A Good Day

The title pretty much says it all. Our 9 week check up was today. As usual, I did not want to go, and had prepared myself the best I could for bad news. My symptoms have been coming & going and that scared me due to our previous missed miscarriage around this time. 

But God is good! Miracle is still going strong, with a heartrate of 174bpm now. Baby was upside down & wiggling all around, so amazing to watch. After my RE checked babys measurements and such, she checked my cervix length, and the SCH. The subchorionic that had tripled in size last week was gone. Gone. Thank you God. She was amazed and thrilled at the same time. Then she asked if we could look at baby again just to look, adding in how we have been through so much and its just nice to watch it. Of course I said YES!!! She pointed out the head, arms, stomach, feet, and umbilical cord. We listened to the heartbeat again and got more pics. I couldnt have asked for more today.

My RE does want me to continue bedrest for 1 more week to be safe, along with triple progesterone therapy since it has seemed to help the SCH. Im actually going to be on progesterone until July, when I am about 16 weeks along. We will wean slowly off each of the 3, starting in June. Again, just to be safe. Im totally fine with it, although I have started to lose feeling in my tailbone/upper butt region from all the injections. 

And although we have a long ways to go, we celebrate today. And we continue to pray for our rainbow baby. Thank you to everyone who is praying for us everyday, please keep doing so. 

43 thoughts on “A Good Day

  1. Ahhhh I’m so happy to hear this! I can’t believe the SCH is gone! That’s incredible. And your little baby wiggling everywhere is amazing news. I love that your doctor wanted to look longer too. Congrats! Also sounds like you have a great plan for weaning off the triple progesterone. I’m rooting for you and sending so much love and positivity!

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      • Girls are doing awesome. I am out of hospital tomorrow but they will be in for another couple of weeks. Is going to be tough leaving them but I will pretty much be living at the hospital just going home to sleep. They are still being fed via Naso gastric tube but starting to show some interest in suckling.

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  2. Sweetheart, I had no knowledge of what U and everyone was going thru on ur quest to being parents. My heart goes out 2 U and I wish U well on the rest of ur journey, I Hope you have better days ahead and I Pray GOD blesses U with the gift of a healthy baby! Thank GOD U have the Best Mom to take care of U and Love U and B there 4 U on days when it is hard 2 cope with the struggles. She was totally blessed with ur Wonderful Na Na and Gods light shines thru ur mom now and is lighting ur way , cause U R already showing what a Great mom You are in all you are doing not only 4 U but others. U are an Amazing woman honey. Luv 2 U and urs

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    • Thank you Linda. We really appreciate all the love and prayers you are sending. We are blessed to have such a support system, especially my mom close by like u said. She is the best. Thanks again โค๏ธ


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