoon for a cervical measurement scan. I asked if I would get to speak to someone about the results while I was there. She said no, someone would just call with the results, but that if things were bad, they wouldnt let me leave. Okay, whatever. 

The technician was sweet. She started with an abdominal ultra and I proceeded to tell her that these are not as accurate with cervical measurements. Why do I feel like I need to constantly tell medical personnel what is needed or not? So she said she would do an internal for the length. Thankfully, the cervical length was still over 4, & baby was alive & well. I think he was pretty annoyed (I cant blame him at this point) and wouldnt even look at the camera. 

I figured I was in the clear, until I got a call from the nurse this morning. She asked me if I knew that I have complete placenta previa? Um, no. Well, I do. She said it could be related to the pressure I am feeling down there. She recommended pelvic rest, and modified bed rest. Yep, back to the bed I go! I had a few weeks off from it at least.

I asked her the most important question of all-will this cause me to miscarry? Of course, I would have liked a solid “no” it will not. Instead I got, “nothings guaranteed, but most women who follow the instructions given go on to have successul pregnancies.” From my own research since, it appears that an early diagnosis such as mine is better than a late one. Some other points-

  • A c-section is a must (already was happening from my fibroid removal) 
  • I could experience painless bleeding at anytime
  • This could resolve on its own, as my uterus grows, the placenta could move up with baby 
  • If it doesnt resolve, hemmorage during birth is a major concern

I will be getting monitored weekly now instead of bi-weekly. I am thankful everyday for this pregnancy, but honestly cannot wait until December. I have set a smaller goal of getting to 24 weeks, or viability, since December seems so far off. Only 9 more weeks until then. I can do it. 

Please share with me your success stories with complete placenta previa. Thank you! 

19 thoughts on “ER Visit 

  1. I am so glad that you and your baby are ok that you found out early on about your placenta. Glad you are on weekly check ups and that your cervix is nice and long. Heather Huhman (who does the Beat Infertility podcasts) went through so many issues, I think many similar to you, and she delivered a healthy girl a few months ago (after multiple losses). You can do this. It’s such a tough journey but as you say one step at a time. As always, I am thinking of you and your precious baby boy. Best wishes xxx

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  2. Ok universe, GIVE THIS GIRL A BREAK!!! Seriously. I personally did not have placenta previa, but I have several friends that have and they’ve all resolved on their own! I think you have the right idea by setting small goals. That was the only thing that got me through. And you will get through. Xo.

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  3. I am 37.5 weeks pregnant now and I had a form of placenta previa found at 20 weeks…by 24 weeks the placenta had moved up and fixed itself! I had multiple people in my life tell me theirs did the same when I was worried and just found out. I blogged about it a few months ago if you are interested in reading, but I took it easy for a month and then I was good to go. Since yours was caught so early and is complete, be patient because it might take some time to migrate, but have faith! In most cases it does get better! This turned out to be one of the better problems I have had with pregnancy since it went away! Good luck and stay positive. Worst case is likely just a c section which it sounds like you are preparing for anyway.

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  4. I love your smaller goals, it makes everything seem so much quicker. I desperately hope the placenta previa clears up on its own and doesnt cause any problems when you deliver in many more months. Sending love, best wishes and copious amounts of hope!!!

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  5. I was originally misdiagnosed with placenta previa and my OB was not too worried at all. She said it usually just takes some time for the placenta to migrate / move up, and to be cautious / careful in the meantime. I hope your’s clears quick, and I am glad everything else looks good 🙂

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  6. It’s always something right? I often miss my RE’s office just because they seemed to take things more seriously and get you in asap if anything was feeling off. Small goals are good…I’m doing the same thing and we aren’t too far from 24 weeks!

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  7. I was diagnosed with placenta previa at 15 weeks and still have it now at 31 weeks. Modified bed rest does not mean full bed rest; it means you should sit as much as possible and avoid standing or walking for long periods of time. I’ve had no problems with it (though it can cause bleeding), and I’ve stuck to the modified bed rest restriction since I was diagnosed. I’m scheduled for a c-section at 38 weeks. For me, it hasn’t been all that scary, and I’ve been told that when I feel that “pressure,” I should take it easy, drink water, lay on my left side. It’s only a concern if there’s bleeding, so rest easy as long as there isn’t that!

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  8. My cousin’s wife had partial placenta previa for the entirety of her first pregnancy. She was on pelvic rest and had to have a C-section, but her son is now 5 🙂

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  9. Glad you and baby are doing ok. It can be so maddening to know something needs to be checked urgently and not being taken seriously by the medical professionals. Keep celebrating the milestones – every day is magic. Sending prayers!

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  10. I read your title before opening the full message and my heart dropped to the floor, you poor women! I’m glad you pushed to get in to see your OB (I would of have been furious)! I was so happy to hear your little man is still going strong and that they did find out what the issue was and put you on modified bedrest.. does floating in the pool count as bedrest? Hoping your pregnancy is less uneventful from here on out.

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  11. So glad everything is okay. It’s great that you’re being monitored so closely. I’m following with interest – if I ever get to your stage, I’m told that I’ll be considered high risk and will have regular cervix measurements. It’s reassuring to know how well you’re being looked after! Take care!!

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  12. Just listen to their instructions 100%, if they say bed rest and only minor walking around the house then that’s what you do until December, I promise it’s worth every tiny second !!! Your bringing this sweet boy home in your arms – promise! Praying hard for you! I have a friend who had it and had to bed rest her 2nd and 3rd trimester and had a c-section 3 weeks early but her baby was perfectly healthy and is bouncing off the walls now and will be 1 this August 6th!

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  13. Oh my goodness what a scary experience! Pelvic pressure is super uncomfortable and scares me when I get it as well. This may be TMI but mine tends to be related to constipation and I’ve also had it with both of my yeast infections. You’re not the only one concerned as I’ve been to L&D twice and an urgent appt once. I’m so glad you’re not scared to go in for extra checks and concerns. So sorry about the placenta previa! You just can’t catch a break. Please know I am always thinking positive thoughts for you! Hugs.

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  14. Angela I really think you and I are so similar – I had the exact same at 16 weeks. You will be glad to hear there is hope – at 32 weeks my placenta (quite large) is now moved… but we had a horrendous bleed, very scary, like you I thought it was it. Big hugs, stay hopeful and whilst its easy to say (but not to do) try to avoid the anxiety xxx

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  15. I had complete placenta previa from 14 weeks to 35 weeks when it resolved. I still had a c-section because both my twins were breech, but I never had bleeding. I just followed the directions about modified bed rest and had a very healthy pregnancy.

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