Where to Begin?

Ill start with an update on the doppler I ended up purchasing last week. I went back & forth about getting one, and I took every review written by you all in my prior post into consideration. Let me start off by saying I am so glad I bit the bullet and got one. 

When it first arrived, I was nervous to use it. I purchased the Sonoline B and it was only $35 new with shipping included. I got it off a website called Jet.com and there was a first time user $15 off coupon. I watched a few you tube tutorials before I began. I got frustrated after some time (probably 20 minutes) of not being able to find the heartbeat. I didnt freak out though, as I knew this could likely happen, especially the first time. So, I took a break, drank some juice, and let the dogs out. I was back at it for probably another 2o minutes when I realized that I had been focusing mainly right below my belly button, as this is what most of the you tube videos showed working. I decided to go lower, like all the way to the top of my pelvis bone. And wa-la! I found Miracle’s little heart beating away. I got butterflies as soon as I heard it! So special. 

Since the first day using it, I have been able to locate the heartbeat every morning within a minute or two. Miracle has been hanging out in the same spot all week so it makes it really easy. I first tried the doppler at exactly 11 weeks, and I have been told that baby will start to move up a little as I approach 12 weeks. I am assuming this means I wont be finding Miracle in the same spot, but thankfully I am prepared for that and hence not going to worry when that occurs. Overall, I would definitely recommend this product to any woman who needs the extra confidence during pregnancy. It really helps.

In other exciting news, we got the results of our Panorama screening test back. The results given come in 1 of 2 ways- high-risk or low-risk. Baby came back low-risk  for all trisomies tested! Thank God. We were prepared to love our child fully either way, but it is still a relief. The only other major screening I will do is the AFP (I believe thats the correct acronym, not 100%sure) at 16 weeks for Spina Bifida. 

We also found out the gender from the test!!! Initially, we planned to have a gender reveal party with our close friends and family. My mom offered to host, and it seemed perfect. As time went on, I started to reconsider having a party. I really have no clue why, but I did. In the end, hubby & I decided to do an intimate reveal with just the two of us, my mom, stepdad, & brother.  So when the doctors office called and said the results were in, I threw on some clothes and raced to get the results. We then went straight to Publix with the envelope! Thankfully, the lady at the bakery was super nice and said she would do it right on the spot…only a 20 minute wait! 

As hubby & I waited, I felt so nervous. It seemed like a million years. Eventually, we got the cupcakes and headed to my mom’s with our 2 doggies (of course they had to be part of the fun!). Hubby & I were sporting pink because our votes were girl, while the others thought boy. Mostly all of our friends and followers voted girl, with a few exceptions. 

We set up our phones to video and all cut the cupcakes at the same time…and we are thrilled to report we are having a baby BOY!!! Ahhhh!!! Such a shocker! We are so so so excited. 

It was such an amazing experience to share with our family, one I will never forget. Ive already watched the video a thousand times! Lol. After the reveal, mom & I had to go do a little shopping. We got some cute outfits I must say. 

Today I went for my 12 week OB appointment and we got to see baby again on ultrasound. He was being shy and it looked like he threw up his fist at us like “leave me alone!” At our appt, we set up bi-weekly scans for monitoring my cervix length starting in 2 weeks. I will get these until I am 24 weeks along. I also got the referral to an MFM doctor, which I will be seeing soon. 

Lastly, I found out I will have a c-section. At first, I was bummed because I really wanted to try naturally, but the more I thought about it, I just want what is best for baby and I. Since I had a myomectomy for my fibroid removal, and it was in my uterine wall, a vaginal delivery isnt safe. I guess my uterine wall could rupture because the muscles just arent as strong. My tenative date is set for December 18th. 

Its hard to believe we are nearing the end of the first trimester. I thank God everyday. I never thought we would be here at times. I pray everyday we get to bring our little boy home this Christmas. 

59 thoughts on “Where to Begin?

  1. A boy congrats!!! So cool!! How exciting for all these wonderful moments you get to live through. So happy for you. I think daily reassurance with the Doppler is key to making it the whole pregnancy! Glad you found the heartbeat. πŸ™‚ how fun!!

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  2. Amazing news all around. I imagine being the Mom of each gender is special for different reasons but I have to say being a Mom to my little boy is incredible. There is such a special love a boy has for his Mom. So excited for you and glad you got to enjoy an intimate gender reveal.

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  3. AHHH…HOW EXCITING!! Congrats on the news that you are having a boy! I love shopping at H&M for boys pants and tee shirts for my nephew. I am so please to hear that you and your little man are doing well xx

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  4. Aw congrats to you! A little man, so exciting! I’m so happy for you. I like the family gender reveal…I’m sure everyone is so excited!

    I’m also so glad the Doppler is working out for you! It’s such a great reassurance. Even at 20 weeks with some movement I am still so glad to have it. I can tell you right now at 16 weeks I was still finding the HB very close to my pubic bone! Now it’s about half way up to the belly button!!

    Glad they are monitoring your cervix too! It sounds like you are getting great care πŸ™‚

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  5. Brilliant news. So wonderful after everything you have been through you are doing so fantastically well. Congratulations on finding out you are having a little boy – enjoy choosing a name for him πŸ™‚

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  6. Congratulations!!!!! There is seriously no other love on this planet like a mother and son! I feel incredible knowing I’m the FIRST girl sawyer ever loved, first girl he ever laid eyes on, held their hand, looking into their eyes and so on! Even now..now that he gives kisses on command I always tell him “don’t you Kiss anyone but mommy” and my mother in law tries to get a kiss and he says “no no no no” lol and if I say “it’s ok give gamgams one ” he gives her one and then says “your welcome! ” lol

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  7. YAAY CONGRATS !! lil boys love their mamas!! so happy for you. after reading that you liked the doppler i bought the same one immediately. So my intended mother and I can hear that sweet sound all the time!! thanks!

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  8. Congratulations to you and Shane (Shawn hee hee) and the whole family. We are praying now that you are soon entering your second trimester you can relax with less anxiety and just enjoy your pregnancy. Our love and prayers Uncle Mickey and Betty

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