I have officially been on bedrest for only 14 days, but if you count in the bedrest after the embryo transfer (+48 hours) and all the bleeding episodes, I would guess I am up to about 25 days of it or so. And I suspect the rest will continue until the 2nd trimester. 

So what am I doing all day to keep my sanity? Well, it depends on the day. Some days I read my “Expecting Hope After Pregnancy Loss” book which helps calm me down a bit. Other times when I want to distract myself, I have been reading the rather thick Nicholas Sparks novel, “See Me.” Ive also spent some time flipping through glam magazines and the such from a care package I received a few weeks ago. Speaking of care packages, another one arrived today. The charm is simply perfect and Im grateful to know I am in anothers thoughts and prayers during this tough time. 

To relax, I spend time listening to my Circle + Bloom pregnancy CD, and watching cheesy lifetime movies. My mom visits almost daily, and I have gone to her house a few times as well. In my other time, I sit on the patio with the dogs (who are highly enjoying me being home all the time), surf the web pinning cute baby things, and stuffing my face! I would have to say the thing I miss the most is taking hot baths. Boy, do I want to submerge myself in one. 

I started the triple progesterone therapy last week, even though my level came back at a whopping 84 prior to starting. Its kind of a pain doing the Crinone again (yuk), and Im hoping that at our appt this week the SCH will be gone and we can just do the oral meds and the shots. 

I will be 9 weeks this Friday. I am very nervous of another missed miscarriage. I have felt nauseous on and off today more than usual so that comforts me a bit. Anytime I feel lousy I am pleased. Hubby “checks” my boobs everyday to make sure they are still swollen. As he says, ‘the boobs dont lie.’ 

If all goes well this week, next week we will be getting the Panorama blood test done. It will take about 2 weeks to get our results in. This is the only test we have opted to do, as it is supposedly about 99.9% accurate for genetic anomalies. It will also tell us the gender of the baby. We had originally planned to do a gender reveal party, but I go back and forth with the idea of it. I guess we will decide soon. I still havent taken 1 “bump” picture. I am pretty sure Im going to wait until 12 weeks or so. 

Yea, this post is all over the place just like me right now. Keep us in your prayers please!!

33 thoughts on “Bedrest 

  1. Prayers!!!. Bed rest is not fun, but if it is worth doing it why not, right?. I am on modified bed rest and pio shots too due to my sch. Thank you for giving me courage to start pio shots. Hoping for the shrinkage of sch in tomorrow’s scan. I am 12w 1 day today!.

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  2. Thinking of you. Laughing at the boobs thing! My partner is the same! He loves them! (They’re so sore!) I love the T&C charm. I hope that you feel better soon. Xxx

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  3. Wishing you and your beautiful baby all the love for the journey ahead. Your spirit really shines through this post – all the things you are doing to take care of yourself and your baby. I am praying for you. x

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  4. Stay positive! You are doing great! I know bleeding and blood pockets are terrifying and it’s almost impossible to “just relax.” I had 3 blood pockets during my pregnancy and bled for the first 14 weeks of pregnancy BUT I have a happy and healthy almost 2 year old now.

    I’ll continue to pray for you and your baby 🙂 One of my favourite prayers to pray while I was pregnant with my Lil Bubs was ” God, please sustain the life that is growing inside of me.” It was a quick prayer that was always on my heart.

    Thinking of you!

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