First MFM Appt & More

We had our first appointment with the high risk doc this week. For the first time in awhile, I wasnt nervous going into the appointment (thanks to my doppler). In fact, my blood pressure was actually in normal range when taken. This is unusual for me. At my RE’s office, they learned to take it at the end of my appointments, after my scans, when my anxiety was gone. This time I had it taken before our ultrasound…celebrate the small steps!

The MFM office was very different than what we are used to. The office was packed, with row like, uncomfortable seating. There were loud kids and kids toys everywhere. Complete opposite of a fertility clinic. At our RE’s office, there were nice, comfy chairs and it was quite peaceful. We also had to wait over an hour, something else we arent accustomed to either. Despite the differences, we stayed open-minded and had a good visit overall.

One thing we both really liked was the huge flatscreen hanging on the wall in the ultrasound room. We didnt have this at our old clinic, and its nice to not strain to see baby on the little computer screen attached to the machine. We also had an abdominal ultra which was reassuring that we are moving along in this pregnancy. I coulnt believe how big our boy has gotten since we saw him last! 

The ultrasound tech kept commenting on how active he was. He was kicking away, although I cant feel any of it yet.  Last time we had a scan, it was tough to make out the facial profile but we can actually see hubby’s resemblence in the pic above. Simply amazing! 

After our scan, we met with the mid-wife (next time I will see the doc) and she reviewed our history and the scan. Thankfully, all looked perfect on the scan. Even though we did the Panorama already and it was low-risk, they still did the NT test and it came back negative too. Ill be going to my OB in 2 weeks and then back to MFM 2 weeks after that. Basically, appointments every 2 wks to measure my cervix. Speaking of my cervix, it was long (just over 4 cm) and closed. Thank God! 

I am 14 weeks today (officially out of the first trimester by all pregnancy calendars out there!!) and my new concern has become my cervix shortening. I had the LEEP done back in 2004, along with lots of other surgeries that put me at a slightly higher risk of it happening, such as d & c’s. I know plenty of women who had the LEEP and have been fine, but my mind sometimes goes down the path of negativity. A late term loss seems unimaginable and devastating. I am praying with the team of doctors I have we will catch anything that could occur right away. 

In other news, we put up a new fan in the nursery this week (thanks mom!). I really loved it because it has bead board blades and we are going with a whale theme which is somewhat beachy like the bead board. 

We also got the paint for the walls. This weekend we are tearing out the carpet and small baseboards in there so we can paint it. I cant wait! It’s also hubby’s bday tomorrow so we have a busy weekend ahead of us. 

Any symptoms? 

Weight gain! I couldnt believe it when I got weighed at the doctor this week. Im okay with it, just surprised. Ive already put on close to 10 lbs lol. Headaches on and off. Moodiness here & there. Lower backaches lately. I have pretty severe scoliosis to begin with (I wore a back brace for yrs as a kid), and a herniated disc, so I knew this was likely to be a problem during pregnancy. Hubby has been massaging me, and I have been icing it as needed. I still havent taken a hot bath or shower, which is what I miss more than anything right now. 

I ordered a few onesies off etsy and I must share them with you…

You cannot find things like this in stores so its well worth it. We also became FB official with our pregnancy this past week. A happy, but scary move for us. 

The pic included our due date, a shout out to our clinic, and one of our fav bible verses, 1 Samuel 1:27. 

When discussing my symptoms, I failed to mention my pregnancy brain as of lately (gee imagine that!). It has been bad, luckily Im not working right now bc I have been forgetting everything. That being said, I think there was more I wanted to say here, but it has slipped my mind.

29 thoughts on “First MFM Appt & More

  1. So glad for all the good news!

    Pretty sure we have the same MFM office and why it was such a “culture shock” from Dr. M’s they really are great. They made all the right calls for our little guy and got him here safely despite all our previous and ongoing issues.

    Hope you get to meet the midwife we met with must of the time (when we didn’t see the doctor). Her name was Cassandra and I loved her.

    Hope everything continues smoothly!

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  2. Great news! So glad to hear it was a good visit. We haven’t had those issues with our MFM appointments (we are seen for MFM at a local hospital) but I can imagine it would be frustrating if you aren’t used to it or are anxious for your appointment. I’m sorry it was so different for you and the wait was so long.
    When I questioned my cervix (because I have had multiple D&E’s but no LEEP) my doctor reassured me by reminding me that I took the cervix softening medicine prior to the procedure to prevent damage, and had laminaria inserted for one of them which also prevents damage, and that in general it’s very safe. I’m sure you heard the same and it must have been good to hear that measurement and to know that they will be on top of it! Believe me I’ve had the same fears.

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    • Im so glad u shared your experience with the cervix concerns…I hadnt heard about the meds taken prior and its very helpful and positive info! I know u understand–it seems like there is always something to worry about 😬


  3. Those onesies are adorable!! Happy you had a great appointment 🙂 just take it a week at a time. My goal at the moment is 27 weeks, then once I make that I will set another one and fingers crossed for both of us! I am 18 weeks at the moment.

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  4. This is such a great post and I love the ultrasound pic! He looks absolutely beautiful. Our surro felt Ross at 14 weeks which was super early and I’m hoping you’ll get to feel your baby moving soon too because it really helps with anxiety a lot! I love all the onesies and seeing baby’s clothes ready and waiting in the closet. It is very surreal when you get to wash all those clothes and know that he’ll be wearing them soon. 🙂

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  5. Exciting to officially be out of the first trimester!! I had two LEEPS done (2005 and 2008 or 9) and a D&C in 2013 and I was super concerned about my cervix holding up. It got to 2.6 but was completely fine! I ended up being completely effaced and 2cm dilated at 37 weeks and stayed there until I delivered at 39w3d. Idk if it’s a coincidence but from my first contraction until I pushed her out was only 3 hours! Stay positive- it’s so great they’re monitoring you closely.

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  6. Wonderful progress! Congrats on making second trimester! I am literally smiling at my computer screen so happy for you 🙂 xx

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