Triple That Please

Today was our 7w6d checkup at the RE. I will admit-I have been so nervous yesterday & today leading up to it. I had pretty much been in a funk & convinced myself it was over. 

The good news?? Miracle is still going strong, measuring right on track with a heartrate of 157bpm! Thank God. 

The not so good news??? My subchorionic has almost tripled in size since last week. My RE wasnt too happy about it, and said my bedrest must continue. I guess there is a new study that has just been done (paper hasnt even been published yet) on how “triple progesterone” therapy may help these bleeds. This means I would not only be doing my daily PIO injections, but daily oral and vaginal progesterone as well. My progesterone levels have always been up to par, however from what I have been told, some studies are now showing that even though the blood level comes back normal there could be an underlying progesterone absorption issue. Who knows! I do know I trust my RE (I think she almost wants this as bad as we do) and I also know there is no harm in extra progesterone treatment.  That being said, I have already started this “triple” treatment and changed my prenatal. My RE said DHA can be shown to thin the blood slightly, so I am now on a prenatal with no DHA. 

I know these bleeds are quite common and do not necessarily mean the worst. But of course, my mind tends to go in that direction because of our history of loss. Id really love to hear all the *positive* success stories from ladies who have experienced SCH’s during their pregnancies. Did you bleed it out? Did your body reabsorb it? Did it stick around your entire pregnancy? 

Please no negative stories, Im too fragile for that right now and would like to focus on the blessing growing inside me. 

43 thoughts on “Triple That Please

  1. I have definitely heard of success stories and some beautiful healthy babies coming home after mum’s having similar problems during pregnancy… I was trying to look for them to share with you but my computer is being frustratingly slow at the moment. Great news that your baby is going strong. Keep going with the bed rest and supplements. Easy said but try not to worry, you are doing all the right things. As always am thinking of you and hoping for the best. xxx

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  2. So happy to hear that baby is growing so well and that baby has an awesome fhr! Those are both amazingly positive signs. And I love that your doctor is up to date with her research and is taking such good care of you!! As always sending my love. ❤❤❤

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  3. Very happy to hear your bubba is growing beautifully! No idea about the progesterone thing but hoping some others can give you some great insights. xxx

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  4. Maya over at had a massive subchorionic and even had massive bleeding episodes but went to deliver a healthy baby girl. My twin sis had one and delivered healthy twins. These are just a few examples. Keep growing little one! Rest up Mama. Xo

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  5. No SCH experience myself but I have a number of friends have major ones with multiple heavy bleeding episodes during their pregnancies and gone on to have perfectly healthy beautiful babies.

    I have had experience with triple progesterone due to very low numbers and while it is annoying to have to suffer through the shots and the messy stuff downstairs too, I had no real side effects and it was very worth it in the end when our healthy little rainbow baby was born : )

    So glad you got great news on baby today, been thinking of you all day!

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  6. I have had them with two pregnancy and had no complications whatsoever from them…I don’t know how big they were though. Both were reabsorbed by my 20 week scan! Praying for you and baby! 🙏🏻

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  7. So glad baby is going strong! I always always start feeling in a funk about a week after an ultrasound. I too start doubting how things are going in there and then we have another positive ultrasound a week later! Keep up the positive thinking!

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  8. I’ll be 22 weeks tomorrow and have a “massive” SCH near my cervix – 13cm. We are not sure how long it has been there (first noticed it at 16 weeks) but my babies are growing on track and don’t seem to be bothered by it. I know it is really scary / annoying / not fair. But keep doing what you are doing and stay positive! Also, feet up and drink lots of water (or so I am told).

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  9. I had an SCH that was terrifying, stressful and dire for the first 12 weeks or so and then it disappeared. Gone! And….touch wood…I’ve been ok since and I’m now 23 weeks. I was also on mega dose progesterone and bed rest (even though the bed rest didn’t really help much TBH). Read back through my blog if you want the gory details. Best of luck and stay strong.

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  10. My prayers friend!. My doctor also suggested to start PIO shots as my SCH size increased from 2.1 cm to 3.6 cm and they found another 0.5 cm SCH. I am already on progesterone 200 mg x 2 oral supplements daily. I am too scared to take daily PIO shots, as I heard it is painful. So, waiting for my Maternal Fetal Medicine’s appointment to get a second opinion. How large is your sch?. How hard is PIO shots and is it painful?. Wishing you all the very best for you and

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    • Thank u! Mine is about 3 cm too. I also have another smaller one like u. The shots arent that bad–I was honestly scared to death to do them, and put it off my first 3 IVF cycles. Now im really used to them. My doctor gave me Lidocaine (a numbing gel) and I put that on about a half hour before each injection. It helps a ton! U could request it Im sure. So now Im doing Crinone 2x per day, Prometrium 3x per day, & PIO 1x per day!

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  11. So happy to hear your little one is staying strong and doing well. I’m sorry to hear the SCH has tripled though. Praying that the progesterone and bed rest help and your little one continues to be the fighter its proven to be already!

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